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Cucamonga Cakery Company specializes in custom-designed cakes of all kinds (emphasis on wedding, of course!).  They also create cupcakes, cookies, French macaroons, and individual desserts to  satisfy any sweets lover!

wedding cake tasting

What types of projects do you enjoy?
Favorite projects tend to be uniquely designed art showcase cake set ups – sculpted, tall works of art. Also when a bride says…”Surprise me…”  That’s the best!

ivory wedding cake

lace wedding cake

What Can Couples Do With A Limited Budget?
We work in almost any budget.  We have a pre-determined dessert reception menu for three different budgets/styles. But we are also really good at suggesting items that would be included for the couple and actually suggesting picking up other items on their own to add to the display.  Dessert sets up tend to be substantially more than a wedding cake because instead of planning for one piece of cake per person, desserts are planned for three pieces – as well as the set-up process itself takes far more time and design than setting up a wedding cake.  And when there’s a display cake AND desserts, our experience has taught us that guests will want to have a slice of cake and several pieces of dessert.

beautiful wedding dessert table

Everyone wants a gorgeous cake…and we deliver!  There is always the possibility that a couple wants a replica of an amazing art showcase cake they’ve found in a publication or on Pinterest.  As we are happy to recreate, there usually is an upgrade, however, we are also really good at working out other design options that are similar to the requested cake with only minimal or even without upgrade.

cute wedding mini cakes

Flavor Favorites?
Neapolitan filled with white chocolate mousse, snickerdoodle with a spiced cream cheese, and a decadent chocolate brownie cake filled with fudge!

We Must Know: Buttercream icing vs. fondant – Positives vs negatives
Good question!!  We create our rolled fondant from scratch each week – approximately 200 pounds of it!  And, it’s delicious.  Almost every couple enters our shop with the exact same opinion AND comment…”We don’t want that disgusting ‘fondue’ stuff – it’s awful!”  Oftentimes we change their mind because after they try ours, they order it!  We also create amazing buttercream frosting – what’s not to love?  The difference is the decorating/designing – there are some designs that just can’t be created on buttercream/and vice versa.  We try to accommodate every design request with the couples’ choice.  Once they’ve met with us, they understand the difference.

winter wedding cake

Do you have any special menu items?

  • Amazing French macaroons in any flavor/color
  • Fruit tarts
  • Ding ding dongs (yes! Only WAY better than the original)
  • Stellar gingerbread houses and structures you’ve ever seencolorful wedding dessert table

What Can A Couple Expect When They Meet With You?
An appointment is set for each couple for a design/tasting consultation.  During the appointment, the couple sits down to a delicious crystal plate of cake slices and coffee, tea, or bottled water.  We go over all their ideas and sketch a picture or attach one if it’s a photo.  They chose their flavor, colors, floral placement, etc.

What’s Trending?
We are loving the dessert requests and the naked cakes!

themed wedding cookies

Any simple DIY favorites?

  • Cake risers constructed of upside-down wine/water glasses
  • Use home items or their moms/grandmas homes for unique pieces!
  • Etsy for custom cake toppers
  • We also make sure a couples’ cake table is set up perfectly before we leave a venue!tuxedo wedding desserts

What is the best to save your cake top for your anniversary?
It’s all about getting the air out of the box, wrapping twice in plastic bags and freezing very soon after the wedding.  Then, when it’s time to celebrate that one year anniversary, you place the cake in its’ wrapping at least 4 days ahead, then on the final day take it out of the fridge to display and eat.

glamorous wedding cake

(*Consult with your bakery for FDA approved instructions)



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