Wedding Plan Task List Series | Father of the Bride

It is great to have your father close by to help you with your wedding plans, especially when you need his advice and support. See our list of most beneficial tasks for the Father of the Bride!

bride and father of the bride walking down the aisle

□ Let your friends and family know where you’re registered for wedding gifts

□ Help the mother of the bride

□ Attend special events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.

□ Key details, budget decisions and support

father daughter wedding dance

□ Moral support and wedding counselling – things can get a little crazy but there’s nothing that dad can’t fix!

□ Greet family and friends at the wedding venue

□ Walk the bride down the aisle

□ Prepare a toast to the bride and groom and thanking guests

□ Dance with the bride at the wedding reception

□ Play host at the wedding and enjoy this special day!

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