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7 Fabulous Foodie Favors for Outdoor Weddings

7 Fabulous Foodie Favors for Outdoor Weddings | Wedgewood Weddings

It’s your big day, and you want to thank your guests for sharing in on the special occasion too. Thoughtful wedding favors are a wonderful way to do just that! But how do you give everyone something you know they’ll love? The answer is surprisingly simple. Treat your guests to a decadent treat they can enjoy when your outdoor weddingends.

Need some inspiration? These seven wedding favors are a unique way to say thank you in a memorable and tasty way:


1. S’mores Stations For A Sweet Farewell

S’mores are a nostalgic treatthat is always a crowd favorite. That crunchy cracker, fluffy melted marshmallow, and rich chocolate is a combination that never fails to delight. When people see s’mores, they think of childhood, campfires, and memories with family. They have a classic nostalgia factor, making them ideal delicacies for a post-wedding treat.

Ask your wedding planner about adding a s’mores station to your reception with additional candies and different types of chocolate to allow guests to create their own unique combinations. People of every age can appreciate a good old-fashioned s’more, and most have never had one at a wedding, so they’ll have something special to remember it by.

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2. Boxes of Individually Wrapped Cookies

If you prefer a more traditional take on wedding favors, why not opt for a box of carefully made butter cookies? You can package a variety of cookies with different shapes, styles, and flavors, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy a little smorgasbord of treats. You can even add a little message or have your names and wedding date added on them in icing.

These little cookie boxes can be wrapped beautifully with ribbons, twine, or handmade labels for a touch of creative flair. Practical and delicious, an assortment of cookies ticks all the boxes.

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3. Personalized Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a popular foodie favor for weddings, especially when complementing your wedding theme or colors. Another way to add charm and whimsy into the mix is to personalize your cupcakes, so each guest has one with their name on it.

People love personalization, and you have a match made in heaven when paired with cupcakes. It also shows attention to detail from the happy couple. Acknowledging the presence of each guest makes people feel seen and appreciated. Plus, scanning the table to find the cupcake with your name on it is a fun process that people of all ages can get involved in. Sweet, original, unique, and fun? Yes, please!

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4. A Customized Bottle of Hot Sauce

Are you and your partner big fans of spicy food? Well, why not bid your guests goodbye with a signature hot sauce made specifically in honor of your love? Hot sauce is surprisingly simple and affordable, and it’s such an unusual wedding favor that it will be a talking point for years to come. You can make the sauce as hot or mild as you like and infuse it with unique aromatics like ginger, herbs, or even certain fruits like a sweet pineapple.

People will be genuinely surprised and delighted by this kind of wedding favor. What makes them great gifts is how long they last. In contrast to the other treats on this list that can get eaten in a few minutes, hot sauce can last for months as a kitchen staple.


5. Cake in a Jar

You’ve heard of salad in a jar. Now, how about something a little sweeter? Mason jars filled with layers of soft, fluffy cake, frosting, and flavors of your choosing make decadent and delightful parting gifts for a wedding and are very easy to distribute and clean up.

Cake jars are easy to assemble and customize and look beautiful spread out on a table. You can make up various flavors, such as death by chocolate, berries and cream, or black forest, or keep things simple with a straightforward classic. Alternatively, you could opt for the same flavor as your wedding cake!

Another great perk to serving cake in a jar is that minimal clean-up is required. No frosting-covered plates will plague your tables, and you can let guests take the jars home for reuse so that there’s nothing to throw away, either.


6. Macarons with Your Wedding Colors

Macarons are one of the trendiest and most beloved French delicacies. With their subtle texture combination of crisp and soft, macarons have everything people love in a treat.

Getting these fancy little sandwich cookies made in your wedding colors adds a personalized touch that will tie the whole event together. It also allows you to experiment with different flavors so guests can pick the one they like most. To make things even better, macarons are widely available for order at bakeries, making them an accessible treat that never fails to impress.

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7. Preserves Or Jam

Like the hot sauce idea, preserves are a great parting gift because of their lasting factor. Instead of just giving guests something to munch on at your wedding, this is the kind of treat families can take home to enjoy for months to come.

The options for preserve and jam flavors are extensive. You could keep things classic with strawberries and apricot or get a bit more creative with figs, limes, or watermelon rind. Preserves are delicious, versatile gifts that look adorable in a little jar. Decorate with ribbons and rustic labels, and you have a winning wedding favor.

Thinking Outside The Party Box

When it comes to post-wedding party favors, you can’t go wrong with a delicious treat. Everyone’s in the mood to celebrate, and what better time to indulge than when someone you love gets married?

Choosing the right treat can be tough when you’ve got so many palates to consider, but some delicacies always go down well with a crowd. Delicious gourmet chocolates, sticky sweet cakes, and spicy sauces are always high up on everyone’s list and are almost guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers.

With these whimsical outdoor wedding favors, your guests will feel the love you share with your partner and go home feeling both satisfied and enchanted.



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