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Benefits of Using a Wedgewood Weddings Photographer

Benefits of Using a Wedgewood Weddings Photographer

You’re engaged—how exciting! Have the constant wedding daydreams kicked in yet? You know your wedding day is going to be your best day ever. Obviously, you’ll want pictures of every special moment to share and look back on, years after it all happens.

Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions of your wedding planning process. We strongly, strongly suggest using a professional. You might have a friend or family member who owns a nice camera and has offered to do it for free - but do they have the skills specific to work a wedding? Wedding photography is a whole other monkey than other categories of photography. There are a lot of details to capture - and it all only happens once!

Lindsay Grove - Mesa, Arizona - Wedgweood Weddings

To help ensure that our couples get awe-inspiring, grab-a-tissue, beautiful wedding photos, Wedgewood Weddings has partnered with high-quality photographers that you can easily access by booking at one of our venues. The photographers we recommend are skilled professionals we trust with such an important task. As with our bakers or florists, we've selected local photographers based on their skills and commitment to making our couples happy. Here's how:

They know the property inside and out 

Our photographers shoot at our venues frequently, so they know all the ins and outs of the property, knowing exactly where the most picturesque backdrops and great photo-ops are. 

We give them unrestricted access to the property 

As honorary Wedgewood Weddings partners, our preferred photographers have more access to the whole property than others. That means you can get more beautiful backdrops, scenery, and other great photo elements incorporated into your wedding album.

They know our team Well  

Because our photographers shoot at our locations so often, they know our staff well and can coordinate with them easily and efficiently!

You'll Have a Short Wait time

Timely delivery of pictures is built right into our vendor agreements. While other photographers can leave you in the dark, waiting for your wedding album for months, our photographers agree to a reasonable time to return your album to you.


It might be tempting to have a friend or family member capture your wedding day - but they should get to enjoy your wedding just as much as your other guests! We've seen couples regret not hiring a professional photographer and would never want that to happen to you! Your photos are the one thing you get to look back on from your wedding day... So, leave the professional work to the professionals - you'll be glad you did.

Let the team at Wedgewood Weddings handled the logistics of wedding planning

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