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7 Advantages of Cool, Winter Weddings

7 Advantages of Cool, Winter Weddings

This spring has been incredibly hard. The coronavirus crisis feels like a gut punch and, while we all want to protect our communities and stay healthy, it’s been especially hard for anyone who had to postpone their Spring 2020 wedding. Many of you have chosen to postpone your special day to Winter 2020 or 2021, and while it wasn't your first choice, we know it'll be just as beautiful.

Today, we’re sharing why a winter wedding can be just as lovely, if not better, than a spring or summer occasion. If you're considering October – March for your wedding date, then read on!


Gorgeous, cool Weather

Wherever you are, crisp winter weather can be a massive asset for a winter wedding. The cool air means make-up doesn’t melt and hair doesn’t frizz. Snow and fog can create absolutely stunning photos. And best of all, partying inside and looking out on a chill day, creates a sense of coziness that will unite you and your guests.

A Beautiful Snowy Wedding at Black Forest

A Beautiful Snowy Wedding at Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings

Easier For Guests

Did you know guest acceptance rates for fall and winter weddings are typically far higher than summer weddings? There's a good reason for it. 

Regardless of the coronavirus crisis, winter travel and hotel rates have always been less expensive. If you need to book a block of hotel rooms, then you’ll have more leverage for a discount. Right now, flights are remarkably cheap, so it could be a good time to scoop up a winter bargainfor yourselves, and your guests.

Fall and Winter Weddings are loved by Couples and Their Guests!

Creekside in the Snow at Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

Wedding Fatigue Evaporates

We’ve all heard stories about friends with back-to-back weddings all summer long, leaving them desperate for a break, and some time to save for the next trip. Well, an out-of-season wedding means your guests will be fresh and ready to party, as your winter event is likely the only one, they’ll be attending. This matters because you want your guests to be concentrating on younot comparing you to Joel and Sarah who got married last week.

Beautiful Snowy Photo Opportunities at Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings

Out of the Ordinary

With winter weddings out of "season", that also means you'll have ample opportunities to create extra special, unique moments that you'll remember for decades.

Try switching up the featured cocktail to something warm and cozy such as a hot toddy or mulled cider? They’re fun, warming and unusual. If you’re the type of person who always counts down to Pumpkin Spice season, then there are a million ways to add your favorite autumnal flavor to your wedding. We also love a ‘hot chocolate barlet guests spike their drink with rum, Baileys, or Drambuie. For children, you can offer marshmallows and a choice of milk or white-hot chocolate. Serve with a cinnamon stirring stick and you’ve created an experience that your guests will talk about for years.

Fall and Winter Weddings are loved by Couples and Their Guests!
Gorgeous Winter Wedding Attire at Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings

Extra Glamorous

A tailored three-piece might be too much for May and June but is ideal for November or December. For brides, a luxe wrap or long upper-arm gloves are the perfect accessory. We probably don't even need to mention that cute boots are a definite winter or fall wedding possibility!

Adding faux fun, cozy blankets and space heaters for your outdoor ceremony means that all your guests will be comfy and snug!

Beautiful Winter Bridal Party at Granite Rose

Trendy Black Bridesmaid Dresses at Granite Rose by Wedgewood Weddings

Be Different

Accessorize your wedding party with matching gloves, or personalized scarves. Bring yard games inside and make them the center of the party. Make the most of winter foliage for dramatic photo opportunities. There are heaps of brilliant ideas to embrace a winter wedding and make a cooler season the shining star of your wedding theme.

One of our favorite ways to shake things up is with florals! For a fall or winter wedding, there is truly no right or wrong for your florals. If you love a tropical look, the contrast between your bouquet and crisp clue skies and bare trees can be stunning. Or you can bring in evergreen foliage or and subtle blooms to match your event to the outdoor scenery.


Bright Florals in Winter at Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings

Be Prepared

What is the key to a flawless wedding celebration? Preparation. At Wedgewood Weddings we always say: "hope for the best while being ready for the worst." Rain, sleet or hailyour team will be ready to bring your ceremony inside to keep you and your guests safe and dry. We'll make sure we have umbrellas on hand to escort you and your guests inside. 

Our wedding team also always carries an emergency kit, filled with 30+ years of experience. If hair droops or frizzes we're always on hand with a bobby pin or curler. Our team will look after you throughout your wedding whichever season you choose. We hear time and time again that couples are glad they picked fall or winter for their big date! 

Winter Skyline Wedding at Brittany Hill by Wedgewood Weddings


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