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Zach and Bailey are a unique couple, and we loved supporting their love story! Engaged for five years, they decide taking their time would help them enjoy every moment of their wedding adventure more. This detail-oriented couple invited their closest family and friends to celebrate their beautiful union in August of 2020.

Wedding Party at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings
The Handsome Wedding Party is all smiles at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

"We've been planning our wedding for years and have been engaged since 2015. When we pushed back our original date, all of our vendors were amazing to work with and easy to coordinate. We're incredibly grateful for placing our trust in Wedgewood Weddings' hands. They helped create lasting memories.

With so many state regulations in place, we're so thankful we were able to enjoy one of our most significant milestones as a couple with our closest family and friends.”
Bailey, Bride at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Bridesmaids with their Bride
Bailey and her Bridesmaids Enjoying their time getting ready

With experience in patience with planning a long-term engagement, Bailey and Zach recommend communication above all else. To successfully coordinate as a couple, both people should be comfortable expressing how they feel planning-wise, what planning will look like, and most importantly, what their vision of a wedding is.  

"When it came to planning our wedding, Zachary was very excited and supportive of the process. He handled most of the communication with vendors, scouting, and administrative details. Whereas I read all of the contracts and proposals, making sure that we understood every detail. With both of us being the first generation to host a wedding, we knew we had to create our idea of what we wanted. And that's exactly what we did." 
Bailey, Bride at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Intimate Wedding Moments at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings
Bailey & Zach Decorated with Elegant Pampas Grass, Which is on trend for 2021 weddings

Bailey and Zach enjoyed every vendor they chose and were so glad they made the selections they did. One of their favorite experiences was their trip to see their florist, Painted Primrose, and meeting their team. 

"Being able to communicate our vision to the team at Painted Primrose and see potential decorations was a fantastic experience. We both enjoyed getting the chance to bounce ideas off each other.”
Bailey, Bride at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Bundtinis for Dessert at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings
Neutral tones and elements of gold created a bright and clean wedding vibe

With so much thought and time invested in the planning process, many details brought extra joy to the bride and groom. For them, the photographer and videographer services provided by Love & Lens and Capstone Wedding Films were one of their favorite wedding details.

Celebrating with Awesome Dance Moves
Everyone was encouraged to let-loose and have the time of their lives... and they did

"We were so pleased with the little moments that both vendors captured, and we plan on cherishing those memories for the rest of our lives. For us, it was crucial to have professionals capture these moments rather than relying on family and friends taking pictures with various filters. Not to mention super blurry!

Due to the way darker skin tones impact cinematography and photography, we were passionate about our images' ability to capture melanin on camera. Both vendors executed our request beautifully, and it's nice to see that both were accommodating to our concerns."
Bailey, Bride at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Cutting the Cake as Husband & Wife
Delicious desserts by Nothing Bundt Cakes

As a couple, Bailey and Zach both loved the overall vibe of Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings. They knew it was the venue for them, from the magnificent location on a hilltop, to the one-stop-shop wedding packages. Everything on their list of wedding-wants was achievable through Wedgewood Weddings.

Their guests top-favorite moments included the delicious oven-roasted salmon, excellent DJ, and the hospitable team. They had Wedgewood Weddings' preferred entertainer, DJ Maestro, provide their entertainment throughout the wedding, as well as a spectacular photo booth supplied by Untamed Smiles.

Groom and his Groomsmen
Zach and his Groomsmen looking sharp in their beige suits

A unique and aesthetically pleasing attire suggestion was for guests to wear neutral color tones varying from beige, tan, and brown. Bailey and Zach's vision for their wedding included a room full of black, educated professionals dressed in correlation, all with roots across the nation coming together to witness the union of their love.

Poised and Beautiful Ladies
Bailey and her Bridesmaids exuded sophistication with a hint of sass

All in all, Bailey and Zach were elated they moved forward with hosting their wedding in 2020. 

"Initially, when we were informed our date had to be pushed back due to restrictions, we started entertaining the idea of waiting until 2021. However, you really can't put a date on our relationship, so we decided that if it was possible to implement precautions and align with guidelines, we could agree that there isn't a better time than now to proceed with 2020. 

Although our world is currently seeing odd times, our union births a breath of fresh air and a safe escape to convene with our loved ones and gaze towards the future! We think getting married in 2020 was exceptional, just like a rose that grows from the concrete."
Bailey, Bride at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Final Send-Off of the Wedding
Grand Exit Complete with Biodegradable dried Lavender

Bailey and Zach were an absolute pleasure to be around. They had so many unique ideas, from the biodegradable dried lavender for their grand exit, mini bottles of essential oils for their party favors, to the retro getaway car - complete with the earth-tasting elements within their ceremony. Everything was so excellent. They were such a joy to be to get to know. We miss them already!
Marley, Wedding Expert at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings

Bailey and Zach have spent nearly a decade together. Therefore the wedding to them was solidifying a beautiful union. They both relive their special day and are grateful they took the chance to celebrate when they did. With whom they did. And where they did. 



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