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Wedding Food: Everything You Need To Know

Wedding Food: Everything You Need To Know

Our wedding food secrets: how to make sure your guests are well-fed - and you enjoy a delicious meal selection too! The Wedgewood Weddings menu has been carefully curated and crafted based on the feedback of our couples and hundreds of thousands of guests. Consider this: we host about 10,000 weddings a year with well over a million guests. That’s a lot of people to feed, and we take this food thing very seriously.

Our artisanal chef team works hard to create varied and delicious menus that scale for a big event. It’s not easy feeding more than 100 people all at once! When you choose a Wedgewood Weddings package, you can create a menu to suit your tastes. Whether you’re a meat lover, vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan, we have delicious wedding food options for you and your guests.

"Seriously, guests still talk about how good the food was!"
Anissa, Bride at The Retreat by Wedgewood Weddings

Pulled Pork Canapés with Pineapple Salsa - Wedgewood Weddings

Pulled Pork Canapés with Pineapple Salsa


Hor D’Oeuvres

You can go simple with a variety of cheeses with crackers and fresh vegetables with pesto hummus, or, if you prefer, you can mix and match hot and cold options:

  • Variety of Domestic & Imported Cheese with Crackers (vegetarian)

    A cheese board is always a crowd-pleaser. This platter features an array of cheese varieties, such as the smooth nuttiness of gouda, the mellow savoriness of Swiss, the salty zing of Colby jack, and the pleasant heat of pepper jack. Arranged alongside an assortment of crispy crackers and topped with fresh seasonal fruit, our cheese board offers something for everyone to enjoy.

"This is a great option for cocktail hour, because it's easy for guests to return back to as they please to grab some more!" - Marissa, Event Expert at Vellano Estate

  • Rainbow Vegetable Platter with Pesto Hummus Dip (vegan, gluten-free)

    A burst of color, our rainbow vegetable platter is a lively way to begin your meal. We arrange an eye-catching array of farm-fresh vegetables like ripe red tomatoes, earthy mushrooms, crunchy carrots, and more. Served alongside our smooth and creamy pesto hummus, this veggie platter makes an inviting plant-based appetizer that delights the senses.

  • Hummus Duo - Red Pepper & Cilantro Lime with Pita Chips (vegetarian)

    Awaken your palate with our dynamic duo of hummus varieties - a swirl of sweet roasted red pepper and bright cilantro lime blended to creamy perfection. Paired with a stack of our signature baked pita chips, warm and crispy from the oven, this combination makes for a fresh take on hummus and crackers.

    Hummus duo
hummus duo
  • Array of Fresh Sliced Fruit with Honey Yogurt (vegetarian, gluten-free)

    Bursting with natural sweetness, this fresh fruit platter is a kaleidoscope of color and flavor. Slices of ripe pineapple, melon wedges, plump berries, and seedless grapes create a palette that delights the senses. Served alongside a creamy honey yogurt dipping sauce, the interplay of tart and sweet in each bite promises a perfect prelude to your meal ahead.  

  • Fresh Mozzarella & Grape Tomato Caprese Skewers (vegetarian, gluten-free)

    Transport your palate to the Italian countryside with each bite of our caprese skewers. Orbs of creamy mozzarella nestle next to sweet cherry tomatoes, their tart juice bursting to mingle with the mild cheese. Sprigs of basil add a lovely fresh herbal note. Drizzled with aged balsamic vinegar, the skewers offer a tour through savory, bright, and complex flavors in one tasty mouthful.

  • Mini Shrimp Tostadas (gluten-free)

    These crispy tortilla rounds offer a fiesta of flavors in miniature form. Atop each artfully fried round sits a fresh mound of cool, creamy guacamole - smooth avocado punctuated by tomato, onion, and lime. Nestled into that verdant base are plump shrimp. Seasoned with a touch of spice, their sweetness plays perfectly against the rich guacamole bed.

    “I love the mini shrimp tostadas - I can't get enough of them!"
    Sarah, Event Expert at Granite Rose

    Mini shrimp tostadas
mini shrimp tostadas
  • Smoked Salmon Canapés (gluten-free)

    Begin your dining experience on a sophisticated note with these composed bites marrying land and sea. Thin cucumber slices provide a cool, crisp foundation for layers of flavor. A dollop of dill-flecked crème fraîche adds velvety texture and herbal notes. Next, a folding of rose-hued smoked salmon, its smoky sweetness contrasting the tangy capers. Finally, fresh dill fronds provide the finishing touch.

  • Roma Tomato & Fresh Basil Bruschetta (vegan)

    This bruschetta appetizer evokes the spirit of a trattoria in Tuscany. Thick slices of crusty baguette are lightly toasted, the warmth releasing notes of yeasty sourdough. Tomato and basil are united as the bread's crown - sweet cherry tomatoes mingling with garlic, onions, olive oil, and balsamic for a symphony of summer's essence.

  • Balsamic & Strawberry Crostini (vegetarian)

    Our crostini begins as slices of crusty baguette adorned with a subtly sweet honey and cream cheese spread. Atop each toasted round is then layered cubes of ruby red strawberries. The juicy berry bits have been marinated in an opulent dressing of aged balsamic vinegar and fresh basil, allowing their bright sweetness to mingle with herbaceous and tart notes.

  • Ahi Tuna Sashimi Wontons with Wasabi Cream (favorite)

    For sushi aficionados, these crispy wonton cups offer a twist on classic flavors. Thin wrappers are fried to a delightful crunch, then filled with chunks of tender ahi tuna, marinated in teriyaki sauce for a sweet touch. Topped with smooth wasabi cream, the wontons deliver gentle heat to accent the rare tuna within. Finally, they're garnished with slender green onion slivers and toasted black sesame seeds.

    Ahi tuna wontons
ahi tuna wontons

    Transport your taste buds to the Caribbean with these jerk chicken skewers. Succulent chicken thighs soak up an elaborate spice marinade overnight - a tapestry of heat melded with allspice, garlic, citrus, and herbs. After a turn on the flames, the skin becomes a crisscross of char while the meat inside steams gently.


    Where sweet meets savory, our chicken and waffles redefine a comfort food classic. Fluffy Belgian waffles - crispy on the outside while steamy within - offer the ideal canvas. Atop them lie juicy chicken thighs encased in crackling fried coating with herbs and spices of the Southern kitchen. Drizzled stripes of maple syrup enhanced with smooth bourbon complete this salty-sweet allure. Finally, crispy bits of bacon lend smokiness and crunch throughout.


    This BLT remix swaps bread for a crispy baguette base upon which the beloved sandwich is rebuilt. Discs of toasty bread cradle each component, beginning with cool lettuce leaves and slices of ripe tomato. Next, the star - slices of pork belly that have roasted for hours, emerging with crackling skin wrapping meat as supple as butter within. Tangy remoulade ties each layer together.


    These tasty crab cakes deliver sweet seafood flavor tucked within a crispy fried exterior. Lump crab gently simmers with the holy trinity of onion, bell pepper, and celery, absorbing the vegetables' brightness before being formed. Bound with egg and panko breading, the cakes are fried to achieve a crusty shell enveloping the delicate crab within. Served alongside a zesty remoulade sauce for contrast.


    Crisp, savory bacon envelops succulent scallops in this classic favorite. We wrap premium scallops with lean bacon strips. In the oven, the bacon turns crisp, unleashing its universally adored flavor as the plump scallops steam gently. With each bite, the satisfying crunch gives way to an ocean-fresh pop of scallop, melding sweet and briny in one mouthwatering morsel.

“This one is always a crowd-pleaser - who doesn't love bacon?!"
Alyssa, Event Expert at Stonebridge Manor


    These elegant bites intertwine sweet and savory in a crisp, convenient form. Paper-thin phyllo shells are molded into petite cups and baked to a delicate crunch. Within each golden vessel, a duo of flavors resides: melted brie, oozing its rich creaminess, tops a bed of apple compote punctuated with cinnamon spice. As the pastry gives way to warm fruit and velvety cheese with every bite, tart apples consummate the smooth brie.

  • Crisp Dumplings with Pineapple Teriyaki Dipping Sauce

    East meets West in these crispy chicken dumplings dunked in pineapple teriyaki. Savory chicken and vegetables fill delicate wrappers that then fry to a crackly golden finish. A fruity Asian spin on traditional dipping sauce accompanies, featuring tangy-sweet pineapple tidbits immersed within salty-rich teriyaki. Finally, slivers of green onions lend a peppery finishing touch when swirled atop.

  • Crispy Mini Vegetable Egg Rolls with Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce (VEGETARIAN)

    Sure to satisfy all guests, these crispy veggie egg rolls deliver a vegetarian-friendly flavor wrapped up in crunchy pastry. Thin wrappers envelop a savory filling of grated cabbage and carrots flecked with aromatics like garlic and ginger. Fried to an enticingly crackly texture, they emerge hot and tempting. Dunking each petite roll in the accompanying sweet-spicy chili sauce adds a burst of flavor.

  • Mac & Cheese Panko Croquettes (vegetarian, favorite)

    We're transforming a comforting classic into an irresistible shareable with this crispy mac and cheese appetizer. Familiar elbow noodles soak up a rich cheese sauce, becoming tender shells enveloping molten cheddar, parmesan, and velvety béchamel. After a coating of crispy panko crumbs, the mac gets a turn in the fryer, fusing the exterior into a crunchy, golden crust. The first bite cracks through the exterior to discover the warm, gooey mac within.

“The mac and cheese croquettes are a great option for cheese-lovers!" 
Tori, Event Expert at Carmel Fields

  • Pulled Pork Canapés with Pineapple Salsa

    These loaded crispy tortillas offer all the festive flavors of Mexico in party-perfect handheld form. Discs of fried corn tortilla provide a sturdy base, ready to support layers of flavor. Sweet and tangy pineapple salsa brings a tropical twist, while tender pulled pork carnitas, spiced and slowly cooked, contribute a savory contrast. Topped with a sprinkle of crumbled cotija cheese, the mini tostadas offer crunchy, creamy, and savory components in each bite.

  • Sweet & Tangy BBQ Meatballs

    These hearty barbecue-glazed meatballs deliver sweet, tangy, and savory flavors in one handheld bite. A blend of beef and zesty Italian sausage gets enriched with garlic, herbs and Parmesan before being roasted. During cooking, a tomato-based barbecue sauce coats each meatball. Served ready to mingle, these meatballs will be a hit with guests.

Pork Belly Crostini - Wedgewood Weddings

Pork Belly BLT Crostini


Entrée options

Get ready for the highlight of the evening! Every package we offer comes with a delectable and extraordinary buffet. With the Elite package, you also have the choice of a duet plated meal, treating your guests to two proteins on each plate.

Feast your eyes on the buffet featuring a generous selection of eight diverse salads, catering to various dietary preferences like vegetarian and gluten-free. Whether you opt for the buffet or plated option, you can count on enjoying seasonal vegetables and your choice of side, along with freshly baked bread and butter.

    Delight in our classic chicken marsala—juicy, tender chicken coated in a savory mushroom marsala sauce. Lightly dusted in seasoned flour for a crisp, golden sear, the chicken is baked to perfection, ensuring a moist and flavorful experience. The rich, earthy flavors of marsala wine and mushrooms, coupled with a velvety texture, elevate each bite. Despite its indulgent taste, this dish maintains a surprisingly light feel.

  • Chicken Cordon Bleu with Chardonnay Sauce

    Savor the visual allure of our classic baked wedding dish—golden exterior, swirled interior achieved through expert layer rolling. We elevate the lusciousness of chicken breast, rolling it with ham and cheese for that timeless spiral charm. Complemented by a crispy crumb and crowned with a creamy chardonnay sauce, this Cordon Bleu, translating to "blue ribbon of excellence," is a cherished Swiss favorite for a reason!

  • Panko Parmesan Crusted Chicken with Sherry Cream (FAVORITE)

    Experience our beloved panko parmesan chicken—a wedding essential and a team favorite for its crispy crunch and luxurious sherry sauce. Coated in parmesan-seasoned panko breadcrumbs, the chicken achieves a golden brown sear, further crisped in the oven. Moist and flavorful inside, it's draped in a decadent cream sauce infused with sherry for an extra layer of delightful richness.

"The panko parmesan crusted chicken is one of my favorites! So good!
Marissa, Event Expert at Vellano Estate


Panko parmesan crusted chicken

panko parmesan crusted chicken

  • Rosemary Garlic Herb Chicken (gluten-free)

    Delight the crowd with our herb-roasted chicken—renowned for its exceptional tenderness and fresh flavor. After an overnight brine that infuses savory goodness and ensures juicy perfection, the chicken is roasted to ideal doneness. A medley of aromatic herbs imparts a profound flavor in every bite, resulting in super moist and tender chicken with a delightful herbaceous taste.

    Rosemary garlic herb chicken

    rosemary garlic herb chicken

  • Charred Lemon Chicken Piccata

    Indulge in the vibrant flavors of this Italian classic. Tender chicken breasts, dusted in flour and seared for a moist char, are smothered in a zesty piccata sauce. Made with lemon juice, capers, white wine, and olive oil, the sauce offers a citrusy punch, briny capers, and herbal notes from parsley. Adorned with charred lemon slices, this visually stunning dish is a sensory delight, feeling light yet wholly satisfying!

    Lemon chicken piccata
    charred lemon chicken piccata
  • Five Cheese Tortellini Pesto Parmesan (VEGETARIAN)

    Vegetarian or not, our tortellini is a crowd-pleaser. Drizzled with a creamy pesto sauce enhanced with mushrooms and a hint of garlic, it's garnished with diced Roma tomatoes and parmesan cheese. This is one of our Executive Chef Roman Cota's favorite dishes because the creaminess of the sauce, the comfort of the tortellini, and the subtle acidity of the tomatoes come together in harmony.

“The five cheese tortellini is a delicious, cheesy option!" 
Tori, Event Expert at Carmel Fields

  • Oven Roasted Salmon with Tarragon Butter Sauce (GLUTEN-FREE)

    For this favorite recipe, we season and slow-roast the salmon until it flakes with tenderness. Once we achieve the ideal texture, we generously spoon over a delectable creamy sauce crafted with fresh tarragon and butter. This versatile dish harmonizes seamlessly with our other offerings for a duet plate or pairs delightfully with salads and seasonal vegetables.

  • Alaskan Cod with Grape Tomato Vinaigrette (GLUTEN-FREE, FAVORITE)

    At Wedgewood Weddings, cod is our signature fish dish -  it's a great choice for a wedding because it retains the moisture and texture on a buffet line. This light and fresh option appeals to all tastes! The delicate and modern sauce, paired with fresh cherry tomatoes, adds a delightful touch of vibrancy. With eye-catching white and red hues, it stands out as a plated or buffet choice, catering to both pescatarians and carnivores with equal charm.

“I’ve been working here for years, and now I’m coming clean: I have an obsession with the Alaskan Cod with grape tomato vinaigrette!”
Shelley, Event Expert at Croft Downtown


Alaskan cod
alaskan cod with Grape Tomato Vinaigrette

    This plant-based main course showcases a bell pepper abundantly stuffed with a blend of grains, herbs, and vibrant vegetables such as carrots, zucchini, and tomatoes. Every bite presents a burst of colors and flavors. Wholesome, satisfying, and rich in texture, this dish demonstrates the exciting possibilities of vegan cuisine. Plant-based enthusiasts are sure to revel in this gratifying option.


    Prepare for tantalizing aromas as your guests catch a whiff of our succulent braised beef short ribs. Seasoned, seared, brushed with tomato paste, and briefly baked to seal in the flavor. Topped with sautéed vegetables and a rich demi-glaze, the slow-cooking process ensures each bite is irresistibly tender, melting in your mouth!

“Any day that we have the braised beef short rib on the menu is a great day!"
Alyssa, Event Expert at Stonebridge Manor


    Indulge in our center-cut Sirloin, expertly seasoned and seared to perfection before being oven-roasted to a delectable medium. Served with a luscious demi-glace, this dish promises a symphony of savory flavors and a tender, mouthwatering experience.

Carving Station

Step into a culinary experience with our featured carving station, a standout inclusion in all our packages. Witness the artistry as our skilled chefs expertly carve and serve mouthwatering cuts, offering a feast for both the eyes and the palate. It's a distinctive touch that brings an added layer of sophistication to your dining celebration.

  • Pit Ham with Pineapple Glaze (GLUTEN-fREE)

    Savor the delightful harmony of sweet and savory in this delicious ham. Slow-roasted to perfection, the meat is bathed in a tantalizing pineapple glaze, imparting a touch of tropical sweetness. As an extra treat, we offer the tangy-sweet glaze on the side, allowing guests to drizzle to their liking.


    Experience the warmth of old-fashioned turkey and gravy—a comforting delight that envelops your guests in a feeling of love. Our culinary team meticulously seasons a boneless turkey breast, taking the time to roast it to succulent perfection. Accompanied by a classic, traditional pan gravy crafted from scratch and brimming with flavor, each bite is a journey into savory bliss.


    Roast beef is another classic choice for a special event. Our thick-cut roast beef is carefully slow-roasted, seasoned to perfection, and oven-finished for an exquisite, savory taste. Accompanied by sides of creamed horseradish and red wine au jus, it's a culinary experience that promises satisfaction.

“It's so fun to see guests getting excited at the carving station! It's a really fun interactive touch at the buffet."
Alyssa, Event Expert at Stonebridge Manor

  • Herb-Crusted Beef Tenderloin Au Jus (GLUTEN-FREE)

    Beef tenderloin is the same cut as filet mignon, which guarantees exceptional tenderness. Our process involves coating the roast with a blend of olive oil and garden herbs—thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary, and oregano—followed by a swift sear on all sides and a slow roast. Served with sides of creamed horseradish and red wine au jus, it's a culinary delight that promises a perfect blend of flavors.

  • SLOW-ROASTED Prime Rib Au Jus with Creamed Horseradish (GLUTEN-FREE, FAVORITE)

    The prime rib cut boasts a higher fat content than roast beef or tenderloin, ensuring an extra juicy and flavorful experience. Our prime rib is expertly seasoned with aromatic spices and slow-cooked to perfection, ensuring each bite is irresistibly delectable. Served with creamed horseradish and red wine au jus, it's no wonder the prime rib stands as our most popular carving station dish.

Prime rib

our chef expertly carving the prime rib au jus


Extra Wedding Food Advice

Plated or Buffet?

This is up to you two as a couple and really depends on what you think will make the most sense for your guests. Will they prefer to get up and serve themselves? Do you know a lot of your guests will want to serve themselves seconds and thirds?

“There’s a common misperception that having a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres-only reception instead of a regular meal is a huge money-saver. Instead. You can save by choosing a buffet over plated service and hearty comfort food over haute cuisine (with the added benefit that no one will go hungry)."

Jolene Rae Harrington, Venue Specialist, Here Comes The Guide

Wedding Food Tasting

We often host wedding extravaganza events to allow couples to mingle, talk with their planning team, taste the food, meet potential suppliers, and discover Bliss Benefits.

At each event, we serve a variety of samples so you can taste your way through our menu and make sure your choices will suit your guests.

What’s a Duet Plate?

Good question: a duet plate is your choice of two entrées served together on the same plate. It's a great way to cater to guests of all tastes if you're having a formal plated dinner. Bonus - no need to include a choice of entrée on the invitation - meaning you save yourself a lot of extra work! You'll only need to ask your guests if they have any dietary requirements. 


When to Serve?

Every wedding may be a little different when it comes to timing, but there is one thing we all know – no one wants hungry guests.

A lot of couples keep their guest entertained with a cocktail hour and music for the time in between the ceremony and reception. This is when appetizers (or Hors D’oeuvres) are served. This works great as it lets the photographer get plenty of photos without making guests feel like they’re waiting around.

Once a group has entered the grand hall, they’ll probably expect food within about 30 minutes – depending on if the first dance is before or after the first course. Allow around an hour for dinner once you factor in everyone getting their food – whether via a buffet line or plated service.

After the food: cake cutting and dancing!

What to Drink?

There are a million options, from a signature cocktail to an open or paid bar. In our experience, people expect a few bottles of wine on the tables, champagne or cider for the toast, and then the opportunity to order their own drinks.

At Wedgewood Weddings, we offer several bar options, and your wedding planning team can help you find the right choice for your guests.

You really have to love the fact that there are options for everyone. We're very conscious of food requirements and specialties. It's important for all of our couples and guests to feel included!"
Ericka, Culinary Expert

Whether you opt for plated dishes or a vibrant buffet, our menu offers something irresistible for every palate. Take our advice - don't skimp on portions trying to cut costs. Guests won't go hungry with hearty comfort food choices like our braised short ribs or mac and cheese bar.

Delicious food and spectacular service - that's our recipe to give you and your guests a memorable experience. Cheers to a joyous and delicious wedding day!


Menu choices are subject to change.
We cater to anyone with an allergy – please let your planning team know as soon as possible.

Our wedding menu has been carefully curated and crafted based on the feedback of our couples and hundreds of thousands of event guests. Consider this: we hosted over 650,000 guests last year. That’s a lot of people to consider, right? We take this food thing very seriously. Our artisanal chef team works hard to create varied and delicious menus that scale for a big event. It’s not easy feeding 100+ people all at once!
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