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Wedding Lighting Essentials: Choosing the Right Colors

The Best Lighting for Your Wedding

Choosing the right colors for your wedding lighting can make a big difference in the atmosphere and ambiance of the event. From the subtle twinkle of fairy lights to the bold statement of up-lighting, your wedding light color choices play an essential role in creating the perfect atmosphere. That's why it's so important to choose your wedding lighting colors carefully. This guide will help you understand the basics of wedding lighting and show you the best ways to pick the best colors for your special event.

Consider Your Location and space


Are you in the midst of urban high rises, at a nature retreat, on a patio with bistro lighting already installed, within view of pretty downtown lights, in a dark night area with shining stars? 

Consider your venue and the most dramatic or warmest ways to light up the space. Uplights, accent lights, wall lights, chandeliers, and other types of lighting will all have an impact. Think about the existing lighting fixtures in your venue and how they can be used to your advantage. For example, if you have a chandelier, you can use uplights to add a soft glow to the room. Additionally, look at architectural features you can highlight with your wedding lights. This could include accenting a staircase, archways, and more. Once you have considered the existing lighting, you can select the appropriate wedding light colors and set your ambiance.

The Mood and The Time Of Day

gorgeous Wedgewood Weddings lightingThe time of day and the purpose of your lights will be significant factors. Are you literally lighting the way, or are you embellishing and playing with color and shape? Be open to using different lighting colors and types at various points during your wedding. For example, during the day, you can go for more vibrant and colorful lights, such as pinks and purples, that stand out against the natural light from the sun. Go for something more subtle and muted at night, such as blues or soft whites. You can also use accent lights to only highlight specific areas, which can be both cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing. 

When it comes to wedding lighting, it's essential to consider the mood you want to create for your special day. What kind of atmosphere do you want to cultivate? Do you want a romantic and intimate or vibrant and energetic feel? Accent lights and colored lights are great tools for setting the right mood. Depending on how much lighting you need, you may be looking at a significant cost if you outsource and select an independent vendor. Alternatively, ask your venue team about their in-house wedding accent light options. 

There is a whole spectrum of color options available for wedding lights. Different colors can convey different meanings and evoke certain feelings in your guests. For example, blue is often seen as calming and tranquil, while yellow is cheerful and optimistic. Depending on your desired mood, you should choose wedding light colors that complement each other and reflect the atmosphere you hope to create. 

Choose colors that complement each other or create drama (rather than headaches). This will help create a beautiful ambiance in your wedding venue. Complementary colors are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. Examples of complementary colors are blue and orange, purple and yellow, and red and green. These colors work well together because they contrast and draw attention to each other. Consider how these colors will work together when planning your wedding lights to create a stunning atmosphere.

Another way to ensure your wedding light colors look great is to use the 60-30-10 rule. This rule states that the primary color should be used for 60 percent of the lighting, the secondary color should be used for 30 percent of the lighting, and the accent color should be used for 10 percent of the lighting. This will help you create a balanced look with your colors and ensure all room elements pop. 

Wedgewood Weddings lightingFor example, suppose you're going for a romantic pink and purple theme. In that case, you could use white lights to fill the room for 60 percent of the lighting, light pink for 30 percent, and deep purple for 10 percent of the accent lighting. This will help create an atmosphere of romance and elegance. When it comes to wedding lighting, it's important to remember that it doesn't have to be complicated or too intense to look great. 100% deep purple could be too much or just right, depending on your theme!

Many couples get so caught up in selecting the right colors that they forget the power of light and dark. Whether for accent lights or full coverage, soft white wedding lights or pin lights can create a stunningly modern and sophisticated look. You can use them to highlight specific areas of your wedding venue, such as an archway or the entrance to your reception hall. You can also use them to set the tone for your event by creating a stark contrast between light and dark elements. 

Warm or cold color light options

Warm light is a more yellow/orange hue that creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere. This type of lighting is usually used in fall or winter and makes a typical cozy atmosphere. Warm lighting is typically the way to go if you're hosting a romantic outdoor event.
On the other hand, cold lighting is a bluer hue that creates a more modern and contemporary feel. It's often used for larger events. Hard lighting can also be used for accent lighting, highlighting specific areas or architectural elements of a space. 

What wedding light colors mean 

Choosing the right colors for your wedding lights is a great way to create a certain mood or atmosphere. Colors can evoke emotions, and selecting the right color for your wedding lights is vital for setting the tone for the event. Lighting isn't just about creating a warm and inviting space - it can also be used to make a statement. Think about the overall feeling you want to evoke for your wedding light colors. Warm colors like yellow and red will create a cozy, romantic atmosphere. In contrast, cool colors like blue and purple will give a more elegant, modern vibe. Choose colors that match your theme and reflect your personality for the best results.

Red is a vibrant and energetic color, perfect for creating a romantic and passionate atmosphere. Red is often associated with love, which makes it an excellent option for weddings.

Orange is a fun and vibrant color known to bring energy and enthusiasm. It can create a positive and upbeat atmosphere at your wedding.

Yellow is an uplifting color that brings joy and happiness. It's great for creating an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Green is a calming color that creates a peaceful and tranquil environment. This color is often associated with nature, making it perfect for those looking for an outdoor feel.

Blue is a cool and calming color that symbolizes trust, loyalty, and wisdom. It's excellent for creating a relaxed and serene atmosphere at your wedding.

White is the most popular color for wedding lights because it is bright and clean. It's perfect for creating a beautiful and elegant atmosphere without overwhelming the space.

Black or Darkness can create a dramatic effect in your wedding lighting. It adds an air of mystery, creating an intimate and luxurious atmosphere.

accent lighting Ideas

beautiful Wedgewood Weddings lightingAdding accents to the lighting of your wedding can be a great way to add color and style to your special day. Accent lights are great for drawing attention to specific areas in the venue or highlighting aspects of your wedding decorations. With the proper selection of colors, accent lighting can give a room a new look and feel. Accent lights are beneficial because they don't have to be as bright as regular lighting and can provide subtle touches that will add to the overall atmosphere. 

Accent lights are a great way to draw attention to certain features of your wedding. If you have a beautiful chandelier or a grand staircase, use accent lights to highlight the details and create the perfect atmosphere. For the best results, try adding a few colored lights, such as purple, teal, or blue, to give your space extra dimension and drama. 

Use accent lights to add interest to your wedding lighting scheme. Accent lights come in various styles, such as up-lights, pin spots, or gobo lights, so you can highlight areas of interest or create focal points in the room. When done right, wedding light colors can help set the tone of your special day and wow your guests as they arrive and throughout the night. When it comes to wedding lighting, where you choose to light and what you choose to accentuate can make all the difference. Depending on how you light up your venue, you can create a romantic ambiance or a modern feel.

  • Uplights are a popular option as these are placed on the ground to give a burst of color or brightness and can be strategically positioned around a room or at the base of trees and foliage. Uplight options are available in all hues at all Wedgewood Weddings locations.
  • String lights, also known as market, bistro, twinkle and fairy lights, are a garland of lights that can be any length. They are typically placed high and light the area beneath. 
  • Pin spots are a focused beam of light that shines directly onto an object, like a centerpiece, sweetheart table, or wedding cake, to make it literally shine. Pin lights grab attention and make your guest focus on only the areas or items you choose.
  • A light color wash is a swath of colored light covering an entire area to create a mood or change the look of built-in décor. Use a color wash to instantly transform a back wall and change the room's mood.
  • Gobos are stencils that project a design or pattern onto a surface and can be used on walls, ceilings, or floors. Monograms or logos are popular, and the term gobo is short for go between optics describing the location of the design, which neatly fits between the light source and destination. 
  • LED is an acronym for light-emitting diode. LED lights do not get as hot to the touch as old incandescent bulbs making them safer for events. Wireless options make them a great choice for lighting ideas where you want the light source to be unobtrusive or you're away from main power like at a ceremony arch.
  • Neon lights these are often custom signs that grab attention and can be used as insta-worthy backdrops and to make your guests smile. When ordering, check if the sign is battery powered or wired and whether it is approved for indoor and outdoor or just indoor use. 
  • Pendent lights are the classic central overhead light source. Think of what you would have over a dining table at home. A chandelier or Edison bulb arrangement are common pendant lights. You can change things up by placing chandeliers in unusual places like behind your sweetheart table or at your ceremony arch, or you choose a venue which features a show-stopping light piece like Granite Rose in New Hampshire which features an oversize Parisian crystal chandelier.
  • Candle light is softly beautiful and nowadays comes battery powered so that you don't have fumes, extra heat, or potential mess from spilt wax. Use votive or pillar candles as centerpieces, add height with good ol' candlesticks, or place in lanterns to accentuate your aisle.


The best lighting for your wedding

By considering your venue, mood, time of day, and color choices when planning your wedding lighting, you'll be sure to create a genuinely memorable atmosphere. You'll transform your venue into an extra magical space with careful consideration and creativity.

Chat with your team for more information about accent lights available at our venues. Ask to see recent wedding lighting examples that match your desired mood, atmosphere, and theme. 

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