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Essential Wedding Cake Trends

Essential Wedding Cake Trends

There are so many options when it comes to choosing a wedding cake - this is not your simple "chocolate or vanilla" birthday cake decision! Wedding cakes come in a large variety of flavors, frosting types, colors, shapes, and décor options.  The options are endless and all available to you in order to make your cake both delicious, beautiful, and unique. Scroll through our favorite trends for sweet tooth inspiration. 


Simple and classic cakes are always a popular choice


Select Your Cake Style 

The look of your cake should be cohesive with the rest of your wedding style. So, we recommend planning the look of your cake after you have your wedding theme or vibe locked in. That way, you know your cake will be complementary to the overall style you're trying to stay within - and that'll give you more time to think about flavor!

These elements can serve as a blueprint for the design and structure of your wedding cake. Try to choose a cake that's compatible with the style of your venue, the season, your flower arrangements, or the menu.

Consider including unique décor on your cake in order to match our theme. Having an industrial vibe? Try copper piping like in this featured photo! Tropical theme? Add tropical flowers, banana palms, or pineapple slices. Ask your baker what the most unique or creative thing they've done before is - they'll love a fun twist!

Naked cakes are also very popular, especially if your wedding has a rustic feel. A naked cake uses less frosting than your standard cake, which can be an ideal option for couples who don't have a big sweet tooth. 



Choose the Right Frosting 


Buttercream or fondant?

That's the main question. Buttercream is often more delicious, but if you love the smooth look of fondant, consider frosting the cake in buttercream first and then adding a layer of fondant over top.

Cream cheese is a top contender: 

Cream cheese frosting is a more savory option that pairs well with a number of cake flavors, including red velvet and spiced cakes (think: carrot cake). Citrus flavors, like orange or lemon, can also be added to cream cheese to complement your cake flavor.

You can also go for a ganache:

A decadently rich frosting with a fudgy texture made from chocolate and cream. Even though it's dark brown in color, you can ask your baker to make it wedding-worthy with colorful fruit. Or ask for a white chocolate version, which can be dyed practically any shade!

Whipped cream for a hint of sweetness:

Whipped cream is another popular option for couples who want a light frosting with just a hint of sweetness. Whipped cream frosting works especially well for indoor, air-conditioned weddings and weddings in cooler climates.

A lesser-known option is a Swiss meringue:

An icing made by whipping egg whites together with sugar. It's less popular for wedding cakes (which you might consider an added perk) and has a light and fuzzy appearance that makes it look whimsical and romantic. Not to mention, your guests will love the airy marshmallow flavor, which pairs perfectly with fruit-based cakes and fillings like lemon, raspberry, or strawberry.

Think About Climate

If you're having an outdoor wedding in a hot climate, steer clear of whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream: they melt. For summer options, consider a fondant-covered cake which holds up a lot better against the heat.

This definitely doesn't mean you're expected to be a cake expert and understand which frosting types work best in any given climate! Rely on your baker to know to advise you and know which cake types will last in certain wedding conditions.

Selecting Your Cake Structure

When choosing your cake structure, there are a variety of both traditional and non-traditional options. Your baker can help you select a custom structure that fits both your theme and guest count.

Bride and groom cake pops - wedgewood weddings


Multi-Tiered Cake:

A multi-tiered wedding cake is the most common option for a wedding cake. Traditionally, the couple saves the top tier of the cake to enjoy on their first anniversary while the remainder of the cake is enjoyed by guests on the day of the wedding.

Single-Tier Cake: 

single-tier cakes are growing in popularity and offer a minimalist approach to the traditional wedding cake. The single-tier cake can be designed to match your wedding decor, with a second sheet cake created for the enjoyment of your guests.

Cupcake Display:

many couples have chosen to forego the standard tiered cake in favor of a cupcake display. Cupcakes are a perfect single-serving option that can be displayed in a variety of unique ways. They can also be used to complement a single-tier wedding cake. 

Unique Cake Alternatives: 

some couples choose to skip the cake altogether, opting for a display that is unique to their own tastes. The French Croquembouche, a patisserie confection made with cream puffs and spun sugar, has grown in popularity in recent years. Another alternative is a "cheese" cake - layers of cheese wheels displayed similar to a wedding cake. Tiered donuts, macarons, cake pops, cookies, or cannoli displays are another fun way to incorporate your favorite dessert on your big day. 

Naked Cakes are on-trend for boho style weddings

Naked Cakes are on-trend for boho style weddings


Do you want a cake topper?

A classic figurine is an ever-popular choice, but more couples are using the cake topper (and even cake stand) as a moment of personalization on their day.

Choose something that represents you as a couple, like a clay model of your pet, figurines of your favorite fictional characters, or a chic monogrammed acrylic pedestal.

If you have an heirloom piece — especially a fine porcelain antique — work with your baker to integrate it into an appropriate design so that it is securely placed. 

Other alternatives: a bouquet of sugar flowers, a cascade of icing ribbons, or even a sugar block carved out to reveal your new monogram.

Creative Cake Toppers add a personal touch in a cute and subtle way

Creative Cake Toppers add a personal touch in a cute and subtle way



There are no wrong answers when it comes to selecting a wedding cake - it's cake! It'll be delicious and a memorable part of your wedding day no matter the flavor or frosting type. Above all, stay true to what you and your fiancé want and ask your baker about an anniversary tier!

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