The Ultimate Wedding Shot List

From Getting Ready to Heading Home – All the Shots You Need to Capture Your Wedding

Once you’ve chosen your photographer, you need to make sure you’re getting all the photos you want. To narrow down your list from ‘capture the whole day!’ to something a little more specific, borrow albums from your friends and family then pick your favorite shots. It also makes sense to run through your wedding timeline with your photographer so they know where to be and when. (One more thought about the timeline - if you have a long wedding, your photographer will need to eat too. At Wedgewood Weddings, we always include meals for your suppliers and you can work out a good time so they won’t miss an important moment.)

We’re sure you’ll get plenty of shots of you two over the course of the day and your photographer will ask if you want candid as well as posed shots. Most couples like to get the standard shots of them getting ready, traveling to the ceremony site and the moments leading up to their exchange of vows, followed by the first kiss. Then while your guests travel to the reception site or enjoy cocktail hour, you can get all the family and wedding party shots. If you ask, your photographer may also be happy to shoot a photo or two on a phone so it can be shared in real time.


Details Photo Shot List

·         Invitation, program, special signs & gifts

·         Wedding rings

·         Wedding dresses/suits

·         Outfit features like shoes, cufflinks, jewelry

·         Bouquet, corsages, boutonnieres

Getting Ready Moments

·         Bride(s) and bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done

·         Bridal party and or groomsmen having fun

·         Mother and bride/groom portraits

·         Father and bride/groom portraits

·         Family shots

·         Bride(s) / Groom(s) spending moment alone

Pre-Ceremony Photos

·         Couple alone for first look

·         Groom(s) / Bride(s) transport to ceremony site

·         Bride(s) and bridesmaids/flower girls

·         Groom(s) and groomsmen/ringbearer

Essential Wedding Ceremony Photos

·         Venue shots including ceremony site, flowers, interior and exterior details

·         Groom and groomsmen waiting inside venue/church

·         Guests

·         Bridal party entrance

·         Bride(s) walking up the aisle

·         Groom's reaction

·         Father/mother giving bride away

·         Exchanging of vows

·         Exchanging of the rings

·         The first kiss as a married couple, and the moment after

·         Signing the register/certificate

·         The recessional/couple walking back down the aisle

·         Newlywed shot

·         Confetti throwing

Group Portraits for Lasting Memories

·         Couple with bridesmaids/groomsmen

·         Couple with entire wedding party

·         Bride(s) with bridesmaids/maid of honor

·         Groom(s) and groomsmen/best man

·         Couple with any children

·         Couple with each of each set of parents

·         Couple with both sets of parents

·         Couple with siblings

·         Couple with close family members

Wedding Reception Photo Shot List

·         Details and room decor shots, including table settings, place cards, favors, centerpieces etc.

·         Wedding cake detail shots

·         Couple arriving

·         Toasts and speeches

·         Cake cutting

·         The first dance

·         Bride(s) dancing with father / groom(s) dancing with mother

·         Couple mingling with guests

·         Guests dancing

·         Musicians, singers, DJ

·         The couple leaving


This wedding shot list example is only the starting point. Carve out an evening to spend with your SO to work out exactly what you want to add or subtract so you capture every special moment.


“Nominate someone to help your photographer by grabbing all the right people for each shot. A family member in the wedding party will usually know everyone and can help wrangle guests!”

Olivia, ValSerVenience Director, Wedgewood Weddings Vellano

“A good photographer wants you to look your best so they’ll keep an eye out for stray hairs or wilting flowers but ask someone in the wedding party to help too and give them an emergency kit with a mirror, lipbalm/stick, scissors, thread etc. just in case.”

Hailey, ValSerVenience Director, Wedgewood Weddings University Club

“Listen to your photographer, they’ll know if the light’s too bright or if they need everyone to wait while someone moves out of the background of your shot. By the end of the day you might be bored of being photographed (it happens) but they’ve always got the best intentions so ask your guests to be patient – they’ll understand J

Rhiannan, ValSerVenience Director, Wedgewood Weddings The Retreat



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