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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day

Easy Ways to Personalize Your Wedding Day

While weddings revolve around tradition and family, they’re also about celebrating your relationship with memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the most unforgettable wedding memories are fun surprises, planned or otherwise, that the guests and the wedding party will be talking about for years to come! From flash mobs to blow-up dinosaurs, there are so many fun, light-hearted ways that you can personalize your wedding day. 

We asked our Wedgewood Wedding team of experts for advice on how to add a splash of fun to your day of celebration. Here's what they had to say . . . 




what better way to take a group photo than to lift the bride and groom?


coordinated performance

One of the most popular recommendations from our team of experts is to add a “personal performance” that is performed by the couple, bridal party, or special guest during the reception. This might look like a ballroom dance routine between newlyweds, a surprise dance mob by the kids, a surprise musical performance by your dear aunt, or a poetry reading by the bride. The surprised audience will appreciate the time and effort put into planning the performance and the guests will love the entertainment. A planned performance is such an easy way to personalize your wedding, and you can be well-assured that there will be plenty of video copies for you to look back for years to come.


Hire a musician

If you and your wedding party don’t feel like putting on your dancing shoes in front of your guests, Chelsea from Arizona suggests surprising your guests with a live musical performance. For an elegant wedding style, you can hire a harpist, pianist or classical guitarist. For something a bit funkier, hire a professional to play bagpipes, or bring in a swing band! These fun musical elements will add a personal touch without the putting the spotlight on you. 


plan a first look surprise!

When couples aren’t planning their choreography for their wedding debut or looking up local musicians, Katie from Mountain View Ranch recommends that couples think about putting a fun twist on the first look tradition. Surprising your spouse with something unexpected during your first look is a great way to make the first look fun and playful (and makes for some great photos to look back on!). She has seen everything from a spouse dressing up as an inflatable dinosaur to spouses taking part in the Smirnoff Ice challenge, and even a best man dressing up in a wedding dress. Doing a first look surprise is a creative way to put your own spin on the tradition!


Interactive Wedding Favors

Shelley from Palm Valley suggests infusing some life into your wedding favors! Whether it's a photobooth complete with silly props, caricature artist, or cotton candy bar, interactive attractions and wedding favors are a fun way to keep the energy high. Another unique way to personalize your wedding, especially if you value sustainability, is gifting used books to your guests as wedding favors. Eco-friendly and educational! 


Embrace the Unexpected

With all the planning that goes into making your wedding day perfect, Rosemary from Ocotillo Oasis reminds us that sometimes the unexpected moments make the most fun experiences! If it rains or snows on your wedding day, to make sure you fully embrace it and go outside and dance in the elements. “Those unexpected moments end up becoming the best stories you get to tell later on,” Rosemary said. They also make absolutely incredible photographs!


Remember, your wedding day is all about you! Let the voices and opinions of others fade into the background so you can focus on what you really want. Whatever style of wedding you choose to plan, make sure to make it your own through unique decor, a favorite wedding theme, or these unique twists on traditions. 



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