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Kid-Friendly Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Kid-Friendly Wedding Entertainment Ideas

How to make your wedding kid friendly and entertaining for guests of all ages. Weddings are a special time for families, but for kids, they can sometimes be, ahem, boring. Here are ten kid-friendly wedding ideas to make their day just as memorable as yours.

  1. Kids Table: Set up a table just for kids with games, coloring books, and small toys. This keeps them entertained and allows them to interact with other kids their own age.

  2. Outdoor Activities: If the wedding is taking place outdoors, consider setting up lawn games such as horseshoes, cornhole, or giant Jenga. Kids love playing games and it keeps them active during the reception.

  3. Balloon Artist: Hire a balloon artist to create balloon animals and other fun shapes for the kids. This is a great way to keep them entertained and they'll have a keepsake to take home.

  4. Kid-friendly Food: Offer a menu that includes kid-friendly foods such as mac and cheese, fries, or fruit slices. This will make sure the kids are well-fed and happy.

  5. Kids' Dance Party: Set up a dance floor just for kids and play music they love. They can dance and have fun while the adults enjoy a slower dance.

  6. Kids' Craft Table: Set up a table with arts and crafts materials for the kids to make their own souvenirs. This can include decorating picture frames, creating their own t-shirts, or making jewelry.

  7. Photo Booth: Have a kid height photo booth set up for the kids to take pictures with props and silly hats. This is a great way for them to have fun and make memories.

  8. Movie Room: Rent a projector and screen and set up a movie room for the kids. They can watch their favorite movies and relax while the adults dance and socialize.

  9. Petting Zoo: If the wedding is taking place on a ranch or in a rural area, consider having a petting zoo. Kids love animals and they'll have a great time getting up close and personal with the creatures.

  10. Caricature Artist: Hire a caricature artist to draw funny sketches of the kids. They'll love seeing themselves turned into cartoons and it's a great keepsake for them to take home.

These ideas are sure to keep the kids entertained and happy during the wedding. Remember, a happy kid means happy parents!


flowergirls ringbearers wedgewood weddings


Our favorite Kid Friendly Wedding Moments


Introducing the cutest kid-wedding photos you've ever seen. You'll love how adorable these photos of kids at weddings are! From the flower girl to the ring bearer, every child in these pictures will leave you ooh-ing and ahh-ing with glee. You're sure to fall in love with them just as much as the newlyweds!

Weddings are beautiful, special occasions that people remember forever and share with their families and friends. The wedding photos of some families, however, will be remembered much more than others, thanks to the presence of adorable children whose cuteness deserves the highest praise possible. Today, we’ll take a look at our favorite kid-wedding photos that will leave you in awe of how perfect these kids are, and how much joy they bring.

The Internet can be full of cringe-worthy wedding photos, but these photos are 100% cute and you can't help but smile when you see them, no matter how many times you see them! 

If you're planning to have children, or grandchildren, at your wedding, you'll want to see these incredibly cute photos of kids at weddings. These adorable  bundles of joy are all the more precious because they represent the future generation of your family - and we can't think of anything more beautiful than that! Enjoy this compilation of some of the most adorable kid-wedding photos ever taken! 

Cute Wedding Photos - Wedgewood Weddings (4)

IT'S A BIG DAY (and A serious undertaking)


While smiles and giggles are the order of the day, we love this moment of connection between the maid of honor and the flower girl. You suddenly realize you need to step up in front of a crowd. It's a lot of pressure and you can see this powerful junior member of the wedding party considering every aspect.


cute baby girl standing

Dance time


Before you know it, the reception is in full swing and the dancefloor is packed with couples and kids. The children are having the time of their lives, spinning and twirling in their cute little dresses and suits. Every now and then, one of them will come over to show off their moves and give you a big smile. These are the moments that make weddings so special.


Cute Wedding Photos - Wedgewood Weddings (2)



girl falling over on dancefloorThe latest trend in wedding photography is to capture the kids dancing at the reception. And these photos are absolutely adorable! The little ones are so cute in their dresses and suits, and they look like they're having the time of their lives on the dance floor. These photos are sure to be cherished memories for the couples who hire a photographer to capture them.



At weddings, the kids always seem to steal the show. They're so cute and their innocence is endearing. The children at this wedding were no exception. They were absolutely adorable on the dancefloor. The way they interacted with each other and the adults was just too sweet. These are the kinds of moments that make weddings so special.


Cute Wedding Photos - Wedgewood Weddings (1)


At weddings, there's always a few kids running around. They're either the ring bearer or flower girl, or they're just guests. But no matter what, they always manage to steal the show. With their innocence and cuteness, how could they not?


boy asleep on chairs



All too often, children are caught sleeping during weddings. It's a long day for them, and they can't help but succumb to the sandman. But when they do, it's the cutest thing ever. 


Cute Wedding Photos - Wedgewood Weddings (5)



Kids whispering at weddings is the cutest thing ever. They know something we don't. A wedding is a joyous occasion, made even more so by the presence of children. They bring an innocence and levity to the proceedings that can be contagious.


flower girl pouring drink



It's always so sweet to see kids involved in weddings, whether they're part of the ceremony or just guests. Whatever the role, you assign the children at your wedding, you know the day is richer from their presence. 


flower girl crawling under table



It's always a good idea to get the kids involved in the wedding photos. They add a touch of innocence and sweetness that is hard to resist. They will be sure to make your guests smile.

Cute Wedding Photos - Wedgewood Weddings (3)

It's always so sweet to see kids involved in weddings, whether they're part of the ceremony or just guests. They add an element of innocence and joy to the proceedings. These are a few of the cutest kid-wedding photos we've ever seen!


young boy asleep after dancing

Zonked for the day!


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