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11 Reasons to Choose Wedgewood Weddings for Your Big Day

11 Reasons to Choose Wedgewood Weddings for Your Big Day

We know there's definitely no shortage of wedding venues in the world. So, we get that you have a lot of options to consider! Out of all the options, why choose a Wedgewood Weddings location? It's a no-brainer. 

You'll Enjoy an Easy Planning Process

At any Wedgewood Weddings venue, you can choose an all-inclusive package that suits your vision and covers all the essential services you need. That makes your planning process a one-stop-shop! Save time searching for vendors like a DJ, florist, and baker because they're all included for you in one place!

You Get Expert Wedding Pros at Your Side

We know weddings. In fact, we live and breathe weddings! We know how to plan for the unplanned, we understand how to manage the little details, and we know all the tricks to creating an unforgettable time. Having a dedicated team of experts at your side means you get peace of mind — and a spectacular event.

Couples are happier when they choose Wedgewood Weddings
You Have an Exceptional Venue

Every Wedgewood Weddings venue is unique, so you're sure to find one that fits your vision and style. From coastal beaches to private woodlands to historic mansions, you’ll find an amazing and gorgeous location to say “I Do.”

You Get Honest Pricing

With Wedgewood Weddings, there’s no fine print, no extra costs, and definitely no surprises. We believe this should be a fun and exciting time in your life! So, it's important to us that none of it is frustrating or confusing to you.

Our pricing is simple, upfront, and fully transparent. We provide all the essential services at no extra cost — from event insurance to tables, chairs, dishes, set-up, clean-up, and much more. Some venues charge for cake-cutting; but we believe that, if you're having cake, you'd obviously like to have it cut (and served) and that shouldn't cost you extra. At Wedgewood Weddings, you’ll have everything you need included in your price, and you’ll never get a surprise expense.

Weather Changes are Handled for You

Rain or shine, we promise you'll have an amazing time. We closely monitor the weather ahead of your event and make adjustments as needed. We know what it takes to make a cloudy sky look fantastic in a photo, how to protect guests from a sudden downpour, and how to defend complicated hairstyles from surprise showers.

Rain or Shine it all works out with Wedgewood Weddings
You Can Your Mind

With Wedgewood Weddings, you absolutely have the right to change your mind. In fact, we anticipate it! Not so sure about that linen color you chose a few months ago? No problem. Need to add vegan meals to your menu? We’ve got it covered. You can make any changes you'd like up until 10 days before your event.

You Get Exclusive Deals with Bliss Benefits™

In addition to the services included in your all-inclusive package, you also get discounts and exclusive promotions on other wedding-related services in your area! From suit rentals, limousine service, name changing, and ore, your free Bliss Benefits™ membership gives you access to savings for all your wedding extras.

Your Wedding is Personalized to You

The Wedgewood Weddings all-inclusive packages are not “one size fits all.” We personalize every detail — from the menu to the flowers to the linens and beyond — to help you make your wedding uniquely yours. Choosing a package is only the starting point - you can add and take away as much as you want in order to develop something that perfectly suits your vision.

You Save Time

Your engagement is a special time in your life - we want you to enjoy it! So, we take care of the logistics to allow you to focus on each other. No need to worry about details like the reception room layout - we'll handle the tedious logistics and save the fun stuff (like cake tasting!) for you.

Let Wedgewood Weddings Save You Time

You're in the Know

From today until your big day, we keep regular communication with you, and we’re always available to answer your questions or concerns. Call, us, email us, even text us! We're with you along the way.

You're Our Main Focus

Your wedding is about you. Everything we do is focused on your needs, your desires, and, most importantly, your own enjoyment of your event.

Your 'Happily Ever After' starts with Wedgewood Weddings

Planning a wedding is exciting. And while it's a good thing to have so many options available to you, it can also feel overwhelming. Come tour a Wedgewood Weddings venue to see how we can save you time, effort, work, and confusion. Schedule a tour today: 866.966.3009 or!

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