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Explore Remarkable Locations For Your 'I Do'

Award-winning wedding venues

Hand-selected by Wedgewood Weddings: The leading host of remarkable romantic events across America.

Galway Downs

Temecula, California
Capacity: 300
Galway Downs by Wedgewood Weddings-13

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The Sanctuary

Long Beach, California
Capacity: 200

Danza del Sol Winery

Temecula, California
Capacity: 200
Danza Del Sol Winery by Wedgewood Weddings (7)

Bel Vino Winery

Temecula, California
Capacity: 200
Bel Vino Winery by Wedgewood Weddings (2)

Hacienda de las Flores

Moraga, California
Capacity: 200
Hacienda de las Flores by Wedgewood Weddings - 20

Canopy Grove

Escondido, California
Capacity: 200
Canopy Grove by Wedgewood Weddings (17)

Golden Gate Club

San Francisco, California
Capacity: 220
Golden Gate Club at the Presidio - Wedgewood Weddings (10)

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San Ramon Waters by Wedgewood Weddings (35)

Ken Caryl Vista

Littleton, Colorado
Capacity: 350
Ken Caryl Vista by Wedgewood Weddings (1)

Scenic Springs

Helotes, Texas
Capacity: 200
Scenic Springs by Wedgewood Weddings (18)

Tapestry House

Fort Collins, Colorado
Capacity: 225
Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings (2)

Black Forest

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Capacity: 300
Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings

Palm Valley

Goodyear, Arizona
Capacity: 250
Palm Valley by Wedgewood Weddings (2)

Hofmann Ranch

Castroville, Texas
Capacity: 300
Hofmann Ranch by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

Eagle Ridge

Santa Clara Valley, California
Capacity: 225
Eagle Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings (3)

Brittany Hill

Denver, Colorado
Capacity: 250
Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings (3)

Pacific View Tower

Ventura County, California
Capacity: 250
Pacific View Tower by Wedgewood Weddings (17)

Log Cabin

San Francisco, California
Capacity: 120
Log Cabin at The Presidio - Wedgewood Weddings & Events

Sequoia Mansion

Placerville, California
Capacity: 220
Sequoia Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings (10)

Granite Rose

Hampstead, New Hampshire
Capacity: 400
Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings (13)

Stonetree Estate

Marin County, California
Capacity: 200
Stonetree Estate by Wedgewood Weddings (5)

Officers’ Club

San Francisco, California
Capacity: 120
Officers’ Club at The Presidio (8)

Aliso Viejo

Aliso Viejo, California
Capacity: 280
Aliso Viejo by Wedgewood Weddings

Boulder Ridge

San Jose, California
Capacity: 200
Boulder Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings (3)

Ashley Ridge

Littleton, Colorado
Capacity: 300
Ashley Ridge by Wedgewood Weddings

Carlsbad Windmill

Carlsbad, California
Capacity: 200
Carlsbad Windmill by Wedgewood Weddings (18)

Boulder Creek

Boulder, Colorado
Capacity: 250
Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings (12)

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Carmel Fields

Carmel, California
Capacity: 270
Carmel Fields by Wedgewood Weddings (5)

Brentwood Rise

Brentwood, California
Capacity: 300
Brentwood Rise by Wedgewood Weddings

Jefferson Street Mansion

Historic Benicia, California
Capacity: 200
Jefferson Street Mansion by Wedgewood Weddings (2)

Sterling Hills

Camarillo, California
Capacity: 225
Sterling Hills by Wedgewood Weddings Ceremony

Fresno Fields

Fresno, California
Capacity: 400
Fresno Fields by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

San Ramon Waters

San Ramon, California
Capacity: 200
San Ramon Waters by Wedgewood Weddings (19)

Sterling Hotel

Sacramento, California
Capacity: 200
Sterling Hotel by Wedgewood Weddings (18)

Fallbrook Estate

Fallbrook, California
Capacity: 225
Fallbrook Estate by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

Colby Falls

Gilbert, Arizona
Capacity: 350
Colby Falls by Wedgewood Weddings (7)

Evergreen Springs

Elk Grove, California
Capacity: 225
Evergreen Springs by Wedgewood Weddings (17)

Redwood Canyon

Castro Valley, California
Capacity: 300
Redwood Canyon by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

Union Brick

Roseville, California
Capacity: 350
Union Brick by Wedgewood Weddings (41)

Lindsay Grove

Mesa, Arizona
Capacity: 200
Lindsay Grove by Wedgewood Weddings

Mountain View Ranch

Pine, Colorado
Capacity: 200
Mountain View Ranch by Wedgwood Weddings (1)

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The Sanctuary by Wedgewood Weddings-17

Vellano Estate

Chino Hills, California
Capacity: 220
Vellano Estate by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

Stallion Mountain

Las Vegas, Nevada
Capacity: 250
Stallion Mountain by Wedgewood Weddings (11)

Rio Hondo

Downey, California
Capacity: 300
Rio Hondo by Wedgewood Weddings (7)

San Clemente Shore

San Clemente, California
Capacity: 200
San Clemente Shores by Wedgewood Weddings (5)

University Club

Irvine, California
Capacity: 200
University Club by Wedgewood Weddings (29)

Sierra La Verne

Claremont Area, California
Capacity: 250
Sierra La Verne by Wedgewood Weddings (3)

Stonebridge Manor

Mesa, Arizona
Capacity: 350
Stonebridge Manor by Wedgewood Weddings (8)

The Orchard

Temecula Area, California
Capacity: 300
The Orchard by Wedgewood Weddings (1)

Secret Garden

Phoenix, Arizona
Capacity: 200
Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings (26)

The Ranch at Silver Creek

San Jose, California
Capacity: 250
The Ranch at Silver Creek by Wedgewood Weddings (1)

The Retreat

Corona, California
Capacity: 225
The Retreat by Wedgewood Weddings (9)

Ocotillo Oasis

Chandler, Arizona
Capacity: 200
Ocotillo Oasis by Wedgewood Weddings (4)

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Why Choose a Romantic Wedding Venue?

Explore our most romantic wedding venues! As you prepare to say ‘I do’ you need to find a wedding location that matches your personality and captures your heart. Your wedding venue is an extension of your love so you need a romantic wedding venue that makes you feel joy.

Our romantic wedding venues range in size, location and style so that you can find the one that makes your heart sing. The beauty of choosing the team at Wedgewood Weddings to host your big event is that you receive unparalleled service and access to convenient and customizable wedding package tiers, regardless of the venue you select. All our venues are maintained to the highest standard and are designed to make your romantic wedding feel flawless and unique. Your love story is remarkable; the story of how you found each other in a world of people is worth celebrating. That’s why we design our romantic wedding venues for you to personalize as much or as little as you wish.

At your wedding, the focal point is your love. To let romance shine, we want you to have fun and celebrate with your family and friends. Our team is in place to look after the logistic which means you can concentrate on each other! We think about weddings 24/7, so trust us to prepare your venue, design your feast, serve your signature drinks, and introduce you to our hand-picked accredited vendors. Together, we’re dedicated to giving you the most romantic day of your lives. Select from the best romantic wedding venues available.


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