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Wedding Color Combos You’ll Love

Wedding Color Combos You’ll Love

Picking your color combinations for your wedding is one of the most fun parts of the planning process and it’s what ultimately ties everything together. From attire to bouquets, flower arrangements, décor, and the all-important cake, there’s a huge amount of planning that needs to go into your big day. Choosing your color combination early in the planning stage makes it easier for you to envision the attire for yourself, your partner, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the venue décor, the cake, and which flowers to buy.

The good news is that you’re not limited to traditional palettes that focused on whites, off-whites, and pastels; certainly not when one of the biggest wedding trends this year sees an array of hues combined in all sorts of exciting and unique ways.

How To Choose A Wedding Color Combination

There are a few things you should consider when choosing a unique color combination for your wedding. For starters, your color palette can influence the clarity of your chosen theme as well as the overall feeling of the venue. You can see this in rustic-style weddings that feature earthy, natural, and lighter colors, and in beach or nautical-themed weddings that usually have a blue color scheme.

The color scheme you select can also reflect something of you and your partner’s style as well as your relationship. Do you want an ambiance that’s elegant and understated or a celebration that’s bold, bright, and beaming with energy?

It’s also important to think about the time of year in which you’re getting married, as some color schemes have strong seasonal associations. A combination of soft greens, pinks, and whites is perfect for springtime, as it picks up the gorgeous blossoms in gardens, orchards, and the countryside. Whereas in autumn, the predominant seasonal colors are maples, oranges, and mustards.

Consider the theme of your wedding, the venue, and the date when choosing a unique color combination. Once you’ve made a decision that harmonizes with you and your partner’s styles and tastes, you can use it for inspiration to plan a truly unforgettable big day.

Trending Unique Color Combinations

We’ve put together a few of our favorite unique wedding color combinations that are oh-so-trendy right now. Use these ideas to inspire a palette that surely will meet your wedding planner’s approval.



Pretty Papaya, Sand, And Peacock Blue

Papaya and sand are calm, earthy tones, even if the former is a little brighter than the latter. They’re all about elegance. Liven them up by adding a dash of peacock blue, and you have a color combination that’s perfect for a modern summer or autumn beach-themed wedding.

A few practical ideas for putting this unique combination to good use include peacock blue bridesmaids’ dresses and bouquets of sand- and papaya-colored blooms tied with peacock blue ribbons. Decorate wooden or sand-colored chairs with papaya-colored and peacock blue flowers, and use peacock blue tablecloths, papaya napkins, and sand-colored flatware to set the tables. Ice the cake with sand-colored icing and decorate with papaya and peacock blue decorations.



Gorgeous Gold, Mint, And Peach

Powerful and versatile, gold combines well with almost every other color. If you like the idea of gold being part of your wedding color combination, consider introducing elements of class and depth by pairing it with mint and peach.

Gold, mint, and peach is a fabulous combination for spring weddings and for whimsical themes with a minimalist style in a tented venue. Mint and peach are both pastels; the former being cool and the latter being warm. They complement each other well. Add some gold to heighten the romantic mood and to make a real statement.

Wedding Colors-9

Use mint as a base color by choosing mint tablecloths, napkins, and bridesmaids’ dresses. Bring in the other colors by choosing gold dinnerware and peach place cards and other wedding stationery with gold trimmings. Ice the cake with peach-colored icing and decorate with touches of gold and mint. The bouquet can feature peach-colored flowers with touches of gold and mint, while the floral arrangements can focus on greenery, peach, and mint.



Classic-Yet-Alternative Copper, Hazelnut, Island Paradise, And Lapis

The combination of copper, hazelnut, island paradise, and lapis is a sublimely bohemian one that's perfectly suited to summer weddings with an artsy and creative yet minimalist theme. It's casual and earthy but definitely not sedate.

Choose polished hazelnut chairs and tables, copper-colored napkins, and lapis dinnerware. Decorate the chairs with island paradise and lapis ribbons and use island paradise or lapis tablecloths or runners. Fill lapis-colored vases with copper-, pink-, and island paradise-colored flowers. In keeping with this theme, you can dress some of your bridesmaids in hazelnut-colored dresses, and others in island paradise colors. The groom and groomsmen can wear copper- or grey-colored suits with hazelnut ties and the bouquets should feature copper-, hazelnut-, and island paradise-colored flowers.


Appealing Apricot, Greige, Navy, And Sage

Warm apricot, balanced greige, deep navy, and cool sage come together to create a unique color combination that's amazing for autumn weddings with a rustic theme. This combination also works well for sophisticated weddings on terraces or at upmarket restaurants, where you want a mood that is romantic but formal.

If you choose this combination of colors for your wedding, use greige as the base color and the other three as complementary colors. The bridesmaids’ dresses will look stunning in navy or sage, while the men can don dapper navy suits with greige boutonnières. The crown and arch décor should include garlands that feature apricot, navy, and sage colors, and use greige curtains with navy and apricot accents for all the other venue décor. The table centerpieces and the cake will look wonderful if they feature a combination of these colors. The napkins and stationery such as place cards should be greige with navy lettering.



Bold Black, Red, And Taupe

Black and red is a striking color combination for a winter wedding, but it can be overwhelming. Bring taupe into the mix to add some calm cuteness. Black brings formality and power, red brings resilience and romance, and taupe brings a sense of balance and neutrality. This combination is perfect for weddings with a more formal theme held in grand venues such as ballrooms.

Wedding Colors - Black and Red

Some practical ideas for using this unique color combination include choosing black bridesmaids’ dresses and a red maid of honor dress, red stilettos, and bouquets that feature red, taupe, and white flowers. For the men, go with black suits with red ties or red boutonnières. Set the tables with black and white tablecloths, taupe napkins, and deep red dinnerware.


Glorious Gradient Monochrome Or Ombré

Gradient monochrome or ombré is the blending of one color hue to another. The process usually sees those shades and tints move from light to dark or vice versa. Rather than being a combination of entirely different colors, gradient monochrome really sees you focus on different shades of one color. This is a fabulous choice for a field, lakeside, and woodland weddings with whimsical themes, and you can use it at any time of year.

The best elements in which to use your gradient monochrome progression include the table décor and napkins, centerpiece flower vases, stationery, cake, and floral arrangements and bouquets. Make sure you include some greenery in the arrangements and bouquets for extra color and incorporate white lights (such as fairy lights) in your décor. You should also be able to bring your chosen gradient monochrome into your salads, snacks, and desserts.


Regal Green, Ivory, And Silver

Playful and romantic, the combination of green, ivory, and silver is a magical one for intimate indoor and outdoor spring weddings. This unique color combination also works well for nature-themed weddings in backyards, halls, homes, and lofts.

Wedding Colors-Bridesmaids in Emerald and Ivory at Aliso Viejo by Wedgewood Weddings

A few ideas for using this color combination at your wedding include choosing green dresses and silver shoes for the bridesmaids, and deep green suits and ivory ties for the men. The bouquets should feature ivory blooms, greenery, and silver accents. Use the same approach for floral table centerpieces in transparent vases. Go with silver ivory tablecloths, silver dinnerware, green napkins, silver candleholders, and ivory candles for the tables. Stationery such as place cards should be ivory with green trimmings, and the cake should be iced with ivory-colored icing and decorated with green decorations.


Brilliant Burgundy, Dogwood, Flame, And Greenery

The unique color combination of burgundy, dogwood, flame, and greenery is at once bright, sharp, lively, calm, and wonderfully cohesive. This combination is a great one for casual weddings in any season of the year.

Wedding Colors-8

We recommend using dogwood as the base color as it helps create a laid-back mood that will be enhanced by the other livelier colors. Opt for burgundy bridesmaids’ dresses and dogwood suits for the men. Use greenery with burgundy-, dogwood-, and flame-colored blooms for the bouquets, floral arrangements, and table centerpieces. If you want to stick to the casual theme these colors suit so well, you can even make your own bouquet and do your own decorating.

Set the tables with dogwood tablecloths, burgundy napkins, silverware, and flame-colored place cards. Run greenery along the tables and decorate with flame-colored accents. Ice the cake with dogwood-colored icing and decorate it with greenery and flame-colored decorations. Introduce the same colors into your other food and drink options.


Colors - Blue Spring - Enyo


Popular and Unusual Wedding Color Trends

The trick to using unique color combinations for your wedding is to combine those shades properly. Use our suggestions to find the perfect combination of colors for your special day. 
Selecting the right colors for your wedding is a big decision. It's not just about looks; it's about setting the mood for your big day. You want colors that reflect your style and make your wedding memorable. Today, couples are moving beyond traditional whites and pastels and opting for unique, bold color combinations that make their weddings stand out.

For those planning a wedding, here are some of the most popular and least popular wedding color trends right now:

Most Popular Wedding Color Trends:

 - Navy and Blush: This timeless duo offers a perfect balance of masculine and feminine vibes.
 - Burgundy and Gold: A luxurious and warm combination that adds a touch of elegance.
 - Sage Green and Ivory: Ideal for outdoor or nature-themed weddings, offering a fresh and organic feel.
 - Dusty Blue and Grey: A soft, romantic palette that's both modern and classic.
Coral and Turquoise: A vibrant and fun pairing, great for summer or beach weddings.

When picking your wedding colors, think about the mood you want to create. Do you want something romantic and elegant, or fun and vibrant? Also, consider the venue and the season. Some colors work better in certain environments and times of the year. Alternatively, 
going for unusual wedding color trends can really make your big day stand out. It's all about showing off what makes you unique as a couple.

Think about a wedding with midnight blue and fiery red. This combo is bold and full of passion, perfect for a night-time or winter wedding. It's like mixing the mystery of the night sky with the warmth of a cozy fire. It's great for couples who have a deep and exciting love story.

Then there's the mix of emerald and burnt orange, one of those unusual wedding color trends ideal for fall. This pair is earthy and rich, like the deep colors of autumn leaves. It suits couples whose love is strong and steady.

Lilac and olive green is another unusual wedding color trend. It's soft and dreamy, great for a spring wedding. This pair feels like a fairytale, perfect for a love that's gentle and growing.

For a lively, fun vibe, teal and marigold are a great choice. This bright pair is full of energy, just right for a summer wedding. It's a choice for couples whose love is as sunny and cheerful as a summer day.

And if you're going for a modern look, try charcoal and neon pink. This unusual wedding color trend is bold and playful, ideal for a city wedding. It's for couples who love a bit of edge and excitement in their love story.

Five Unusual wedding color themes you'll love

 - Sapphire Blue and Vibrant Coral: This stunning combination balances the deep, serene tones of sapphire blue with the lively, spirited hues of vibrant coral. It's a perfect match for seaside weddings or summer celebrations, offering a balance of cool and warm tones that are both elegant and playful.

 - Pistachio Green and Mauve: A subtle yet striking combination, pistachio green offers a hint of natural freshness, while mauve adds a touch of vintage charm. This palette is ideal for spring or early fall weddings, creating an atmosphere that’s both sophisticated and soothing.

 - Plum and Mustard Yellow: For a rich, autumnal feel, the deep, luxurious shade of plum pairs beautifully with the boldness of mustard yellow. This unusual wedding color trend is perfect for fall weddings, giving a warm and cozy yet distinctly stylish vibe.

 - Turquoise and Tangerine: A vivid and energetic pairing, turquoise and tangerine are ideal for creating a lively and festive atmosphere. This unusual wedding color trend is great for outdoor, beach, or destination weddings, infusing the event with a sense of fun and whimsy.

 - Frosted Almond and Midnight Green: This unique combination brings together the understated elegance of frosted almond, a soft, neutral tone, with the deep, sophisticated shade of midnight green. This palette is well-suited for elegant, refined weddings, especially in urban or industrial venues.


Make your wedding colors a central part of your big day. They'll show up in your photos, your decorations, and even your invitations. Choose colors that you love and that tell your story. And don't be afraid to mix things up – sometimes the most unique combinations are the most memorable.

Pick colors that resonate with you. The most popular wedding colors right now are navy and blush, burgundy and gold, sage green and ivory, dusty blue and grey, and coral and turquoise. On the other hand, bright orange and black, neon colors, dark brown and yellow, hot pink and lime green, and pale yellow and mint are less popular and might not create the desired effect. Your wedding colors set the tone for your special day, so choose a palette that reflects your personality and style.

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