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The Golden Gate Club is San Francisco's Most Historic Clubhouse

The Golden Gate Club is San Francisco's Most Historic Clubhouse

Within every acre of this National Park and every detail of the Presidio venues', the history is rich and extraordinary, offering a unique experience for every event. The endless period details will give your event extra personality in this 1940s-era clubhouse—sitting upon rolling greens alongside cypress and pine groves, overlooking the gleaming bay coupled with the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Club is a superb clubhouse with a grand hall featuring expansive floor-to-ceiling windows. Explore the various rooms of the venue to find which one fits your personal style. 

Golden Gate Bridge views make this site the envy of all of San Francisco. The club is at the heart of the Presidio National Park, near numerous attractions. Guests enjoy events of all styles here for the beauty, history, convenience and...



The Ventana Room is an excellent location for large-scale meetings or informal gatherings with a capacity of 385. However, formal or more intimate receptions are stunning and magical, with the wall of glass showcasing the gorgeous green meadow and towering trees. In the distance, you can catch a glimpse of San Francisco Bay. Guests are always amazed by the cathedral ceiling, the fireplace, and the interior balcony gallery.


The Ventana Room at the Golden Gate Club

Reception hall with expansive windows to offer an INDOOR-OUTDOOR vibe

"The Golden Gate Club is an excellent venue for events situated just off the main parade grounds of the Presidio in San Francisco. It's impressive how they've created this multi-room space for seminars. The main room opposite the front entrance has a beautiful view of the Bay. The Ventana Room to the left of the front door is massive and would make for a lovely reception. When out on the patio, there is a wonderful breeze."

Joanna T.
Event Attendee Golden Gate Club



Stunning outdoor terrace with Spanish-style tiles and lush landscaping




A beautiful courtyard is shared by the Cypress and Hawthorn ballrooms, which are ideal for inside ceremonies and smaller receptions with a capacity of 200 guests. The refined smaller areas make excellent additions to complement your main activity. Guests can also enjoy views of the bay from the grand second-floor deck.



Indoor ceremony options are available and equally as elegant



Nestled atop a forested hillside sits a Spanish Colonial Revival chapel that features breathtaking views of the Bay. A private tiled patio with mature trees and the extravagant steps leading up to the grand oak doors provide excellent photo opportunities. Within the church sits a vaulted ceiling adorned with 12 arched doorways and original mural paintings showing off the extensive history. This chapel can comfortably seat 125 guests.


The stunning Presidio Chapel is commonly paired with the Golden Gate Club

The Presidio Chapel is a historic chapel in the heart of san francisco's national park



Wedgewood Weddings hosts some of its most beautiful weddings at the Presidio. One of the unique features of the wedding packages is their inclusiveness. Our packages include a combination of essentials and exclusive offers from high-quality vendors.


"The Golden Gate Club is in the lush green hills of the San Francisco Presidio. The grand ballroom has a killer view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Wow - the view of the Bay is worth the price of the venue alone. The Ventana ballroom, chapel, and side room are of the old San Francisco Spanish Colonial design. Beautiful and classy. If you have the chance to visit this area or attend a wedding, be sure to take lots of pictures!"

Jim D.
Wedding Guest at the Golden Gate Club


Cocktail hour on the open-air terrace

Stunning outdoor terrace with Spanish-style tiles and lush landscaping

For a glamorous experience that makes a statement, host your event at one of the most historic clubhouses in California. Whether you are planning an intimate or large celebration, the Golden Gate Club is a great venue. Wedgewood Weddings venues welcome all couples, and many of our locations, including those of the Presidio, have received LGTBQ friendly awards!

To book a tour or for more information, call or text (855) 740-6834.


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