Common Wedding Planning Questions

What does the base price cover?

Wedgewood Weddings base price covers the use of the space for your event. You’ll notice that this cost changes depending on the day of the week and time of year you have your wedding. This can help you decide your wedding date! That way, you get a gorgeous venue and you can make sure it fits in budget!


When should I start planning my wedding?

The options are endless! Some couples leave a few weeks or months to plan, some couples take more than two years. It all just depends on what timing works best for your schedule and finances! On average, most couples have a 9-12 month engagement.


How soon should I book my wedding?

There’s really no restriction, but the sooner the better! Once your venue is booked, your wedding date is solidified, so you can start getting into the details of planning. If there’s a particular date you’re looking into, you’ll want to book your venue as soon as possible so that another couple doesn’t book it first!


Do I have to set up & break down before and after the event?

Nope! One of the times it’s actually awesome to say “no” :) Our Wedgewood Weddings team handle all of the pre and post event coordination so you (and your friends and family) just get to enjoy the event and don’t worry about any of the work! Everyone gets to have fun - imagine that!


Is the pricing different at each Wedgewood Weddings location?

Yes! Each Wedgewood Weddings location runs independently from each other and, therefore, has its own pricing. We suggest touring several different locations for this reason - you get to compare different options and see which one fits your dream and budget best!


Do you offer a Military discount?

Yes! We’re happy to offer a military discount to honor the men and women that serve our country. This offer is exclusive to active-duty couples with non-Saturday events.


Can I do reception only? / Can I do ceremony only?

Since Wedgewood Weddings are all-inclusive, our packages refer to ceremony and reception, or reception-only weddings.


Do you offer photography and/or videography in your packages?

Photography and videography don’t come included in your package. Wedgewood Weddings have a preferred photographer at every venue. That means we can pair you with a reputable photographer who knows our staff and venue well. They even offer special prices to Wedgewood Weddings couples! Let us know if you also need a videographer referral.


I’m ready to pay, who do we make checks out to?

Please make checks out to ‘Z Golf Food & Beverage’, Wedgewood Weddings parent company.


Are the locations accessible for disabled guests?

Yes! All of our locations are handicap-accessible.


How much does a wedding cost?

The price of your wedding depends on the following factors:

  • The day that your wedding takes place (i.e. a Tuesday is much more affordable than a Saturday)
  • How many guests you have
  • Which of our all-inclusive packages you choose and how you customize it

What we can say is, we’ve done $5,000 weddings and we’ve done $60,000 weddings. We’ve also created weddings for 10 guests and 400 guests — it all depends on your desires and budget.


Will you hold my wedding date?

Our available dates are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Schedule an appointment to come tour your perfect venue, and we can help you find a perfect date! Your date is locked in when we receive your booking.


How much is my first payment?

Your first payment will be 25% of your total proposal quote. Wedgewood Weddings accept checks, credit cards, or money orders. You can make the payment in person during your site visit, by mail, or over the phone. All payments you make are credited to your final balance. Please make checks payable to ‘Z Golf Food & Beverage’, the Wedgewood Weddings parent company.


What’s the payment schedule?

Your 25% deposit is due at the time you book, then your second payment of another 25% is due 120 days before your wedding date. Your final payment is expected 10 days before your wedding based on your final headcount.

Final payment can only be made by credit cards, money orders, or certified checks. Personal checks are only acceptable for the two previous payments.


What is the cancellation policy? Will my deposit be refunded?

According to the signed contract, all payments made are non-transferable and non-refundable if you cancel the event. If the event is cancelled within 45 days of the date, the full amount of all estimated charges will be due.


What is the service charge?

The Service Charge covers the planning process leading up to your event - both the time and staff required. It’s a 21%-22% fee depending on which of our venues you book. This charge is an industry standard, meaning almost every venue you see has this same (or similar) fee. Your contract will show a breakdown of the event elements and their costs, including the service charge, which covers the costs of Wedgewood Wedding’s investment of time, staff and resources to prepare for your event. Gratuities (tips) are not included and are voluntary.



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