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Accomplish These 12 Wedding Tasks in an Hour Or Less

Accomplish These 12 Wedding Tasks in an Hour Or Less

Whether your engagement is a few months or a few years, you’re likely to hit a point in your wedding planning where you feel like there’s just not enough time to get everything done. Time is limited when putting together the hundreds of wedding details that must come together to create the perfect day, but there are a few things you can count on to accomplish in no time. We’re talking one hour or less! Hustle through these quick tasks to get a good head start on your wedding planning!


Sign up for Your Favorite Wedding Blog Newsletters and Magazines

Do this to stay on top of all things trending! You can even follow @WedgewoodWeddings on Instagram to stay in touch with all our own favorite details that our couples incorporate in their unique weddings! If you have a favorite Wedgewood Weddings venue, you can find them on Instagram too!


Create Your Pinterest Wedding Board

Pinterest is an awesome resource to browse through an entire world of wedding ideas and inspiration! Save your favorites to your wedding board so you can easily refer back to your collection of ideas. Warning: you will get addicted! Browsing through so many fun ideas will definitely take up some time but creating your own board and getting started can be accomplished in just minutes.


Decide the General Time Frame You’d Like to Get Married In

We highly suggest starting with a desired month or season when you start planning your wedding – not a particular date. This will allow you to find the perfect wedding venue at the right price (and select your exact date based off of their availability). Talk it over with your fiancé and decide on the overall month(s) or season you’d like to shoot for.


Create a “Divide and Conquer” List for You and Your Spouse-to-Be!

You and your fiancé are good at different things. That’s part of what makes you a great team, right? Create a list of different tasks that each of you can be responsible for completing. This prevents one of you from having to do everything on your/their own…and getting SUPER stressed doing so.


Determine Your Wedding Party

This should hopefully be a fairly simple task for you and your fiancé to do. List off all your siblings, close family members, and best friends and determine which ones you’d like to share this wedding-planning experience with! Don’t even stress about having the same number of bridesmaids as groomsmen – what’s more important is having all the right people who really matter.


Build Your Wedding Website

Having a wedding website will serve as an easy tool for your guests to get all the information and details they’ll need for your big day! You can upload your engagement photos, input directions to the venue, add nearby hotels, link your registry, and more! Sites like Minted or Appy Couple make it fun to choose different designs and set up an affordable (or free) site just for you!


Print Your Timeline Checklist

You can find lots of checklists online that will help you determine what tasks need to be done by which point in your engagement. Print any one of them out or upload one into a Google Sheet and share it with your fiancé, family, and wedding party so everyone’s on the same page and up to speed.

You can find out more here.


Schedule Dance Lessons

Whether you plan to have a choreographed routine for your first dance or even just ‘wing it’, it’s always helpful to have a couple dance lessons to get some pointers to prevent you from looking like a complete amateur on the dance floor. Dance lessons can be really fun and a great way to relieve some wedding-planning stress! Get a Groupon for some affordable lessons near you and get stepping’!


Wedding Invitation


Design Your Invitations

If you have our accessories bundle included in your package, you can log onto Invitations by Wedgewood to design and customize wedding invitations, cocktail napkins, serving sets, decorations, and more!


Apply for a Marriage License Online

Log on to the Government website for whichever county your wedding will take place in. Most will allow you to apply for a marriage license online, leaving you to only have to pick it up in person with your fiancé once you’re closer to your wedding date!


Create a Wedding Timeline 

This is a major lifesaver to keep everyone on the same page about what all is going on, who’s supposed to be where, and at what time. You can find lots of timeline templates on Etsy to format and email to everyone involved.


Compile a Must-Take List for the Photographer

Take a short while to think about what kind of photos you’ve been envisioning or most definitely want to have. Type them up in a list format and send it to your photographer. Now, you’ll be sure to get those special pictures you’ve envisioned, and your photographer can rest easy, knowing that they’re extra-prepared for a happy client!


Wedding planning is definitely not an overnight process - it takes good time, focus, and attention. But when in doubt, refer to your Wedding Guide or your Wedgewood Weddings' team to combat any stress or questions you come across! Pace yourself, and only focus on a few details at a time. You've got this! And we've got YOU!


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