10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Wedding Day

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From dreaming about it since childhood, to getting engaged, to arranging all the perfect wedding details, it all comes down to this one day. Your wedding day! You only get this once, so you want to be sure it goes just as you’ve imaged – or better! We’ve got you. That’s why we’ve created a helpful list of things NOT to do in order to make sure it all goes down smoothly.

1. Don’t try to manage all of the final details alone on the day of. This includes setting up decor, guests arriving, or any last minute things that pop up. Let your Wedgewood Weddings team manage your set-up and day-of coordination so you and your family can be present in the moment and actually enjoy the day!

2. Don’t hesitate to delegate! See our wedding party checklists to give everyone a special responsibility, keep everyone organized, and allow YOU to be stress-free!

3. Don’t wait till the last minute to review the schedule and final details with your significant other – and your day-of coordinator, wedding party, and close family.

4. Don’t let anyone or anything bring you down. This is YOUR (and your partner’s) day and you only get to live through it once! Make the best of it and make it what YOU want!

5. Don't be afraid to ask other people for help! Like we said, you shouldn't have to manage all the day-of details yourself. From grabbing something out of your purse to tracking down that missing boutonniere - just ask!

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6. Don’t skip out on water. It is really important for you to stay hydrated! 

7. Don’t set yourself up for failure. Get lots of sleep, eat a healthy breakfast, and pack a wedding day emergency kit.

8. Don’t wear your wedding shoes for the first time on the day of your wedding. Wear them around the house a few times before the wedding to break them in without getting them dirty.

9. Don’t check your phone constantly. Stay present and live in the moment! 

10. And finally, don't forget your marriage license and, of course, the rings!

BONUS TIP: Don't let the day pass you by! Every fifteen minutes (or however often you remember), take a minute to look around and really soak in everything around you. A lot of couples will tell you that their wedding day was a blur because it all happened so quickly and they feel like they can hardly even remember it. Doing this trick will allow you to remember your wedding day a whole lot better as you look back over the years!



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