Restoring Love and Happiness in Ventura County

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We Open Our Hearts and Lighten the Financial Burden with Exclusive Savings for Southern California Residents. 

Our deepest sympathies are with our L.A. and Ventura County neighbors and friends. We know the grief and financial crisis created by the shooting, fires, and mudslides. As residents and business owners in Ventura for over 30 years, we grieve with you. This is our home. This is where Wedgewood Weddings started. This is our community.

To lighten the burden, we’re giving couples $1,500 cash back when they book and celebrate their wedding by August 31, 2019 at our Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings and Pacific View Tower Club by Wedgewood Weddings.

While we all know there's no easy fix for our area, we want to provide a little joy for newly engaged couples. By giving $1,500 cash back, you’re able to spend the money wherever it’s needed.

Wedgewood Weddings $1,500 cash back offer for Ventura County

Local & Widespread Impact

We understand the challenges you face, we’re grateful for our local heroes, and we’re helping to restore our community. As many of our friends and families know, Wedgewood Weddings finds ways to pitch in and give back. This is a huge part of our culture and every team member is empowered to help where possible.

Many of our employees and families have been displaced too. Stacy Zaruka, our Ventura County General Manager was woken in the early hours to a fire fighter banging on her door for an emergency evacuation.

“Being woken in the middle of the night, not knowing where to go, and feeling scared about the devastation in my community is a feeling that will always stay with me.” -Stacy Zaruka

It’s wonderful to see acts of support and generosity in our community. This is one of the many of reasons we love our Southern California home. Through this challenging time, you’ve been strong, resilient, and compassionate. From opening your homes to displaced families, to supporting everyone’s efforts in collecting aid packages for first responders -- including our local Fire Station 50 in Camarillo -- we want to restore a little extra happiness in our local neighborhood.

To our Southern California friends and family, we’re with you.

Wedgewood Weddings supports southern california wildfire



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