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Why Colorful Weddings are On Trend This Year

Why Colorful Weddings are On Trend This Year

Couples want their wedding day to be a fantastic occasion, and everything from the guest list to their theme is carefully decided. One item in particular that they decide on is their color palette. Your chosen colors influence the atmosphere and set the tone of your wedding. They also help you paint a picture of what your wedding will look like.

Instead of sticking to the traditional white wedding, many couples now add colors to their weddings to make them more personalized and memorable. According to a survey, 81% of couples incorporated a specific color scheme into their special day. 
Furthermore, colorful weddings are more attractive and Instragramable. Couples post many pictures of their wedding on social media, inspiring others to do the same theme or concept for their wedding. 
Let's explore why colorful weddings are becoming more popular and essential.

Colors - Raspberry

Importance of a Wedding Color Scheme

The wedding color motif is one of the most debatable things in preparing for a wedding. Couples talk often before deciding on a color or colors for their wedding. These hues reflect the relationship and characteristics of the couple. They also indicate how you see your future marriage.

Furthermore, it helps set the tone for your special day. It also makes it easier to establish the decorations, design the invitation, and choose everything from bridesmaid dresses to flowers.

Choosing a color scheme is also crucial when creating a cohesive wedding theme. It can be a general guide for the atmosphere and feel of your wedding day. For example, use pastels to build a romantic, airy setting or dark jewel tones for a dramatic and regal effect.

Some brides choose their colors according to their wedding theme. For example, pink and lavender are standard colors for a garden wedding. Meanwhile, blue and green are ideal for a beach wedding. Black and red are also famous for those who want a more unique and appealing wedding theme.

Popular Wedding Colors

When choosing a color for your wedding, always consider your personalities. Which color matches your characteristics and relationship?

Here are some popular wedding colors nowadays that you should consider.


Gold has been a popular wedding color for the past few years. It gives a luxurious and classic atmosphere. It also offers an extra sparkle to your special day.

Spring Wedding at the Secret Garden by Wedgewood Weddings

Couples can use this gold in various ways. It works for an earthy outdoor wedding or a glamorous reception. Adding burgundy to the decorations can enhance it in a vintage wedding.

Gold is also ideal for a sophisticated modern type wedding. Consider adding royal blue or white to add a touch of elegance.

Dark blue

Dark blue tones, such as indigo, navy, and midnight blue, appeal to couples who want a classic wedding look with a bit of color. It is rich and bold, and you can incorporate it into your big day in different ways.

You may combine it with gold, lavender, burgundy, or dusty blue to add more flavor to your wedding concept. For example, the dark blue and dusty blue combo is great for summer weddings. However, if you like pastel colors, use a combination of navy and lavender. These two colors complement each other perfectly.


Green is a popular wedding color scheme for younger couples. It provides a warm, friendly atmosphere representing nature, health, peace, and tranquility.

Additionally, green provides a welcoming and refreshing change to wedding color schemes. This color is versatile as it looks good year-round and works for almost every wedding style, from romantic gardens to classic black-tie events.

Colors - DeepGreen - JeffJeff

If you are into dark and dramatic shades of green, you may use forest or emerald green for your wedding. Your bridesmaids can wear dark shades of green, or you may wear emerald jewelry.

Mint and sage green are great colors for your invitations and bouquets. It can even be an excellent choice as embellishments for your wedding gown if you want something more subtle to match your decorations.


Pink is a specific wedding color associated with romantic themes and spring. You can show your playful personality with a light pink and magenta palette.


Colors - PinkLilac - Kristen


Combining hot pink and peach tones creates an appealing look to make your decors stand out. You can also use soft pastel pinks to create a more romantic atmosphere. Furthermore, you can use cream or pink accents for bridesmaid dresses and bouquets.

Meanwhile, dusty pink is an excellent choice if you prefer a muted and delicate color for your special day. It is a popular choice for weddings with an old-fashioned or country feel.

Deep-Sea Blue

The deep sea wedding color is also known as teal or turquoise blue. It is an appealing color that creates an airy atmosphere and is ideal for an ocean theme wedding.

You may use it alone or combine it with other colors, such as bright yellow, white, or purple. You may create a wedding arch with blue, burgundy, and yellow flowers if you have an outdoor wedding.

Furthermore, your bridesmaids may style their teal and white flower crowns to make a polished and fresh look.


Mauve is an amazing color for a serene summer wedding concept. It is a gorgeous, muted shade of light purple with a slight tinge of gray. It is not too bold and not too purple or too pink.

Aside from being popular in women's fashion, this subtle color has become increasingly desired for weddings. Couples often pair it with neutral, muted tones like brown, white, and gray.

The mauve color scheme is ideal for you if you are having your wedding in a garden, historic estate, or park. It is also ideal for fall weddings.


The marigold color scheme is lovely for summer weddings. You may mix it with pink, green, and blue and incorporate it into your decorations. This color scheme is playful and prominent and oozes the feeling of happiness and positivity. That is why it is also popular in children's fashion and clothing.

Suppose you have a classic outdoor wedding in a vineyard, historic mansion, or country club. In that case, the marigold color scheme suits you the most. Combining marigold, navy, and gray creates a more appealing concept. The bright color of yellow complements the dark shade of navy and soft gray, which makes them an outstanding combination.

How To Make Your Wedding Colorful

If you want to make your wedding colorful and vibrant, here are some ideas to make your big day unique and unforgettable.

1. Choose bright wedding bouquets

Bouquets are essential to a wedding. They add style or a touch of pizzazz to your entire look. Bright wedding bouquets can provide that splash of color to your wedding motif.

To make your bouquet stand out, make sure your wedding dress is simple and doesn't have too many sparkles or details. These elements may ruin the look you are going after with your bright and colorful bouquets.

If you want a tasteful wedding, you must create balance and harmony in everything, even with your choice of colors and flowers.



2. Use vivid wedding stationery

Create festive vibes at first glance with pretty and colorful wedding stationery. This will get the attention of your guests.

You can use various colors and textures while keeping them balanced and harmonious. Go for colors that complement each other, like shades of brown and orange for a fall theme or emerald and pale yellow for spring,

3. Provide a beautiful wedding backdrop

Photos are a great way to remember your special day. One of the best ways to get tons of these is by providing your guests with a beautiful backdrop where they can take pictures.

Depending on your wedding theme or motif, you can choose a backdrop depicting your favorite beach at sunset or a field of colorful wildflowers. This vivid backdrop for your photo booth can help create fabulous pictures. It can also make your wedding photos Instagrammable.

4. Go for a vibrant ceremony venue

Create a breathtaking setup for your wedding by adding a unique and unexpected touch to your ceremony venue. Going vibrant right from the start will impress your guests.

Colored streamers along the aisle can add fun to your ceremony venue. A ceremony arch with colorful flowers is also a great idea. You may choose pastels for that soft touch of color. You can also use bright orange or red hues for a festive atmosphere.

5. Infuse colors into your wedding bar

Another way to make your wedding vibrant is by displaying colorful cocktail mixes, bottles, and drinks in the bar. Cocktail mixes, like margaritas, rum punches, and martinis, are ideal drinks to display in your wedding bar as they come in vibrant hues. You can also ask the barista to prepare drinks that match your wedding color scheme.

Additionally, you can decorate the bar with bright flowers, such as hydrangeas and sweet peas, to make it more festive. Structures with colorful materials, backgrounds, and covers are also great ideas.

6. Go bright with your table setting

Colorful weddings can allow you to exercise your creativity. You can go for bright wedding table settings to add festivity to your reception.

Use vibrant-colored glassware and serve ware for your table setting, depending on your wedding colors. You can also have colorful table covers or napkins to make your reception more cheerful.

Instead of classic white candles for your centerpiece, opt for colored candles to take your centerpieces to a new level. Wooden lanterns are also a great addition to your table setting to warm the atmosphere.


7. Order a colorful wedding cake

Your wedding will only be complete with a cake. A cake in vibrant hues can make your big day more joyful. A watercolor rainbow cake or one covered in multi-colored sprinkles is also great for a colorful wedding.

If you have a specific color scheme for your wedding, you can choose a cake that matches your motif. Colored wedding cakes are becoming more popular nowadays, so don't be afraid to explore your options.

However, if you still want a classic white cake for your wedding, you can have a vibrant dessert table to add more colors to your reception. You can have colorful flowers or decorations as centerpieces here.



Go Colorful With Your Wedding

A wedding can be extraordinary when you and your partner make it more personalized and memorable. You can select a wedding color scheme that reflects your personality and relationship. Although an all-white wedding is beautiful, adding color to yours can bring an exciting and more appealing take on your union. 


Guest Contributor: Ivan Serrano

Ivan has been a technology and business writer since 2015. He loves our constantly evolving, fast-paced society and finding new ways to integrate that into amazing content that teaches the readers something new. 


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