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Wedding Attire Ideas For Your Groom & Groomsmen

Wedding Attire Ideas For Your Groom & Groomsmen

Let's talk men's wedding fashion! While often more understated than that of bridal trends, grooms and groomsmen have always found a way to add a hint of flair to their wedding attire. From suit and tuxedo styles to accessories like cufflinks, the details help make for a dapper groom’s party. Take a look at some of the latest groomsmen trends that will add an extra level of sophistication to your wedding day.


Modern Groom With Duo-Tone Tuxedo

A handsome look for a modern groom: duo-tone tuxedo in navy and black
venue: Galway Downs by wedgewood weddings


classic duo-tone

We love this twist on a classic tuxedo! Instead of a solid color, opt for a two-tone tuxedo that boasts an accent color on the lapels. What a handsome way to elevate a classic fashion statement! For an extra modern look, opt for two similar shades such as midnight blue and black. For a more retro look, opt for more contrast in your color choices like this bold black and white tuxedo jacket


Dapper Groom in Brocade Suit Jacket

this black brocade suit makes is both handsome and stylish
venue: Galway Downs by wedgewood weddings


Brocade Suit jackets

Brocade is a type of fabric weave that creates a raised pattern or embellishment often using a metallic thread. Brocade suits are the latest trend for groomsmen attire, with dapper grooms adding patterns like paisley as a unique accent. For the groom who likes to stand out, brocade is a distinctive way to add some pop to your wedding.


Modern Blue Suits & Sequin Dresses at The Orchard by Wedgewood Weddings

these groomsmen look dapper in bold blue suits with pink ties and brown leather shoes
venue: the orchard by wedgewood weddings


colored suits & tuxedos

A pop of color isn’t reserved just for bridesmaids! From deep jewel tones to pastel hues, grooms and groomsmen are increasingly opting for colored suit options. Burgundy and emerald suits are a growing trend among groomsmen, as are pink and navy. For grooms opting for a colorful suit, try adding in a hue that is complementary to your wedding color (ex. emerald + gold or navy + yellow) or a tint variation of the primary wedding color (pastel sage + deep sage).


Velvet Suit Jacket Ideas for Wedding

old hollywood style glam is complete with this wine-colored velvet suit jacket

soft as velvet

Velvet suits bring a whole new level of sophistication to groom and groomsmen attire. For a bold pop of color, consider a mustard velvet suit. For a more traditional aesthetic, a deep navy with black accents is a great option. Pair a velvet blazer jacket with black slacks to create a refined, dapper look for both you and your groomsmen. 


High-Fashion Mountain Wedding With Plaid Suit Jacket

we love this fun, bold plaid suit jacket for a mountain wedding
venue: mountain view ranch by wedgewood weddings


go wild with pattern

Is funky part of your personality? Why not celebrate that (it's why your better half loves you, after all) and choose a pattern suit jacket for your wedding day. While polka dots, paisley and stripes are all excellent choices, we especially love plaid for a more tailored, yet still expressive, look. 


Dark Gray Suits & Maroon Paisley Ties for this Groom's Party

pattern ties are a fun way to add personality to your suit or tuxedo
venue: tapestry house by wedgewood weddings

patterned ties

Patterned ties are a great way for grooms and groomsmen to incorporate a theme into their wedding day attire. For superhero-loving grooms, an Avengers-themed tie is a fun way to subtly express their personality. Patterned ties can also incorporate aspects of the wedding theme - including florals, book references, or magical elements (ex. Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter).


Mix & Match Groomsmen Suits

jovial groomsmen at a beautiful fall wedding sporting mismatched suits
venue: lindsay grove by wedgewood weddings

mix & match

Who's to say all the groomsmen have to match!? If you have a small wedding party, consider asking your groomsmen to intentionally wear different colored suits. We recommend staying in the same color family for cohesion, otherwise go wild! You can complete the look with matching stand-out ties and pocket squares. 


Handsome groom with maroon bowtie at Boulder Creek

for a vintage look, choose a bowtie for your wedding day
venue: boulder creek by wedgewood weddings

rock a bowtie

Who's to say all the groomsmen have to match!? If you have a small wedding party, consider asking your groomsmen to intentionally wear different colored suits. We recommend staying in the same color family for cohesion, otherwise go wild! You can complete the look with matching stand-out ties and pocket squares. 


Groomsmen With Sneakers at Foggy Arizona Wedding

choose sneakers for your groom's footwear for a fun & playful look
venue: ocotillo oasis by wedgewood weddings

have fun with your kicks

One of our favorite new trends for men's wedding fashion: sneakers! While a classic loafer is fashionable and attractive, sneakers are fun and comfortable! For a day when you're going to be on your feet all day long, not to mention dancing later in the evening, comfort is key. The key to making this look work? Choose brand new sneakers and coordinate with the groomsmen so you all look sharp. It's extra cute when the happy couple wears matching sneakers


Groomsmen in Blue at Lindsay Grove, AZ

polished leather dress shoes are the perfect accent to your tuxedo


shine those shoes

If you're aiming for a more stylish, upscale look, loafers or traditional men's dress shoes are an excellent choice! Loafers are great because they easily slip on without requiring the need to tie any laces. Often made of leather or suede, loafers are sleek and sophisticated and sometimes include embellishments like a buckle or tassel. On the flip side, men's dress shoes are classic and fashion-forward especially when you choose a contrasting color that stands out. 



Men's wedding fashion is incredibly diverse with tons of fun, unique ways to incorporate personal style and personality. Whether you prefer a more traditional or trendy aesthetic for your wedding day, make sure to carefully curate your attire for a cohesive look. If you want to add even more personality, consider adding some funky socks from your favorite movie, swapping the vest for suspenders, or add your favorite hat. Whatever you choose, we know you'll look dapper as ever! 

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