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SoCal Spring Wedding Inspiration

SoCal Spring Wedding Inspiration

Got your eyes set on a SoCal wedding in the springtime? We love it! Sunny weather, beautiful venue options, loads of local activities—you've got lots to work with to create a classic Californian wedding. But to help you narrow your options, our SoCal wedding experts are here to provide their top spring wedding ideas and themes to inspire your unique vision.

With so many SoCal wedding venue locations, we've helped our clients bring all sorts of ideas to life. And we're happy to share all our knowledge with you!


Bride and groom on the beach - San Clemente Shore by Wedgewood Weddings


Spring wedding ideas for a SoCal wedding

From the beach to the vineyard, here are five spring wedding ideas to inspire your SoCal wedding. 


1. Beach Lover's Paradise: SoCal Spring Wedding Ideas

California is known for its stunning beaches and warm weather. If you and your partner love California's iconic coastline, too, this spring wedding idea is totally up your alley.  Of course, a beachside venue is essential for this spring wedding idea, so locking one in is a top priority. We recommend exploring venues that include indoor spaces, pavilions, or heaters. Your guests will appreciate having cozy areas at all times of year.

There are ways to highlight this theme further, such as with your menu. Chat with your caterer on how to "beach-ify" your menu. Or, if you opt for one of our packages, we can do the talkin' for you! We made sure to have Brandon and Sierra's favorite Californian appetizers on their special day: balsamic and strawberry crostini, bruschetta, smoked salmon canapes, and more. (Drool!)

If you already know this SoCal spring wedding idea is for you, check out these two Wedgewood Weddings beachside venues. Yes, they're as dreamy as they look.

Cuvier Club:
Located in the sought-after destination town of La Jolla in San Diego County, this venue boasts breathtaking ocean views and a private and lush open-air courtyard to take in the coastal breeze. You have your pick of a toes-in-in-the-sand beach ceremony or an intimate courtyard ceremony.

Beach side ceremony at Cuvier Club by Wedgewood Weddings


Pacific View Tower:
This venue is just how it sounds. Score 360-degree views from the ocean to the mountains from an exclusive top-floor penthouse. A short drive from the beach, you have the option of an tower-top, garden, or beach ceremony.

Beach wedding at Pacific View Tower by Wedgewood Weddings


2. Romantic vineyard wedding

What's California also known for? Wineries, of course! SoCal's dry climate and misty mornings are ideal for wine producers, so there are many romantic vineyard venues to choose from. A vineyard wedding is a great spring wedding idea because there are fewer crowds during this time of year, and the weather is a bit cooler. So you and your guests can dress to impress—comfortably.

While the sun will be out, it will also set earlier in the springtime—which is important to note when you plan out your schedule. Or better yet, leave the planning and scheduling to us! Mikaela and Toan wanted sunset photos, so we ensured it was in their schedule and prepared lawn games for their guests.

Love the look of their wedding? This spring wedding idea could be yours and brought to life at Bel Vino Winery (where Mikaela and Toan tied the knot) or Danza Del Sol Winery. They both offer private ceremony spaces, so you won't need to stress about crowds on your big day!

Mikaela and Toan at Bel Vino Winery by Wedgewood Weddings


3. Elegant Estate Weddings: SoCal's Springtime Splendor

If you're looking for luxe Californian vibes for your SoCal wedding, this spring wedding idea is just what the doctor ordered. Many estate venues in the SoCal area offer incredible views, opulent ceremony and reception spaces, and top-tier vendors. Want to dial up the elegance even more? One way to do that is by adding shiny metals to your color palette. Copper and cream, champagne and marigold, or gold and emerald are all fabulous options for a spring estate wedding.

Your florals play a big part in the ambiance as well. At this time of year, flowers are in full bloom, so we recommend chatting with your florist about what's in season. (This can also help keep costs manageble.) SoCal is home to many wildflowers, so keep your eyes peeled for venues that give you those views for free!

At The Retreat, the world-famous wildflower valleys are within sight from the outdoor reception veranda. In spring, you can see the superbloom of golden California Poppies. Kayla and Robin loved the duality of this venue. They were going for a "rustic elegant" theme when they got married at The Retreat—and were happy they "found a wedding venue that embodied it perfectly."


Kayla and Robin at The Retreat by Wedgewood Weddings


4. Rustic ranch-style wedding

A rustic ranch wedding is an excellent spring wedding idea for the SoCal region—especially if you score an indoor/outdoor venue. You can enjoy an open-air ceremony and lawn games when the sun's out. And when the temperature drops, you can head inside and enjoy the barn's ambiance: high ceilings, grand windows, exposed wooden beams, bistro lights, and more.

Now it's up to you how far you take this theme. You can lean into the "rustic" side and bring in lawn games, incorporate extra foliage with your flowers, or choose handcrafted décor. You could also embrace the "ranch" aspect by hiring a country singer or planning a classic farmstead meal. (Prime rib, anyone?)

If this spring wedding idea perks you up, you must see one of our newest venues: Canopy Grove. This newly built site features a sleek polished concrete floor, a wide open bar, and high ceilings with exposed wood beams.


Canopy Grove by Wedgewood Weddings _0011_DabrenaDylan-2023-DanielleMirandaPhotography-CanopyGrove (12) copy


5. LAID-BACK boho wedding

The West Coast is known for its chill vibes. Are you also known for your chill vibes? Then let us tell you about boho weddings. With this spring wedding idea, you have free reign to make it yours. Boho weddings are intentionally eclectic; they incorporate a mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design. If this part of the planning excites you, we recommend choosing a minimalist venue and a neutral color palette so your unique elements stay front and center.

That's exactly what Tara and Brian did at The Orchard. Tara explains:

"I wanted to embrace all the different elements of my style, so I had an 'old Hollywood glam' vision but with a boho & retro flair. I had a neutral color scheme with each reception table alternating between gold and silver chargers, centerpieces with crystals, antiques, old candle sticks, and a vintage lounge complete with antique radios and old vinyl records. I mixed 'old and vintage' with 'new and modern' using gorgeous 70's rattan Mr. & Mrs. chairs with a crystal beaded chandelier hanging from the trees. My vision was to keep it classy, elegant, and timeless while also making it unique by mixing styles together to reflect my personality."

Our team worked closely with Tara to make this vision come to life and, for Tara and Brian, it was all they could have imagined.

Boho wedding details at The Orchard by Wedgewood Weddings


Turn these spring wedding ideas into your reality

Yes, we also walk the walk—we're here to help you bring these spring wedding ideas to life! From the venue to the vendors, we can put the pieces together for you so that you can focus on the fun stuff.

Our expert team is ready when you are. Take a look at our customizable packages and get in touch with us to get started! With an abundance of spring wedding ideas and inspiration, SoCal offers the ideal backdrop for your celebration. Picture vibrant blooms, sunny skies, and a joyful atmosphere that will create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Why choose a springtime wedding in California? The possibilities are endless. From beachside bliss to romantic vineyard charm, the vibrant energy of a SoCal spring wedding is simply unmatched. Imagine exchanging vows with breathtaking coastal views or being surrounded by the lush beauty of vineyards in full bloom. 

To kickstart your journey, the first step is to explore the Southern California wedding venues that speak to your heart. We invite you to book a tour with our expert team today, as seeing the venues in person is the best way to truly see your wedding come to life in your mind's eye. Be playful with your choices, let your imagination run wild, and rest assured that we are here to guide you every step of the way. Your remarkable spring wedding in SoCal awaits, and the adventure begins now!

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