Wedding Plan Task List Series | Bridesmaids

It is great to have someone there to help you with your wedding plans, especially when your bridesmaids are your cheerleaders and support squad! See our list of most beneficial tasks for your bridesmaids!

bridesmaids in pink

□ Go shopping with you for your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

□ Help coordinate the bridal shower

□ Plan the bachelorette party

bridesmaids in bright pink

□ Moral support – this is so very important! A great group of ladies will get you through challenges and celebrate successes!

□ Offer help with wedding decorations and details

choose a seat not a side wedding sign

□ Help you with final wedding details

□ Plan for specific dates and appointments, such as fittings, makeup, hair and nail appointments to name a few

hot pink bridesmaid wedding shoes

□ Let your friends and family know where you’re registered for wedding gifts

□ Offer to help you with your pre-wedding to-do list items

□ Attend special events

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