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Your Go-To Wedding Vendor Checklist

Go-To Wedding Vendor Checklist

You're engaged. You celebrated. You set a budget and created a guest list. Now what?  

It's time to run through your wedding vendor checklist: the venue, décor, music, caterer, and more. Yes, it's a lot. 

That’s why at Wedgewood Weddings & Events, we offer it all—from the venue, catering, and planning to the florals, cake, and entertainment. With five-star vendors at your fingertips, you can rest assured that these aspects are taken care of—and that your vision will come to life on your wedding day. 

Today, we’re sharing our top wedding vendors, so you know what to look for and prioritize to build your own dream team. 

Vendor Checklist: The Top 10 Suppliers to Prioritize

Each vendor has their own level of importance. Some you need to book asap, while others can be done a couple of months into the planning process. Below are the top 10 suppliers that should sit on top of your wedding vendor checklist:



Your officiant is an important vendor for your wedding day. After all, you need someone to lead the ceremony and marry you! There are several types of wedding officiants: religious officiants, civil officiants, and professional officiants. Heck, even a family member or friend can marry you as long as they're willing! 

We recommend researching your options, chatting with them (to see if there's a connection), and assessing their pricing before booking. If you're getting married on a popular day, it's also best to book your wedding officiant early, about 4-12 months in advance. 



Another must-have vendor is your venue and it’s the first thing you need to do in order to finalize your wedding date. Venues book up early, so we recommend exploring your options in advance! 

Of course, you have plenty of options based on the size, style, and budget of your wedding. Before signing papers, we recommend touring the venue and asking lots of questions.


3. caterer and bar

Weddings come in all forms—and so do their catering and bar services. While we consider this a must-have, you can customize your catering and bar packages to your wedding.

Traditionally, couples will provide dinner, dessert, and drinks. Dinner could be a sit-down affair or it could be buffet-style. You could hire a bartender and offer an open bar or set up a cash bar. It totally depends on your budget and priorities. 



Make sure you like your photographer as a person!Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You'll have memories that you'll cherish forever. But let's be honest, they'll get a little fuzzy without photos and videos.

In one, five, and ten years down the road, you'll be happy you spent the money on a photographer and videographer for your wedding. Photographers have different styles and processes—so it's best to review their portfolios and meet with them to hear how they work before booking.  


5. florist

If décor and ambiance are important to you, then a florist should be a priority on your wedding vendor checklist. A DIY approach can be very tricky—especially if you're hosting a large wedding. 

Florists have an eye for detail and won't miss a thing. They truly create that "wow" moment at weddings. 

You can check out some of our go-to florist partners here


6. cake baker

A wedding cake is no longer a must-have, but many couples still enjoy this tradition. Your wedding cake becomes a piece of décor in itself. Plus, cake-cutting photos are the cutest (and hilarious if you dare to shove a piece in your partner's face!)

But choosing a cake baker requires a lot of decisions. You have to consider the cake style, frosting, and flavor. Once you've whittled down your options, try the baker's creations before booking them for your wedding. Now that's the ultimate test.



A wedding DJ is essential to create atmosphere . . . and funImagine a wedding without music. Yes, exactly, something would be off, right? It's important to have someone controlling the music—not only for the ceremony and first dance, but also for the late-night macarena!

With that said, you have many options. You can hire an acoustic band or singer for the ceremony and a DJ for the reception. Or, if this is less of a priority, you can set up a playlist for the entire event. 


8. Hair/makeup artist 

Hair and makeup artists are a high priority for some and a lower priority for others. The important thing is that you and your soon-to-be spouse feel your best on your wedding day. 

Our two cents? Your wedding is a day for you to feel pampered and stress-free. Even if you're great at doing hair (and makeup), it may be nice to leave it in someone else's hands (and leave yours free to hold a mimosa!). 

Like most vendors, make sure to try them out before committing. Pro tip: make the most of it and book your trial before a fancy date night or perhaps an engagement shoot.


9. Transportation 

Depending on where your wedding is, you may want to prioritize transportation for your guests. If it's easy for them to get home (via transit or rideshare) and there's ample parking, then this is totally a nice-to-have. But if it's in a remote location, providing transportation is a must. You'll want to feel at ease knowing that your guests will have a safe ride home.


10. Wedding planner 

To some, a wedding planner is a nice-to-have. To many, it's a must-have. As you can see from this vendor list, there are so many variables to research when planning a wedding. A wedding planner can take care of all that for you—while listening to your needs and staying within budget.

Now, there are different types of wedding planners. You could hire a full-service planner who tackles it all from the get-go, or you could narrow it down to month-of or day-of services. Of course, when you choose Wedgewood Weddings, you get a full team of experienced planners plus all the on the day support you need!


Get a whole team of wedding planners with Wedgewood Weddings


Ready to start your search?


When booking specific vendors, it's essential to look at reviews, book trials, meet them in person, and consult their availability. Book the highest-priority vendors first, then secure the nice-to-have vendors based on your budget. 

Don't be afraid to review the fine print and ask questions. And remember to ask for contracts and receipts. 

Next steps: take a look at Wedgewood Weddings & Events vendor list to get inspired and build a wedding vendor checklist based on our recommended local experts that’s *chef’s kiss.* Or browse our award-winning venues and find a place fit for your celebration so you can cross that one off your list. Reach out to us today and we’ll match you with an expert to make event planning a breeze!

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