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Kid-Friendly Wedding FAQ

Kid-Friendly Wedding FAQ

Weddings are a time to celebrate love and commitment with the people you care about most. And for many couples, that includes their children. Including children in a wedding can add an extra layer of joy and excitement to the day and create memories that will last a lifetime. As with any aspect of wedding planning, there are pros and cons when deciding whether to include children in your celebration.

Four reasons why children at a wedding are an excellent way to celebrate across the generations:

  • Children bring energy and excitement to a wedding that can be infectious.
  • They provide a chance to celebrate family and build relationships between generations.
  • Having kids around can make the day feel more relaxed and less formal.
  • Children can add memorable moments to the day, such as flower girls and ring bearers.

Reasons why you might decide on a kid-friendly or adult-only wedding celebration:

  • Adults-only weddings can be more relaxed and intimate.
  • Kid-friendly weddings can be more lively and upbeat.
  • Budget considerations, venue restrictions, or cultural beliefs can also play a role.

When deciding whether to include children, it's essential to be clear in your invitations. When inviting children, specify whether they need a separate RSVP. If children are not invited, you may want to include language such as "Adults Only" on the invitation. As a cute gesture, you can send a wedding invitation to a child via their guardian. All kids light up at getting special mail. To be traditional, children's invites are commonly included with the rest of the household and sent in the name of the parents or guardians and addressed to the entire family.

Inviting just one child to a wedding is okay as long as they are well-supervised and entertained. However, it's essential to consider the child's comfort level and whether they prefer to bring a friend or family member. Should a child at a wedding bring a friend of their own age? It's up to the child's parents or guardians to decide. It's a good idea to check with them before making assumptions.

Deciding not to invite children is perfectly acceptable. Example invitation wording to make it clear children are not invited: "Adults only, please. We respectfully request that the celebration be limited to adult guests."

If you decide to include children in your wedding, there are many ways to do so. For example:

  • Flower girls and ring bearers are traditional roles for children at weddings.
  • Children can also participate in the ceremony as readers or musicians.
  • Consider having a special children's table or activity area during the reception.

A flower girl is a young girl who precedes the bride down the aisle and traditionally tosses flower petals. A ring bearer is a young boy who carries the wedding rings on a pillow.

Children can be included in formal family photos, but it's essential to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Children can become bored or restless during the reception, so it's a good idea to provide them with a designated play area or entertainment.

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Like most people you probably have questions about typical etiquette for children at a wedding. Let's run through the most common child wedding questions we hear. 


Kid Wedding FAQ


What are suitable gift ideas for children in your wedding party:
  • A personalized gift, such as a photo album or keepsake box.
  • Customized coloring books with their names and the wedding date
  • Gift certificates for a local amusement park or movie theater
  • A piece of jewelry with their name and the wedding date
  • A special plush toy or stuffed animal
  • a special 'wedding cake' with their name and a child-inspired cake topper
How can we include our children in the wedding vows?

Here are five example wedding vows for couples with children:

  • "I vow to love and support you and our children as we embark on this new chapter in our lives together."
  • "I promise to always be there for our children and to create a loving and stable home for our family."
  • "I vow to love you and our children, with all my heart and all my soul, now and forever."
  • "I vow to be a loving spouse and a devoted parent, and to always put our family first."
  • "I promise to support and encourage you, to laugh with you, and to wipe away your tears. And I vow to be the best parent I can be to our children, always."
What are Appropriate Wedding Favors for Children?
  • Treats like lollipops and candies. (Usually not chocolate, as it can make a mess.)
  • Mini coloring books and crayons
  • Personalized water bottles or sippy cups
  • Bubble wands or mini puzzles
How to Entertain Children at a Wedding?
  • Hire a professional face painter
  • Set up a game or craft station
  • Have a designated play area with toys and games
  • Offer fun activities like a photo booth or balloon artist
  • Consider hiring a babysitter or nanny service to ensure the little ones are well supervised and entertained
  • Organize a children's table for the reception if you have multiple children attending and they're similar ages.
What Children Should Wear to a Wedding?
  • For boys: a suit or dress pants and shirt
  • For girls: a dress or skirt and blouse
  • Avoid clothes with busy patterns or super bright colors
  • Make sure the children are dressed comfortably for the occasion
Should You Invest in Girl-sized Wedding Gowns for bridesmaids?
  • While it's not necessary to purchase formal gowns for children, it can be a sweet touch that the little ones will remember forever.
  • If you do choose to have them wear special attire, make sure it's comfortable and not too formal for their age.
  • Suits can be an excellent choice for boys, especially if the wedding is more formal.
What are Appropriate Hairstyles for Children Attending a Wedding?
  • Mainly you want the child to look like themselves so however they usually wear it is fine. 
  • For boys with shorter hair, run a brush through the hair, ask if they'd like to use gel, and leave them be.  
  • For girly girls: offer a special barrette. Consider a simple up do but ensure the child is comfortable, especially as a wedding can usually be a very long day. 
  • Avoid styles that are too elaborate or distracting, as the focus should be on the couple.

Including children in your wedding can add a special touch and create memories that will last a lifetime. With a little bit of planning, you can also ensure that the little ones have a great time!

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Six Reasons For a Kid-Friendly Wedding 

When it comes to planning a wedding, one of the biggest decisions to make is whether or not to have a kid-friendly celebration. While some couples opt for an adults-only affair, there are many reasons why hosting a kid-friendly wedding can be the best decision you'll make.

  1. Kids Add Joy and Laughter: Children bring an innocent and light-hearted spirit to weddings. They can turn even the most formal and stiff wedding into a fun and lively celebration. With kids running around, there is sure to be plenty of laughter and joy.

  2. Family is Complete: Including kids in your wedding makes it a true family affair. When children are part of the celebration, it makes the day feel more complete and brings everyone together. Plus, it shows your commitment to your family and loved ones.

  3. Keeps Parents Happier: When kids are entertained, their parents are more relaxed and able to fully enjoy the wedding. A kid-friendly wedding means that parents don't have to worry about finding a babysitter or making arrangements for their children.

  4. Creates Memories: Kids will have a great time and make memories that will last a lifetime. From dancing with the bride and groom, to playing games and making crafts, they will have a day they will never forget.

  5. Cost-Effective: By hosting a kid-friendly wedding, you won't have to worry about paying for extra babysitters, which can be a significant expense. Instead, you can allocate those funds to other areas of the wedding, such as décor or entertainment.



Great gifts and games for the cool kids

Looking for extra kid-friendly wedding ideas. We've got you. Read through these kid-tested and proven entertainment ideas to keep kids of all ages entertained during your celebration. 

  -  Having an outdoor reception?
Consider adding lawn games and bubble-blowing for the kiddos! Some couples have gotten creative and added an area just for the youngsters by setting up a picnic blanket with a great selection of games and group activities.

  - Make a kid-friendly station!
Think candy, yummy snacks, or cookies, or go wild with a banana split setup!

  - Provide a project
Coloring books or projects with crayons are always a classic and an excellent go-to for entertainment!

  - Go Big!
Giant board games like checkers, Jenga, and ring tossing are always fun for guests of any age!

  - Make games a central theme
Consider incorporating wedding day games like mad libs, I Spy games, word search games, etc.

 - Include rewards
Put together small gift boxes or personalized buckets filled with crayons, coloring or picture books, bubbles, sunglasses, stickers, dolls, race cars, and animal toys. You’ll have the kiddos entertained for hours!

flower girl and ring bearer holding wedding frame

Hosting a kid-friendly wedding can add joy, laughter, and memories to your special day. It's a great way to show your commitment to family and keep everyone entertained, both young and old. So why not consider making your wedding a celebration for all ages?

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