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15 Fun Wedding Day Memes

15 Funny Wedding Day Memes

When planning a wedding, we all go through every emotion possible, from choosing the venue to whisking ourselves off on the honeymoon of our dreams. Planning a wedding, organizing your life, and keeping up with your usual daily life can be a challenge. Behind every fabulous wedding photo, there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes activity that made it all possible. So, take a few minutes to LOL because you deserve it! What better way to reflect on one of the biggest days of your life than by scrolling through this list of 15 wedding planning memes that show exactly how you felt in those moments? See which wedding day meme is a reflection of your wedding!


funny wedding open bar memeCHEERS TO THAT!


pinterest wedding planning meme
You can’t have it all right?!


ryan gosling wedding meme
Make that two bottles, matter of fact – bottomless wine will do!


mason jars wedding meme
We do love our mason jars.


Can I copy your homework?
Sure, just change it a little so it doesn't look like you copied it!
Megan and Harry or Disney
Go ahead and have your Cinderella moment with your self-proclaimed prince.


wedding day pinterest dreams
A list of funny wedding memes wouldn’t be complete without reference to everyone’s favorite Pinterest DIYs


cordially invited
Everyone wants a beach wedding but forgets this is the reality #summerweddingblues


wedding photographer dog
If you were ever wanting a specialized pov of your wedding, your doggie best friend can get the job done.


parental guest list
You know it’s going to be an expensive wedding if the guest list is long enough to go on a scroll


As long as they don’t come EMPTY-HANDED, we can make an exception for this:
wedding rsvp meme



no kids - except ours
Even if your kids are “little angels,” the rules still apply on this wedding checklist


When the wedding pics are being taken, vs after the reception:
reception party photos
Girls just want to have fun right, angel? This should be the most important item on your wedding day checklist after remembering to eat


When she thinks the wedding is all about her but you're reminding her it's your day too.
get your moment
Here comes the groom(zilla)


starting our lives
POV: you forgot you still need money for life after the wedding. This notion should be among the wedding decisions you shouldn’t worry about, but one can dream!
craft supplies
We love a good DIY

Funny Wedding Day Memes Help the Planning Process

Feeling stressed during wedding planning? Don’t pull your hair out! If you feel yourself going insane while organizing your wedding, simply return to our wedding memes list and have a laugh. If all your hard work with planning doesn’t produce the picture-perfect day of your dreams, you can add it to our list!


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