Wedding Plan Task List Series| Mother of the Bride

It is great to have someone there to help you with your wedding plans, especially when your mom is eager to help and be part of your special day! See our list of most beneficial tasks for your mother!

□ Go shopping with you for your wedding dress

□ Help search for the perfect wedding venue!
bride and groom laughing at their reception

□ Offer to help you with your pre-wedding to-do list items

□ Attend special events such as the bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.

□ “Don’t forget Aunt Meryl!” guest list help and RSVPs

mother of the bride

□ Help you with your dress and check for final details

□ Offer the advice that only your mother can give

□ Key details, budget decisions and support

□ Greet your wedding guests

□ Walk down the aisle with the usher by her side

bride getting ready

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