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East Coast Destination: Autumn & Jordan

East Coast Destination : Autumn & Jordan

When you plan your wedding, do you see yourself getting married locally or traveling? We offer all-inclusive packages at venues nationwide, allowing destination weddings to be simple to prepare and realistic to achievethis was the case for Autumn & Jordan's stunning winter wedding in New Hampshire.


Autumn and Jordan Just Shared Their Vows

The happy couple after sharing their vows declaring their love for one another.

Fresh greenery and white roses throughout the venue set a bright and airy tone for Autumn and Jordan's weddings. Their floral décor was one of the many details that made their celebration so exceptional. The gorgeous arrangements were provided by
Susanne's Weddings Floral Design Studio. The newlyweds knew they could instantly trust their floral vendor upon their first meeting. With the venue and vendors falling into place, Autumn and Jordan were on their "way to the big day!"


Wood Signage at Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings
rustic Wood Signage is a popular way to direct guests through your wedding venue

Wedding Dress and Cake for Autumn and Jordan's Wedding at Granite Rose

The stunning florals added a nice accent to their classic cake

Bridesmaids Cheers the Bride
Cheers to the soon to be Mrs. in the Bridal Suite at Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings
"Susanne's Weddings Floral Design Studio made my vision come to life. We met with her a couple of months before the wedding and sifted through a few ideas. I trusted her immediately as this was not her first rodeo, and when we walked in and saw the bouquets delivered to the venue, I was in awe of how incredible they turned out. From the bouquets to the boutonnières, centerpieces, and everything else, it was straight out of a storybook and brought everything together in such a beautiful way."
- Autumn, Bride at Granite Rose
Getting Ready in Her Wedding Gown at Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings
The Gorgeous bride and her team helping her get ready for the night

Besides adoring their floral vendor, Autumn 
and Jordan were thoroughly impressed with their DJ, Main Event Entertainment Center, who was attentive to any requests and kept the energy level up. To top it off, Autumn and Jordan had the best cake from Jacques Fine European Pastries, which Autumn claimed as the most beautiful cake she had ever seen.

"Justin - our DJ - was so encouraging and was great at incorporating our personalities and interests into the evening. He even got up and jumped around with everyone! And that cake was the best and most beautiful wedding cake I've ever had in my entire life!"
- Autumn, Bride at Granite Rose 

As impressive as their vendors turned out to be, Jordan was absolutely dazzled with Granite Rose's team.

"I appreciated the servers. They were so kind, especially to my bride and me. They were always making sure we were taken care of and continuously checked in, asking us how we were."
- Jordan, Groom at Granite Rose

Bridesmaids Swooning Over the Happy Couples Love at Granite Rose
The Bridesmaids listening to the happy couples every word


With all the glitz and glam of their beautiful celebration, it was hard to tell that their wedding was in the middle of a worldwide pandemic. Although many guests did not attend due to regulations, it allowed them to fit in more time with those that attended the wedding–creating a more intimate atmosphere. When reflecting on the hardships of the year, Jordan spoke the honest truth . . .

"2020 was an awful year, but this was the best way to bring it to an end. In a beautiful setting with an even more beautiful woman. It was truly the best day of my life!"
- Jordan, Groom at Granite Rose

The Groom and his Men at Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings
The Groom and his Men Suit Up for the Wedding

When so many celebrations are uncertain, it was reassuring for Autumn and Jordan to host their wedding with Wedgewood Weddings
 because of the adherence to local guidelines.

"The whole team followed Covid guidelines to a tee - team members wore masks, hand-sanitizing stations were available, and they even had someone who sanitized the guestbook pens! They made the night feel incredibly safe from everything on in the outside world, and I know that our guests were appreciative just as much as we are!"
- Autumn, Bride at Granite Rose

From the venue to the entertainment and the food to the hospitality, guests continuously rave about Autumn and Jordan's memorable wedding. The vast majority have shared their love for the Rosemary Garlic Herb Chicken and choice of eight different salads. In addition to still dreaming about their wedding menu, Autumn and Jordan are obsessed with their pictures by Lexi Foster Photography. With all the unforgettable memories made, they were thankful they captured every beautiful moment from the evening.

Craft Beer for the Groomsmen at Granite Rose
The Groomsmen Enjoy Craft Beers While Getting Ready for the Wedding

"Autumn and Jordan are a super sweet couple and such a pleasure to be around. They were full of excitement and fun energy throughout the planning process that brought smiles to our faces and made the time we spent together so much fun. They booked only a few months beforehand, and it was amazing seeing their vision come to life in a short period!
- Emilye, Wedding Coordinator, Granite Rose

Kissing at the Sweetheart Table at Granite Rose
Officially Married and Happier Than Ever, Autumn and Jordan are Husband and Wife


Let the team at Wedgewood Weddings handled the logistics of wedding planning

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