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Wedding Day Checklist for a Stress-Free Celebration

Wedding Day Checklist for a Stress-Free Celebration

Getting married soon? Congratulations! With so much on your mind, we wanted to give you a checklist to help make sure your wedding is seamless. This list of nine wedding day must-haves will ensure your big event is stress-free for everyone. Even better, you can delegate most of these items to your wedding party.

When we asked recent couples what would have made their wedding better, it was usually little details that stuck out to them, having uncomfortable shoes, forgetting to hydrate, or missing out on their own cake were common threads.  Think about these nine wedding day tips at least a week before your big day and you should be able to avoid the everyday mishaps that frequently occur at weddings.

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1. Emergency Kit

You're going to look like a million bucks on your wedding day. However, there's a long day ahead of you. Stay fresh, radiant, and prepared all day by preparing a small emergency bag that you can take everywhere you go. Include helpful items such as bobby pins, fashion tape, stain remover wipes, a bandage, a nail file, earring backs, tissues, a mini bottle of hairspray, eye drops, mints, safety pins, and deodorant.

Top Tip: Ask your mom, best man or maid of honor to look after your emergency kit!

2. Marriage Documents

Plenty of couples get so focused on the wedding that they forget about getting the marriage license in time for the wedding day. These documents are needed to get a marriage record. Some jurisdictions require that couples apply for marriage licenses well in advance of the actual wedding date. Some even ask for a blood test or other special documentation, so make sure to complete this step early on.

Top Tip: Not sure what you need? Ask your wedding planner - they'll know all the legal rules for your area.

3. don't forget to Eat! 

Whether it's you or someone in the wedding party, it's common that someone forgets to eat enough or provide their body with proper nutrition on the wedding day. It could be from all the excitement or a thousand other things running through their minds. Whatever the case, be sure to set aside a light meal or snacks to eat throughout the day! And remind everyone in your wedding party to do the same.

Top Tip: At Wedgewood Weddings, we always make sure you and your wedding party are never hungry!

4. An Extra Invitation and Other Stationery

Many photographers like to take a photo of your wedding stationery as a pretty detail shot from your big event. If you'd like to do this, remember to bring at least two sets of wedding invitations and stationery so your photographer can take photos of them. These include the rehearsal dinner invites, save-the-dates, and shower invites.

5. Meals for Vendors

Keep in mind that you'll need to provide meals for your vendors in addition to your guests. These are the people working hard behind the scenes to make your day perfect: your photographer, videographer, band, and DJ. Providing a hot meal for them is just polite and, often times, expected. At Wedgewood Weddings, we include meals for all your vendors at no extra cost!

6. Favors

Favors are an excellent way to thank your guests for making the trip and celebrating with you. Show your guests how much you appreciate them by personalizing the favors. 

Top Tip: Save time and buy a personalized wedding favor that shows you care but doesn't commit you to hours of crafting.

7. Comfortable Shoes

Dress shoes are essential for your amazing wedding look, but as the day wears on, your shoes can become uncomfortable to wear. Remember to bring a comfy pair that you can change into after the ceremony.

Top Tip: Wear your shows around the house for at least five hours before your wedding day. 

8. Pens for Your Guestbook

Along with your guestbook, remember to have several pens or markers ready before your wedding day. It's nice to choose a pen with a calligraphy nib that will make your guests writing look pretty. Or pick a special color to match your wedding theme. And, if you do forget to bring along the pens, just ask your day-of coordinator! They've got your back.

Top Tip: Bring spare pens - you know they might leak, wander away, or stop working!

9. Bring a Cake Knife and Toasting Flutes

At Wedgewood Weddings, you can include customized champagne flutes or serving sets in your all-inclusive package. But, if you have a set handed down in your family through many generations or you received one as a gift, then be sure to use them. Ask one of your wedding party to bring them on the day and pass them to your on-the-day coordinator.  Giving your personal touch to the cake cutting and wine toasting ceremonies is a subtle yet meaningful thing to do.


Planning a wedding takes time, skill, patience, and as incredible attention to detail. With all the pre- and post-wedding planning demands placed on primarily one person, it's no wonder some things get forgotten for the big day! We hope this list of the key details that are most commonly forgotten before the wedding day helps you make your big event a success.

Count on the expert team of planners at your Wedgewood Weddings venue to take care of the logistics, remind you of important details, and always save the day.

It's always smart to have your fiancé, parents, and wedding party on the same page with last-minute details and things to bring to the venue on your wedding morning. Share this list with them to make sure your wedding happens without a hitch and, most of all, remember to have a blast at your wedding! 

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