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Weddings at Night: 8 Reasons to Wed After Dark

The Magic of Weddings at Night: 8 Reasons to Wed After Dark

If you're looking for wedding inspo, look no further than the night sky. A wedding at night can create an unforgettable atmosphere for couples and their guests alike. With the stars twinkling, beautiful mood lighting, and a romantic vibe that instantly goes up a notch as soon as the sun goes down, evening weddings have all the elements for a magical celebration. If you need more convincing, here’s why you should consider having your special day under the stars:

1. It instantly sets your wedding apart

11-Wedgewood-Weddings-The-Retreat-Wedding-Venue-Nighttime-bride-and-groom_72dpi8fabMany couples choose to have their wedding ceremonies between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. Nighttime weddings are much rarer, so scheduling your ceremony later in the day is a sure way to make your wedding stand out from the crowd. You could walk down the aisle right as the sun sets, shortly after dusk, or even after dinnertime!

Tip: Book an evening tour

What looks good in the daylight may look completely different once the sun sets. This is why you should schedule a tour of your venue at twilight or, in winter, after dark. By doing so, you can get an idea of what kind of atmosphere the space has in the evening. You should also pay attention to the pathways and entranceways, making sure they’ve got enough illumination for guests to navigate them safely. 

2. You can still make the most of golden hour

Couples who want to get married at night can still get photos taken during daylight by having a first look before the wedding. This way, you can still use beautiful golden hour lighting for wedding photos, but with a unique nighttime ceremony to follow. 

Tip: Thoroughly check photographer portfolios

Taking beautiful photos at night requires a particular set of skills, so when choosing a photographer, look for someone with plenty of experience shooting in low-light settings. Discuss your plans to have a nighttime wedding so they can plan ahead.

Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings: Night Time Ceremony

3. You’ll have plenty of time to get ready

Sure, you could be up early in the morning for the wedding preps – but why put yourself through that? By scheduling your wedding in the evening, you can take your time and enjoy the process of getting ready instead of feeling rushed and overwhelmed.

Tip: Create a wedding day timeline

Knowing how much time you have to get ready can help alleviate wedding jitters. When planning your big day, create a wedding day timeline to get your entourage and vendors on the same page. This way, everyone knows what to expect when the sun sets and it’s time to celebrate! As a Wedgewood Weddings client, we’ll provide a detailed timeline tailored to your unique needs.

4. Mood lighting adds a dramatic touch

Whether you're having an outdoor night wedding or keeping your festivities indoors, night weddings give you the opportunity to use mood lighting. You could string up some fairy lights, line the aisle with lanterns, and have dinner by candlelight to create a beautiful, intimate vibe. You can even incorporate fire pits for some extra warmth and ambiance. 

Tip: Choose warm lights

To create a more romantic atmosphere, opt for warm lights with amber tones instead of harsher, white lights. Amber-toned lights instantly add warmth AND make everyone look fantastic in photos.

5. You can take advantage of cooler temperatures

If you're planning to have an outdoor wedding during the summer, an evening wedding can be perfect for avoiding sweltering heat and humidity. The cooler weather at night helps keep your wedding venue comfortable for everyone, making it easier to enjoy yourselves without worrying about your hair and makeup melting.

Tip: Specify the dress code

Because weddings at night are much rarer than daytime ceremonies, your guests may need guidance on what to wear to a wedding at night. Properly communicating your dress code on your invitations can avoid confusion and ensure everyone has a great time.

6. It creates a more elegant atmosphere

NightExterior_07ed2Evening celebrations are usually more formal than daytime events, and you can lean into this by creating an elegant atmosphere. For example, you can choose a wedding dress or suit with dramatic detailing and heavier fabrics, and embrace darker color schemes for the decor. This will set a sophisticated tone for your wedding ceremony. A sit-down dinner with multiple courses is also appropriate for an evening wedding.

Tip: There are no rules

Though evening weddings do lend themselves to more formality, you can still have a more casual celebration if that’s what floats your boat. You can have a pastel color palette, serve donuts and burgers at your reception, and dance barefoot under the night sky. It’s your special day: You make the rules! 

7. Enjoy dancing under the stars

Creating a night-club vibe at two o'clock in the afternoon can be challenging, but at night? Perfectly possible. With the stars twinkling above and some great wedding tunes playing, you've got the perfect recipe to have your wedding guests letting loose on the dance floor.

Tip: Schedule important events early

Though most of your guests will probably want to party all night, some (especially older folks or those with young children) may need to retire early. To consider their needs, schedule significant events like the cake cutting earlier in the evening.

A beautiful night wedding reception, the Orchard, Murrieta

8. You can get creative with wedding photography

With a wedding at night, you can get creative with wedding photography and create unique poses that are only possible after dark. You could also use cold-touch sparklers or light painting in your wedding photos — making some spectacular pics that you'll cherish forever.

Tip: Wow your guests with an unforgettable send-off

At night, there are so many more options for a memorable exit. Bubbles or glow sticks make for fun and beautiful send-offs that look amazing in photos!


Final Tip: Enlist the help of experts

Whether you've got your heart set on a night forest wedding or a magical evening at a historical mansion, our wedding-obsessed experts at Wedgewood Weddings can help make your vision a reality. We’ve hosted tens of thousands of unique and romantic weddings, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re in capable hands.

From intimate gatherings to grand celebrations, Wedgewood Weddings has custom and all-inclusive packages to suit every style and budget. Check out our packages to find one that’s tailor-made for your needs or reach out to us so we can start planning your big day!

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