What Is A Minimum?

Posted on 02/27/2018

What IS a minimum?

If you’re just starting to do your wedding venue research, you may have come across this term a few times. Most venues have a “minimum” and may be a source of confusion when deciding if this is the right place for you and your fiance. Wedgewood Weddings is here to help answer the question “What is a minimum?”

min·i·mum noun ˈmi-nə-məm : the least quantity assignable, admissible, or possible

This word can also be defined as something that creates confusion in the wedding planning process. If you’ve searched for the perfect wedding venue, you have undoubtedly come across this mysterious piece of wedding planning lingo. So what are minimums and how do they affect your decision about the venue of your dreams?

“Minimums” are important pieces of the planning puzzle that will ultimately dictate the budget for your wedding. These minimums will vary based guest count, demand, food and beverage, etc. The tricky part is that each and every venue will set them differently.

The two most common minimums relate to food/beverage and guest count. A food/beverage minimum is a set dollar amount you must spend on the wedding menu and hosted bar. This does not include other elements such as flowers, bakery, a DJ, etc. You may also encounter a guest count minimum. This means the lowest number of guests you have to invite, you are responsible to pay for, regardless of how many actually attend. That’s right, pay for guests that may not even be there. And again, it may not even cover the ceremony, a delicious cake, centerpieces, etc. That can get really expensive, really quick.

Couples are always telling us how much they appreciate the stress-free wedding planning experience, options and advice on smart ways to save on their wedding day, and most importantly our trademarked ValSerVenience™ (Value, Service, and Convenience). So with that, our minimums are quite a bit different. Each Wedgewood Weddings venue minimum is a flat dollar amount based on date/season demand and availability. As you know, high demand venues and seasons = higher minimums. Lower demand seasons = lower minimums. With a Wedgewood Weddings minimum, you are paying for a great venue, the perfect day in a gorgeous season, staying within your dream budget and getting everything you want, and ditching services you don’t need. Not to mention you get the staff, the full service experience, and wedding planning expertise throughout your planning process. Your ValSerVenience team is there to guide you in creating a wedding package that not only makes sense, but also provides you with high-value options without the heavy price tag. Couples feel more in control of their own spend when they are provided with options not limited to only food and beverage upgrades, but other services as well. There is flexibility to the packages in order to meet venue minimums. Other places have a food and beverage minimum, but Wedgewood offers other services to be included to help reach the minimum. Options like upgraded appetizers, a super fun photo booth, hosted bar, upgraded linens, specialty lighting, a donut bar, etc. The idea is to provide you with more valuable services – not nickel and dime couples or surprise you with totally bizarre fees. We don’t just limit our couples to food and beverage upgrades. We felt that other minimum structures just didn’t quite sit well with us as a culture and as a business. Couples have found that they got more for their dollar and spent the smart way. Talk to your ValSerVenience team about ways to utilize the spend towards what you actually want for your wedding. So meet your minimum, and get more out of what you’re buying.

Our goal is to help you create your perfect stress-free wedding without breaking the bank. Wedgewood Weddings team is able to show you the difference in minimums based on their location’s season by comparing dates/seasons, higher/lower guest counts, etc. To keep you within budget and of course have a beautiful wedding, don’t hesitate to ask about minimums and comparing options. This also gives couples more flexibility with their spend, whether they want to include upgrades to their floral selections, specialty linens, or even gorgeous uplighting! There are tons of options and customizations for couples to really personalize their wedding day exactly how they envision it. Other venues outside of Wedgewood Weddings have a food and beverage minimum or even a guest minimum and dollar amount. Flat rate – you can use that to get you towards meeting your minimum – add services, etc.

Budget Tip: Being flexible with your date, guest count, etc. will create huge money saving opportunities! For example: You’d be amazed by how much you can save just by getting married on a Saturday in off-season versus a Saturday in on-season.

When preparing your budget, remember to calculate costs based on the lowest possible guest count for your wedding. One of the most common planning mistakes is reserving a wedding venue with an unrealistic minimum for the guest count. Don’t let the mystery of a minimum keep you in the dark. You now have the tools to compare venues and find the perfect fit for the wedding of your dreams and a budget that you’re happy with!




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