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April  2020

Straight from the Source: COVID-19 Thoughts from our wedding team


The COVID-19 pandemic has rocked the world with new normals, new phrases, and new ways to go about our daily life. But it has also left us longing for human-to-human contact, happy gatherings, and the best way we know how to share love – in person.

We all watch the news – probably too much of it – and understand what’s going on globally. But given you’re on a wedding website, we thought you might be particularly interested in how our wedding venue teams are feeling about the pandemic and how it has changed the way they operate. For several months the wedding industry was on pause and it's been hard for everyone, our teams, our clients, and people expecting to attend weddings too. 

Our team miss hosting fun weddings and catching up with all of the lovely couples in person. Samantha at Indian Hills, CA says, “I really miss the fun and romance of weddings. It’s been tough because I miss our couples. We want to bring your wedding to life, it's the reason why each of us in this industry. One thing I especially love is seeing awesome father/daughter dances – especially the ones that are choreographed. The dance starts sweet and then all of a sudden gets funky! That’s so fun and I can’t wait to see things like that again.”

And even though weddings have been postponed or altered, our clients and vendors have been absolutely awesome. “Las Vegas is a destination and that’s tough because you have people flying in from everywhere. We’ve had flight cancellations, borders closed, etc. Luckily, our couples and vendors have been incredibly understanding and flexible,” said Lindsey Paisano from Stallion Mountain, NV.

Nicole Sullivan at Jefferson Street Mansion, CA echoed that sentiment, “our couples have been fantastic, flexible, and understanding about the whole process. It’s incredibly helpful that they understand that we’re all in this together and we’re all working towards having an awesome wedding for them.”

As much as we miss our awesome couples, we miss each other too! “A lot of our staff misses each other. We’re an awesome family here and it’s tough not seeing people you love working with. But I know that we’ll all grow from this experience and focus on the positivity of weddings soon,” said Samantha.

The pandemic has also caused our team to juggle regulations and expectations. Nicole said it best, “It’s hard with the pandemic because we are subject to fast-changing regulations and deadlines. We’re working closely with each one of our couples and they’re being great. It’s just tough sometimes. We try to set decision deadlines and work with the information we have.”

And Jackie White at Hoffman Ranch, TX is solutions-oriented about it, “We’re taking it very seriously and working with couples to come up with great solutions they are happy with.” But at the end of the day, it’s clients that make everything better. “Sometimes, I love our couples’ sense of humor. One bride with a postponed wedding got some materials such as the sign-in book and it had the old date on it. She’s totally keeping it and using it - why not?"

"Many of our couples know that this pandemic is part of their journey and it will eventually be a memory they tell their grandkids,” shared Lindsey in Las Vegas.


The views expressed in this article are directly from our team to show their personal sentiment.The views are not representative of our company nor the wedding industry as a whole. Together, we are all hopeful that we can find a safe and joyful way to gather socially again soon. 




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