Wedgewood Weddings Las Vegas Receives Stellar Bride Review!

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See what our bride had to say about her experience with Wedgewood Weddings Las Vegas in this latest Yelp review!

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“SERIOUSLY. STOP SEARCHING NOW. YOU’VE FOUND WHAT YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! Whether you’re a bride like me (has a specific idea of what you want your wedding to look like, “has champagne taste but on a beer budget,” and has limited personal time to really plan anything due to working two jobs and other family responsibilities) or if you’re not even close to it, you’ve still come to the right place. 

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I can’t say this enough, but Wedgewood did an AMAZING job with our wedding! It’s been a few weeks now, and I can’t count the people that STILL come to us and tell us how wonderful and beautiful our wedding day was! AND to imagine… so affordable and STRESS FREE!!!

I first met with Jacqueline, our coordinator, after booking an appointment. Immediately, she was friendly, personable, and very knowledgeable. Not only that, but when I started to tell her how I imagined our wedding to be, it seemed like every question I asked, she said, “yes, we can do that!” In my head, I thought, this can’t really be the cost of EVERYTHING I want. But then she made a proposal sheet with all the numbers, and it was real. I was ecstatic but didn’t say yes right away, because I wanted to be completely sure. I mean, this was going to be the biggest day of our lives, right?

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So, I left the appointment, not once feeling pressured to having to pick them now, which was another plus compared to other venues. Not only that, but SHE also called ME back a few days later, which no other venue ever did! So that’s when I knew that their service was going to be a lot better than other places, and finally I decided to book with them and it was the best decision I’ve ever made (well maybe besides, marrying my best friend haha). 

Fast forwarding now to the days leading up to our wedding. I didn’t have a wedding planner (and you don’t need it because Wedgewood literally helps you with everything!), so I had questions. TONS of them. I felt that no matter what time of the day, I was able to call or email Jacqueline and I would get an answer within a day if not sooner. I also ended up choosing all their recommended vendors, and they were wonderful too!

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I booked Amelia C & Co to do our hair and makeup. They came on time with all their supplies and went immediately to work! They were so fast but work was flawless (lasted dancing and sweating ALL NIGHT)!!!  

Stephen Salazar and Jenelle were our photographers the day of. They were so accommodating and didn’t waste any time! They set up everything and each one already knew what they had to do. There was also a time during the wedding when Jenelle asked if I needed water or a break from taking pictures with all our guests because she could tell I was getting overwhelmed! That was a major plus and so thankful she was that thoughtful!

We also had Pastor Ed Bruning who officiated our ceremony. We only met the day of but he was available to counsel whenever we needed it. He also made sure our ceremony was about us and personalized it with stories we told him about our relationship which made it very memorable to us and our guests. He also had them all laughing and even crying as if he had known us all our lives. I wish I had the whole thing on video!

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Then, we also had Ann Leonardo from ACS Floral do all our bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony and reception decorations. WOW! There are not enough words to say how BEAUTIFUL she made the area look!!! Being on a budget, I was worried our area would look too plain. But boy did she and her team execute our dream wedding look!!! Prices were very reasonable (I have a friend’s mom who owns a floral shop and compared prices and even had my cousin’s wedding floral price sheet to compare with her prices too) and the quality of the flowers were BEAUTIFUL! Not a single wilted petal anywhere! 

Now, the man of the night was definitely DJ Murphy. He had the night flowing so well and was extremely funny and personable! He stuck to our “music rules” and by the end of the night, our dance floor was still completely full!!! EVERYONE loved him and I wish our night could go on forever!

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Oh, and I want to throw a special thank you to our banquet captain, Evi! The food and drinks served by his team were top notched! He even noticed we hadn’t been able to eat our food when everyone else was eating, so he came out later on with new hot plates for me and my husband without even having to ask us! How sweet of him!!!

This review is super long, but I just want brides and grooms out there to know just how wonderful everyone at Wedgewood was to us! I hope I didn’t miss any names but those were the ones who stuck out most to us! We had a ton of other personal stresses leading up to our wedding day, but we are so thankful that Wedgewood was not one of them! I loved even more that there were no hidden fees and we knew exactly how much we had to pay when we needed to pay them and exactly what we were getting for that price! Thank you so much for making our dream wedding come true!”

Theresa G., Yelp Review, 9/17/17

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Thank you for your kind words and letting us be part of your special day! We truly hope you’ll stay in touch with your Wedgewood Weddings family! 

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