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Common Wedding Questions

Answers About Deposits, Catering, Planning, Timelines, & Pets


Pricing & Payments

  • How Much Does a Wedding Cost?

    The price of your wedding is custom to you and depends on these factors:

    • The day of the week you get married
    • The month of your wedding
    • How many guests you have (because more people means more food and drinks)
    • The package you choose and how you decide to customize it

    Our wedding prices are entirely dependent on what each couple decides is important to them.
    As a ballpark figure, The Knot recently revealed that the average cost for a wedding in the US is far more than $25k, including attire, transport, venue rental, furniture rental, planners and officiants, food and beverages, etc.
    At Wedgewood Weddings, our prices are typically more affordable as we pass on the savings from organizing everything in-house and working with a reliable team of artisanal vendors.
    We can host an all-inclusive wedding for as little as $5,000 and as much as $60,000; it really depends on you.

    What we do offer is a straightforward, free custom quote when you come and tour a venue. We also make a vow to not hide any costs - the number you see is the out-the-door price.

  • Will You Hold My Wedding Date?

    We reserve event dates when we receive your 25% Space Reservation Fee (which we can take in person or over the phone).

    At that point, your date is officially locked in.

  • What Is the Payment Schedule?

    • 25% of your total is due when you book
    • 25% is due 180 days before your event
    • 50% is due 10 days before your event


    The Space Reservation Fee and Second Payment may be made by personal check, cashier's check, ACH transaction, money order, debit card, or credit card.

    The Final Payment may be made by cashier's check, money order, debit card, or credit card.

    Personal checks or ACH transactions cannot be accepted for the Final Payment.

    Checks shall be made payable to Wedgewood Weddings. A 1.5% fee will be included for any debit or credit card payment.

    If you're planning an event in less than six months, your onsite coordinator can explain your bespoke payment plan.

    Cash payments will not be accepted at any time.

  • What Is the Cancellation/Refund Policy?

    We're sorry to hear you need to cancel. We are unable to give refunds as event dates are locked in at the time the contract is signed.

    All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

    If you cancel within 45 days of your event date, the full amount of all estimated charges are due to Wedgewood Weddings.

  • What Is the Service Charge?

    The service charge is an industry-standard fee charged on all Wedgewood Weddings services. It covers the time to prepare for and provide staff for your event.

    Tips are voluntary and not included in our fee structure.

  • Is There a Guest Minimum, or a Food & Beverage Minimum?

    No. We do not apply a guest minimum - you can celebrate with as many or as few people as you wish. 

    We also do not apply a food and beverage minimum - your food and drink level is determined by the package you choose. 

    We do apply a revenue minimum. We believe it is the fairest way to cover the costs of running an event center. 

    You'll see that we apply different minimums in different seasons and on different days of the week. 

    Our minimums are covered by everything included in your service: package, ceremony, and venue prices. Most people find they have met the minimum once the final cost is calculated. 

    On the rare occasion when that is not the case, you have the option of moving your event date or adding 'enhancements' to your event. Every venue has a list of enhancements, like extra decor options or entertainment, that you may find you want to add anyway.

    The minimum is locked in when you book.

  • Can We Change Our Guest Count?

    Life happens, and you should expect a 20% to 30% decline rate after you send your invitations.

    10 days before your event, you'll need to confirm your final count.

    This is the number our event and kitchen teams will use for their preparation. We leave the final count until 10 days before so that you can be confident in the headcount you provide.

  • Are Children & Adults Priced Differently?


    Children who are 3-and-under are free (but we still want to know how many will be at your event so we can seat them),

    Children between 4 and 20 are also priced lower than adults. This discount varies depending on your all-inclusive package and ranges from $2-$20 per person.


The Planning Process

  • What Should We Expect On a Venue Tour?

    Please schedule your tour by calling 866.966.3009 or emailing

    Our team will set up an appointment for you at the venue of your choice and will follow up by sending you directions, confirming your appointment time, and giving you key venue facts like guest capacity.

    When you arrive on-site, look for the sales office where you'll meet the team. You'll be greeted, discuss your event vision and then you'll walk the venue. 

    During the tour, our team member is on hand to answer your questions and reveal the event flow; they'll also be able to show you how you can personalize your wedding. Expect to see the get-ready room, ballroom, and both indoor and outdoor ceremony sites. 

    You'll also discuss which Wedgewood Weddings package is closest to your needs and then the real fun starts: you can customize any package to create something unique to you. 

    By the end of your tour, expect to have at least two printed proposals giving you real prices for your full wedding costs.

  • Can We Customize Our Wedding Package?


    It's your wedding, so it should be exactly how you want it.

    During your tour, you'll choose which services you want to add or subtract from any of our all-inclusive wedding packages.

    Every change you make will impact the overall price and you can make changes throughout the planning process, too.

  • What Happens Between Booking and Our Event?

    First, you'll receive an exclusive wedding binder that gives you a timeline, walks you through the steps of preparing for your event and provides detailed advice. 

    We then set up all the follow-up meetings. Expect at least three, but you can add more if you choose. 

    1. At around six months before your event, we have a meeting to run through your vision and timeline. This will make sure you're on track and discover where you need support. 
    2. Six weeks before your event, we'll have a 'details' meeting where we cover absolutely everything! Depending on the couple, this might take 120 minutes and it's designed to make sure your day-of coordinator and banquet captain understand your event plants from top to bottom. 
    3. 10 days pre-event, we'll hold a final formal meeting to lock down any extra ideas. This is when you'll provide the final guest count, confirm if you need any 'enhancements' and let us know the details of any outside vendors who are supporting your wedding. 

    We'll also be emailing with you to make sure you have:

    • a personalized link to our invitation ordering site
    • a link and access code for Bliss Benefits (for our exclusive married life discounts)
    • introductions to relevant vendors

    We're available 7 days a week to support your needs via email, phone, chat or text. Everyone in the Wedgewood Weddings crew is obsessed with weddings and we'll provide unbiased advice to support you at every step.

    Of course, we'll plan to see you at your rehearsal walkthrough, during the pre-event decor and favor drop-off, and on your big day! 

  • Are There Vendor Restrictions?

    You can bring in your own vendors for most elements of your wedding. The only exception to this is at our venues where we do not allow outside catering or bar services. 

    When you select a Wedgewood Weddings preferred vendor, it's included in your all-inclusive package price. And, they're our preferred vendor for a reason - you can expect great quality, professionalism, and a seamless experience since they're familiar with the venue and staff.

  • Can We Access the Venue Before Our Event?


    We guarantee you'll have full access to your venue at least an hour before your event, but you might get more time based on availability.

    Most couples use our onsite get-ready rooms to change into their attire, share an emotional moment with the wedding party and maybe open a bottle of champagne. 

    Wedgewood Weddings preferred vendors are extremely familiar with the venue and can organize their own arrival times to create your specific wedding style.

  • What AV Equipment Is Provided?

    All Wedgewood Weddings venues have superb acoustics and speaker systems.

    For speeches and photo-slideshows, we provide a microphone and a projection screen at most of our venues.

    You can also bring in your own or rent additional AV equipment. Your DJ will usually have extra Audio/Visual equipment and you can work directly with them if needed.

  • Who’s Our Main Contact on Our Wedding Day?

    You'll be introduced to your Day-Of Coordinator, who will be familiar with your event plans and can make sure everything is flawless.

    You'll also have a dedicated Banquet Captain: They'll be your go-to person for everything from food, to drinks, to entertainment. Expect your Banquet Captain to run your reception from the moment your guests arrive until you depart your event.

    Together, your Coordinator and Banquet Captain will make sure you have everything you need, and that your guests are enjoying themselves.


Food & Beverage

  • What Should We Know About Wedding Catering?

    At Wedgewood Weddings, we provide high-quality event catering.

    • Our menus have been developed by our executive chef team led by Roman Cota. We take food satisfaction very seriously and aim for A* service.
    • All our venues provide a buffet option, and most also offer plated options.
    • You'll have the option to review an extensive menu and make selections based on your tastes and desired package level.
    • All our menus include gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options.
    • When you confirm your guest count 10 days before your wedding, we'll ask you for details about food allergies and restrictions.
    • If you plan on additional guests joining your event after dinner is served, the same per-person price is incurred.
    • For health and safety reasons, guests are not allowed to take home leftovers.
  • What If Our Guests Have Dietary Restrictions?

    Our event menus include vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. We can also cater to any guest with allergies or who require sugar-free or dairy-free meals. 

    Roman Cota, our executive chef, explains: 

    "Our staff is well-acquainted with a variety of dietary choices and health needs including those on gluten-free diets, vegetarians and vegans, as well as accommodating other dietary choices. Best of all, we don’t let anything take away from the flavor and quality of our dishes: we rely on fresh, local ingredients, fragrant herbs and spices and the wisdom of many international cuisines to guarantee everything served at your event is both appetizing and delicious."

  • Can We Arrange External Catering?

    Usually, no.
    We take great pride in our Wedgewood Weddings menu options and they meet the needs of most.
    If we're unable to make the food you desire for cultural or traditional reasons, we'll try to accommodate your special requests and allow some foods to be brought in alongside our own main course.
    If you need all catering provided by an outside caterer, we have a few venues that accommodate this. Call 866.966.3009 or email for a list of venues that support outside catering.

  • Is Outside Alchohol Allowed?


    Outside liquor is strictly prohibited.

    All our venues have a liquor license which means that we're responsible for all liquor that's served on our premises,

    We include a fully-stocked bar, a bartender, and a variety of bar service options within our all-inclusive packages.

    If you have a special request for a certain wine, beer or liquor, let us know so we can try to accommodate it for you.

  • Can Guests Attend After the Meal Service?

    Yes, but we charge for all guests regardless of whether they take part in the meal.
    The pricing of our all-inclusive packages and services are per-person and not based only on food and beverage consumption.



  • What AV Equipment Is Provided?

    All Wedgewood Weddings venues have superb acoustics and speaker systems.

    For speeches and photo-slideshows, we provide a microphone and a projection screen at most of our venues.

    You can also bring in your own or rent additional AV equipment. Your DJ will usually have extra Audio/Visual equipment and you can work directly with them if needed.

  • Can We Bring Our Own Decorations?


    Let us know about your ideas during our planning meetings and we'll find a way to make them happen.

    If we know about your decor plans in advance, we can set them up and break them down for you so you have one less thing on your to-do list.

    We have a couple of basic décor rules:

    • please do not damage the venue by permanently affixing anything to the walls
    • most cities and states have confetti restrictions as it can harm local wildlife


  • Is Security Required?

    If you include a hosted bar in your package and you have a large number of guests, we require security services for everyone's safety.

    We'll let you know of any security fees that need to be included in your package. 

  • Are Dogs Allowed?

    Dogs (and any well-behaved pets) are allowed for your ceremony. 

    Only service animals are allowed during receptions as food and beverages will be served.

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