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Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Flowers

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Flowers

As wedding trends rise and fall, one thing’s for certain: flowers will always, always, remain in style. And, while they're one of the more exciting aspects to plan, chances are you’re not a botanist, so selecting flowers can actually be a challenge if you're out of practice. Our insider guide to wedding flowers will help! Let's dig in . . .  😉


Woman working in flower shop

Deciphering the Floral Pricing Mystery

When researching florists in your area, you’ll notice that prices aren’t listed on their websites. That's because different types of flowers can have very different costs. Not to mention, the prices change depending on what’s in season . . . Meeting with your florist in person will allow you to discuss what you’re looking for, which florals will be best, and what they’ll cost. Start by creating an estimated floral budget and some design inspiration, and your floral expert can help you from there!


Finding the Right Wedding Florist

Every Wedgewood Weddings venue has preferred florists, and our teams can vouch for their quality. But if you choose to go with a different florist, it's important to find one who has similar taste as you (hint: youll be able to tell by the way theyve designed their shop or the arrangements they show on their Instagram). That way, you can rest easy knowing that they naturally design what you love, rather than asking someone to work against their strengths.

When you go in for a consultation, it’s smart to bring several images of flowers/bouquets that you love as inspiration. Like we mentioned, you’re probably not a botanist, so trying to communicate your taste can be a challenge when you’re unfamiliar with the names of certain flowers, plants, and greenery.

That being said, it’s incredibly important to go into a floral consultation with an open mind. The florist can fill you in on what types of florals fit your overall style, what’s in season, and what’ll fit your budget. That’s why you hire them in the first place—they have the expertise and the eye for design!

“As well as showing your Pinterest board, take pictures of your wedding day outfits and venue details you love, so your florist can create designs that complete the whole picture”

Alex, Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings


Figuring Out the flowers and greenery

Any great florist will have a look-book of previous designs they’ve personally created. They’ll also be able to talk with you about any images you bring in to show you how you can personalize a design, make it work for a particular season, or use it as inspiration for a themed ceremony site, head table, or boutonniere designs.

There are also some season-specific concerns you’ll need to consider beyond what’s in season. If it’s hot, you need to be aware that some flowers can’t make it all day—they’ll wilt around the three-hour mark. Also, flowers can surprisingly be heavy to carry around all day. A good florist will already have workarounds in mind if you’re asking for something that could potentially droop or feel burdensome!

“Be open to suggestions. Your florist will already have a good idea of current wedding trends, how to create designs for any budget and where best to splurge vs save. If they suggest another flower type, it could be for heaps of reasons and they may be trying to help you. Maybe they’re using their design skills to find colors that pop with your color scheme, or shapes that will look stronger in photographs. “

Kelsey, Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Weddings


5 QUESTIONS to Ask a Florist:

  1. Do they deliver bouquets/boutonnieres, or will someone need to pick them up?
  2. Will they personally be on-site for decoration? Or do they send their intern?
  3. What will they do if the price of a certain type of flower skyrockets? (It can and does happen, so you need a florist who is communicative and can think on the fly)
  4. Do they ever service two events on the same day and does it ever cause issues?
  5. Will they work with your vision, or do they have standard ‘wedding flower looks’ that they know will work and you can personalize?

It's a huge benefit if your florist is familiar with your venue. Knowing the team and where to go on the day of your wedding can save time for everyone. Be sure they’ve visited your venue before your event and have seen exactly where your arrangements will be placed so they can adapt to the building’s features.


“Couples often re-purpose their ceremony site florals for the reception. It allows  you and your guests to admire the designs longer and can also be a way to save money!”

Megan, Redwood Canyon by Wedgewood Weddings


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