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7 Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

7 Tips for Planning a Multicultural Wedding

Planning a wedding is hard work - and blending different customs, traditions, or religious aspects can be a unique challenge. But joining your different halves into one whole is a beautiful thing! So, don't let it get you down. Refer to these vital tips on how to plan a multicultural wedding that's meaningful, wows your guests, and keeps both sides of the family happy.

1. Research Customs & Traditions

Even if your loved ones know that you've embraced each other's cultures, it's smart to do diligent research to find out what customs are important to your partner's side of the family. Ask the parents and the grandparents to fill you in with details about the traditions that should be incorporated from both sides. It's not always necessary to honor all the customs and wedding traditions from each side but talk to your fiancé and both of your families about the important aspects that you'd all appreciate being incorporated.


2. Choose the Right Officiant

Whether you're a Christian, Hindu, Jewish or another faith, you should establish who'll officiate the wedding. Does it make sense to have an officiant from one of your churches or temples marry you both? Or does it make sense to find an officiant who isn't affiliated with either of your religions? Most officiants are open-minded to multicultural weddings, but it's good to ask.


3. Think Outside the Box

Your marriage will be a unique blend of your different backgrounds - so your wedding should reflect that! Express your inner connection by being unique and maybe by not following all the religious or cultural rules. Consider a ring with opal stones, invite a jazz band instead of Hindu performers, etc. Maybe you stick to a 'traditional' ceremony but incorporate your backgrounds into the reception with Indian music, a prayer before the meal, Greek baklava for dessert, the Hora, or table names influenced by your backgrounds. Go big or go subtle: there are no wrong answers.


4. Trust Your Wedding Experts

At Wedgewood Weddings, we've planned thousands of spectacular weddings that are all unique in their own way. It's what keeps things interesting and what makes our jobs fun and exciting. Talk to your on-site planning team about ideas they've seen before. They're a great resource to discuss ideas, get inspiration, and decide what your multicultural wedding will look like. 


5. Offer a Diversely Sensational Menu

A slightly subtle yet delicious way to incorporate your backgrounds is through the meal. At Wedgewood Weddings, we provide in-house catering for your event, but we're happy to make accommodations that are important for your big day. Talk to your on-site team to ask if a special cultural meal can be prepared. Or consider having a licensed caterer bring in supplemental food that represents your heritage. Celebrate both of your cultures by establishing a fun and delicious personalized wedding menu where you would show off your traditions in a way that everyone will love.


6. Opt for Unique Wedding Attire

The wedding dress plays a tremendous role in the wedding. And if you're Hindu or Muslim, it can be especially fun to wear traditional wedding apparel. A rising trend we've seen is to wear two different wedding dresses: one traditional white dress and another cultural gown for the best of both worlds. You decide which one will be worn for the ceremony and which one is for dancing.


7. Have a Multilingual Party

Music and entertainment should follow the same multicultural pattern as the whole wedding procedure. Have your DJ play music in a different language and play a variety of traditional wedding tunes as well as music from your native hometown. Or go even bigger and bring in a brand that represents your heritage - like a Latin band. This is a great way to both personalize the wedding and also pay respect to your cultural background.


It's respectable to honor your ethnic and religious traditions, but above all, celebrate love. Weddings bind people to eternity, and the love you have for each other should be the focal point of this incredible event! 

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