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4 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

4 Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Bands

You choose your wedding venue for a day. But a pair of wedding rings you choose for life! You'll be wearing this day in, day out, so it only makes sense to do your due diligence on finding the perfect rings. Refer to our expert guide on what you should consider when choosing your wedding bands.

Everyday Use

The fun of an engagement ring is that it can be as fancy as you want. But the wedding band is a little more of a practical find since it needs to be a good match to the engagement ring. 

When you’re selecting wedding rings, remember that you'll be wearing it every day for the rest of your life (yay!). Be sure to choose on that's comfortable and is a good fit with your lifestyle.

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Finding the Right Ring Size

Of course, any ring has to be the right size, but it’s even more important that your wedding ring fits perfectly. If an ordinary ring is too big or too small, you can always put it on another finger. But your wedding ring has to be exactly the size of your ring finger.

Stop into a jewelry store with your fiancé and ask them to measure each of your ring fingers. Any jeweler will do this for free and takes hardly any time at all. They'll be able to recommend a ring size for you - jot it down in your phone so you remember when it's time to buy the rings!

Discover Your Favorite Ring Style

A traditional design like a simple gold or silver band is always a classic choice. They’re minimalistic and will look good with most styles of engagement rings. But it's always good to have an open mind and look at other designs as well. You never know what might strike you the most! Some trending styles include infinity bands, contour bands, and diamond bands. There's no limit to how creative wedding rings can be, and you can always browse online to find the best options for you.

"Most people who come into the store asking for wedding rings expect to see the classic gold bands that differ in color and height. Many walk out with something unexpected and beautiful. Even if you decide on a simpler design, you can profit from knowing what’s out there"

- Eva Wilson with Diamond Wish


Your partner's ring will be incredibly sentimental to them, no doubt. But a personal engraving will make it all the more special. Most manufacturers offer to make an engraving on the inside of the ring for little to no cost. Consider adding something romantic, cute, or funny in there to remind your significant other how much they mean to you.


Choosing a great wedding ring is not the only item on the list of things you do after you get engaged. But, it's meaningful step that the two of you can enjoy together, no one else's opinion is necessary, and feels incredibly romantic. Enjoy it!

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