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The Story of Wedgewood

John and Linda Zaruka founded the original Wedgewood Weddings venue in 1986 in Ventura, California. Back then, John ran the banquets, Linda coordinated the weddings, and their children, Bill and Stacy, served dinners, poured drinks, and washed dishes. In 2005, the Zaruka’s expanded and took their all-inclusive, customizable wedding packages across the nation. Today, we've grown to operate over 30 wedding venues coast to coast, host thousands of events per year; and the Zaruka family still runs the business!

The Zaruka Family - About Wedgewood Weddings
Wedgewood Weddings philosophy

Wedding Philosophy

A revolutionized way to plan your wedding. We make wedding planning fun and easy – which means you get plenty of time to enjoy your engagement while also knowing you’ll have a flawless wedding.


“We created Wedgewood Weddings so every couple can have a stress-free & memorable wedding celebration that leaves their friends and family asking; how did they do that?!”

-Bill Zaruka, Wedgewood Weddings President


Our daily lives revolve around helping people plan their biggest and best day yet. We work hard, we obsess over the details, we go above and beyond, and we have a blast doing it. A wedding is one of the most fun events of someone's life - you have to be a fun person to make it work and enjoy yourself while you bring it all together! 

Wedgewood Weddings Culture

We Like Making Others Feel Good

Military Discount provided by Wedgewood Weddings

Military Discount

You love your country, you love each other, and we love YOU! We give a military discount to show our appreciation to the men and women who serve our nation. 

Charitable Efforts by Wedgewood Weddings

Charitable Efforts

Throughout our 30+ years in business, Wedgewood Weddings has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of many local and national organizations including: BCRF, March of Dimes, local firefighters and local children's charities.

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