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Spotlight On 'Bella Studios Florist' in Colorado Springs

Spotlight On 'Bella Studios Florist' in Colorado Springs

We're excited to chat today with Stephanie Murdock, owner of Bella Studios Florist in Colorado Springs, CO. Bella Studios creates floral masterpieces for all special occasions and is a proud partner of Wedgewood Weddings. Located at the foot of Pike's Peak near the beautiful Garden of the Gods, Bella Studios is the premier floral design studio in Colorado Springs. Their award-winning floral arrangements have been artfully created by expert florists for some of the most discerning and notable clients in the Rocky Mountain region. Join us today to learn more about Stephanie and her 5-star floral business!


Happy Newlyweds Embrace at Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings
happy newlywed embrace at black forest by wedgewood weddings
beautiful classic bouquet by bella studios florist


Hi Stephanie! Thanks for joining us today.
Let's start from the beginning . . . How did Bella Studios begin?

Prior to starting this business, I worked as a florist at a local five-star resort here in Colorado Springs. The resort closed its floral business in 2004, leaving us with an opportunity to pivot or leave. I decided it was the perfect time to follow my dream of opening my own floral studio, and Bella Studios Florist was born! 

It's been such a joy and honor to grow this business since then. While we're a full-service florist for all occasions, weddings are our specialty. In recent years, we've partnered with Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings as their premier floral partner, and it's been an incredible experience. We've partnered with other venues in the past, and the relationship we have with Wedgewood Weddings is a step above the rest, always professional and supportive. 

What's your favorite part of working as a floral designer?

I have so many favorites! Flowers are truly my passion in life, and so being able to spin that into a successful career and business, is the absolute dream. The thing about flowers is they make a special memory that much more special.

Another thing that's really amazing to me, is mentoring young designers. It's a true honor to share our years of design and business experience with the next generation of floral designers. 


Beautiful Wedding Bouquets by Bella Studios

beautiful purple bridal bouquets by bella studios florist

Do you have any wedding bloopers to share?

Oh yes, so many! There's on in particular that stands out . . . 

Recently, we were delivering flowers for a large wedding in Colorado Springs—bridal bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, table decor, and more. During delivery, I set down all of the corsages (for the women) on a table and went back to my vehicle to finish unloading. I walked back into the room where I left the corsages, only to find that the men in the

How do you guide your clients in the planning process?

The best-case scenario is when a client trusts us implicitly, making the process smooth and easy. We're artists, but we're also professionals and truly want to help our clients create an absolutely perfect event. We try to create this trust by setting expectations—at Bella Studios we value transparency, communication, and artistic design.

When planning the floral decor for a wedding, we like to step through the wedding day from start to finish. It's important to carry the desired feeling from beginning to end, and we'll explore how to weave florals into that. We advise clients to be creative in their designs; think about unique ways that you can express your personalities and celebrate who you are as a couple. 

Thank you, Stephanie! It's been great learning more about your business. 


Bella Studios Florist is a professional wedding florist in Colorado Springs, CO. As a long-time partner of Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings, we trust Bella Studios to provide stunning florals to celebrate your special day. Bella Studios Florist provides beautiful and classic wedding bouquets, floral arbor decorations, and centerpieces at affordable prices! To learn more about Bella Studios, visit their flower-filled website and Instagram at @stephaniespassion.

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