Wedding Experts Share Their Favorite Wedding Stories

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Our team members here at Wedgewood Weddings work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure your wedding day is everything you dreamed of. Many of our own members have had their own wonderful weddings to inspire them each and every day. They work so hard to deliver memorable, flawless weddings for our customers, and rarely get to share their own stories. Today, we're turning the tables and asking our team to share some fond memories from their own wedding days.



First Look Memory at Galway Downs, CA

A Beautiful First Look at Galway Downs


Love At First Look

Rachel from the beautiful Stonetree Estate in Novato, CA recalls the first look between her and her spouse on their wedding day:

“The flood of emotions that happened when we first saw each other that day, it was a reminder about what it's all about the beginning of life together!” - Rachel, Stonetree Estate



Picture Perfect

Roxanne, one of our planning experts at San Ramon Waters, shares her favorite memory of a traditional ceremony first look – and her photographers even captured the moment perfectly for them.

“I'll never forget the moment I first locked eyes with my soon-to-be husband as I walked down the aisle. All of my butterflies and nerves washed away as he broke into the sweetest awe-inspired smile. I had 2 photographers specifically to capture both of our faces at that climactic moment. What we ended up with were two perfect photos of our excitement. In the photo of me, my dad is looking at my face while I look at my husband and my husband’s two brothers (groomsmen) are looking at his face as he looks at me.” - Roxanne, San Ramon Waters



A Surprise Proposal

While Rachel and Roxanne enjoyed the first look between themselves and their significant others, many of our Wedgewood Wedding team members remember special moments involving their family – even a surprise proposal!

Alex from Brittany Hill shared an especially heart-warming story:

“My sister and brother-in-law were waiting to get engaged until after our wedding had happened and we all knew it! At my reception during the bouquet toss, all the girls cleared the floor so I could turn around and hand my bouquet to my new sister-in-law. Her fiancé was on one knee behind her and proposed at our wedding! We planned it that MORNING and looking back at the video makes me tear up – it was just a beautiful moment and shows so beautifully how much respect we have for each other!” - Alex, Brittany Hill



Fatherly Serenade

Katie from Colorado also shared a touching family moment that involving the many father-figures in her life:

“My dad joined an acappella group 46 years ago. He has been singing with an amazing group of men my entire life. During my wedding ceremony, my dad and the six other original members of the group, all of whom have been father figures to me since I was a young girl sang us a song. It was absolutely beautiful and everyone still talks about it.”
- Katie, Mountain View Ranch



From all the wedding stories that we've heard, one thing is abundantly clear: the best and most memorable moments of your wedding will be the ones that celebrate the love you share with your spouse, friends and family. We cherish elaborate decor, timeless traditions and huge reception to celebrate, but at the end of the day, it's the love that matters.

“It was us being in one big room with literally everyone we love together for the first and only time ever in our lives. We didn’t need the fancy details; we just needed our loved ones.” - Roxanne, San Ramon Waters




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