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How to Plan a Food Truck Wedding in the Bay Area

How to Plan a Food Truck Wedding in the Bay Area

Food truck weddings are increasingly popular—and we can see why. They're interactive, unique, and make for some great photo ops! And what better place to host a food truck wedding than the Bay Area? If you're from here, you're already familiar with its amazing food truck scene. There are over 700 food trucks in California and San Francisco is among the 15 best U.S. food truck cities! With a huge annual growth rate, there are bound to be plenty of local favorites near you.

But there's more to meet the eye when it comes to food trucks for weddings. So before you book your favorite taco stand, let's spend the next few minutes discussing the ins and outs of food truck weddings.

Without further ado, here are our top tips for planning a food truck wedding in the Bay Area!

SEVEN Tips to Plan a Food Truck Wedding


Bride and groom kissing in front of food truck


1. Ask if the venue can accommodate food trucks

When planning a food truck wedding, one of the first steps is ensuring your venue can accommodate food trucks. Luckily, this step is usually pretty quick. Most venue teams will already know if their venue is food truck accessible. Their answer will depend on parking, electricity, and space—among other things. Some may suggest parking on the street.

If you still need to book a venue, we can totally show you our Bay Area venues that can accommodate food trucks. The Log Cabin at the Presidio (pictured below) is a great choice. There's tons of lawn space and a covered cocktail area for your guests to mingle as they enjoy their tasty treat or snack!

Log Cabin at the Presidio by Wedgewood Weddings


2. Consider food trucks for pre or post-dinner service

If you're exploring food trucks for your wedding, we encourage you to think outside the box: you could bring them in for cocktail hour, dessert, or late-night snacks, for example. 

Why? While food trucks may seem quick, there will be very long lines if they're handling dinner for all your guests—especially if you have a larger wedding. And if your guests are really hungry…well, you know how that goes! (Cue: the Snickers commercial.)

Plus, when you host a sit-down dinner, you can hold everyone's attention for speeches and the first dance.

What types of food trucks are suitable for pre and post-dinner service?

  • Appetizers, like empanadas or bao buns
  • Desserts, like donuts or ice cream
  • Late-night snacks, like french fries or waffles 
  • Drinks, both alcoholic or non-alcoholic (Check local liquor laws and your venue's licensing agreement). We love a coffee cart of champagne station.

For our clients in the Bay Area, there are many tasty local or cultural food options to choose from. Indian desserts are always a favorite!

donut wall wedding snack option


3. Work with reputable vendors

In the Bay Area, especially San Jose, there are tons of food trucks—like, hundreds. So you have plenty of choices. How do you choose the right one?

If you're a food truck regular, you may already have a favorite in mind. You could also make a date out of it and test local options with your partner. Or, ask for recommendations from your foodie friends.

Even if the food is outstandingly tasty, it's also essential to check out their reliability. We've heard stories about food trucks being late or not showing up. Why? They likely found a higher-paying gig. Getting a contract in place and reading the fine print is always a good idea.

If you work with us, we can point you in the right direction when it comes to reputable food truck partners. We're here to help you create the stress-free food truck wedding you've always wanted.

Bride and groom kissing in front of food truck

4. Ask what the VENDOR provides

Preparing the food is just one aspect of the food truck experience. Will the vendor provide disposable utensils, plates, and napkins? If you'd prefer to provide your own plates and cutlery, will there be enough space for them? If you hope to use real cutlery and dishware, most vendors won't wash them as they don't have the facilities so be sure to discuss those logistics. 

The last thing you want is to be underprepared!

For weddings, they may also have limited menu options. Or, they may be willing to create something extra special for your event! Long story short, it's best to have these chats early on with the vendor.



5. Account for serving, bussing, and cleaning

This is your wedding, and you want your beautiful venue to stay clean and photogenic the entire day. So it's crucial to account for a service team to support the food truck, like bussing tables and collecting empty dishes. If you choose us at Wedgewood Weddings, our team is here to ensure your food truck wedding runs like a well-oiled machine and your venue stays in pristine condition—so, in our opinion, it's a total must.

If your wedding venue includes a serving team, then you may be covered. Phew! That's why we offer all-in-one packages here at Wedgewood Weddings. We know there's a lot to account for, and it's so much easier (and cost-effective) to have everything bundled into one!


ValSerVenience Director_0 (1)


6. Have a weather plan

Depending on when your food truck wedding is, you may want to have a plan if there's rain—or even if it's a bit chilly.

If your venue offers indoor and outdoor spaces, that's the best combo! You can continue with your food truck experience, rain or shine. Ideally, the food truck should be parked near an indoor space or pavilion and have a covered walkway, so the guests can comfortably get their food or drinks.

Jefferson Street Mansion is an excellent example of an indoor/outdoor venue fit for Bay Area food truck wedding desserts. It has beautiful options for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies and a covered pavilion. We love the idea of providing late-night food truck snacks to guests for an extra energy kick during the festivities.

Jefferson St Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings


7. Discuss pricing and minimums with the vendor

Of course, every food truck will quote you different costs. When you have this conversation, you should also ask them if you need to meet a minimum. While food trucks may seem like an inexpensive option compared to full-service catering, many of them will charge a minimum amount to be spent in order to come to your venue. 

Here's a hot tip: if you book a Wedgewood Weddings venue, you can access exclusive discounts for wedding extras—like food trucks—through our Bliss Benefits discount program. Check it out and see if your favorite vendor is a part of our exclusive program!

Planning your wedding should be fun! Team at Carlsbad Windmill by Wedgewood Weddings


Plan your food truck wedding at Wedgewood Weddings

We can totally take all this work off your plate and help plan your food truck wedding for you. With many venues in the Bay Area, from Novato and Benicia to Moraga and Castro Valley —and great food truck recommendations—we can help you put all the pieces together and bring your vision to life. 

Get in touch today!

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