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Tasty, On-Trend Wedding Cake Ideas

Tasty, On-Trend Wedding Cake Ideas

Need wedding cake inspiration? Take a look at these delicious and stylish cakes that have graced our cake tables recently. Depending on your theme, these wedding cake decoration and flavor ideas may inspire your wedding cake design!purple ombré Wedgewood Weddings cake

What’s trendy and beautiful? We've seen many show-stopping cake trends this year with beautiful designs that are sure to inspire! From ombré to sparkles, there are so many gorgeous cakes that we just had to share in our blog of tastefully trendy cakes! Here you'll find different takes on what a traditional cake should look like and how it can be flavored, the history of wedding cakes and the face smash phenomenon, and plenty more. 

Global Wedding Cake Trends

The most traditional American wedding cake design is usually white through and through. Classic wedding cakes are traditionally white cake frosted with white vanilla buttercream. For added yumminess, add a fruit filling like raspberry preserves. 

Over in Europe, you'll see fruit cakes with marzipan and royal icing (designed to keep well and taste wonderful on your anniversary). Spanish wedding cakes are more often sponge and a cream filling which is traditionally an almond nougat flavor.

succulent white Wedgewood Weddings cake

Completely different from the tiered cake we usually see, loukoumia tou gamou are Cypriot wedding cakes, individually sized and handed out in Cyprus after the ceremony instead of bombonieres (favours).

In Scandinavia, wedding cakes are not made of fruit or sponge but a large number of almond flavored pastries, similar to macaroons or stacked profiteroles, which form a circular tower. Known as Kransakaka, the center is sometimes filled with chocolate or aquavit – the popular Scandinavian liqueur.

In Latin America expect classic South American deserts transformed into towers with flavors and styles like, tres leches, chocoflan, churro cake, rogel, torta de mil hojas, natilla and postre chaja.

In China couples usually do not have one single cake but lots of small ones known as “Bridal Cakes”. These are served in pairs to emphasize the fact that two people are becoming one. Expect to see the cakes in a variety of textures like egg pastry, lotus seed pastry or mung bean pastry.

naked fruit wedding cake

A recent trend in the US that works for rustic weddings and is creating it's own tradition is skipping the frosting all together. Naked cakes are the new biggest trend in wedding cake design. This is when the edges of the cake are exposed, and the entire wedding cake is basically naked (without frosting or fondant).


Wedding Cake Folklore


Let's step back in time to find the origins of wedding cake traditions.

In ancient Rome, marriages were sealed when the groom smashed a barleycake over the bride's head. The groom would break the scone-like cake over the bride's head believing that this act ensured a life of good fortune and fertility. Instead of receiving plated slices, guests scrambled for crumbs, hoping to taste prosperity for themselves.

When Emperor Claudius invaded Britain in 43 AD, his battalions brought the tradition with him. This was combined with a pagan ritual that expressed fertility via grain seeds and bread with guests (gently?) tossing bread at the bride to improve the likelihood of healthy offspring.

In medieval England, sweet baked goods like buns, biscuits and scones, were piled high and presented to newlyweds. English folklore held that if the couple could kiss over the buns without tipping the mound, they would enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

wedding cakeObviously times changed, and in the 16th century, a bride’s pie was served. Different from the modern sweet wedding cake, bride pie is savory with a pastry crust and filled an assortment of sweet meats, dried fruit and pine kernels. 

Back to how a cake or pie was made: using the highest quality ingredients available was meant to ensure a long and happy life together so a beautiful and tasty wedding cake was an investment in your future.

The cutting of the cake represents the first activity done as a couple (although historically the bride did this act alone to symbolize the loss of her virginity). The second act of the traditional cake cutting ceremony is when the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake. This symbolizes a commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection.

succulent Wedgewood Weddings cake

Cake toppers were first introduced in the 20th century. The story goes that it was first used when the daughter of a baker was getting married. She asked her dad to create a symbol of her love that everyone could see. Adding a cake topper became popular in America in the 1950s and is a longstanding trend offering infinite ways to personalize your cake. 


Wedding Cake FlAvors


Vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream is a classic for a reason and we think it will always rule as the most popular wedding cake flavor. As a richer alternative to vanilla, chocolate cake also reigns supreme at weddings. The indulgent dessert is often complemented with buttercream, caramel, or raspberry. Variations of chocolate cake, including white choc, dark chocolate, and German chocolate, also share the spotlight.

burlap wedding cakeMost bakers offer gluten-free cake options and a surprising number can create a vegan cake if requested. All these suggested flavors work great with any dietary restrictions and are guaranteed crowd pleasers. 

Do you want to round out your celebration with a boozy cake - ask you baker to add rum flavoring for a Caribbean twist or accent the main flavors with amaretto or bourbon. There are lots of options for a rich cake flavor that do or do not use liquor - flavoring options can often give a stronger taste and only the appearance of a spirits so an alcohol flavored cake is often actually alcohol free.. 

For a more unusual flavor, go with citrus like lime and kumquat, or flowers like rose or elderflower. Chai spices are another great option and espresso is increasingly popular. We love espresso with walnut! We're increasingly seeing fruit decoration and vegetables incorporated into cakes too. Adding beetroot to chocolate cake creates a moist masterpiece and a classic carrot and raison cake is always a crowd pleaser. 

Try coconut and guava or vanilla cream with mango for delicious, fresh flavors and incorporate fruit colors into your décor. Alternatively berries add zing to a cake and we love adding blueberries into the cake rather than using them just as part of the decoration. In fact a marble cake that blends two flavors with different colored batter always attracts wows from the crowd!

blue and white gorgeous wedding cake at Wedgewood Weddings

Not sure which flavor to choose? Pick multiple. You can go with different flavor tiers or we've even seen half tiers where a baker placed different flavors alongside each other to make a whole. The other option for lots of flavors is cupcakes which can be arranged on a tiered cake stand with one giant cupcake for you to slice. 

Wedding Cake Shapes

As you'd expect, these have evolved over time so, going back to the bride pie, let's look at the history of wedding cake form and shape.

"A ring was traditionally placed in the pie, and the lady who found it would be the next to marry. ... IPersonal-Pie-Favor-1024x768n the seventeenth century bride pie developed into bride cake, the predecessor of the modern wedding cake. Fruited cakes, as symbols of fertility and prosperity, gradually became the centerpieces for weddings. A much less costly bride cake took the simpler form of two large rounds of shortcrust pastry sandwiched together with currants and sprinkled with sugar on the top."

 -- from Carol Wilson, Gastronomica

Maybe surprisingly, we see wedding pies making a comeback with a selection of individual or sliced pies often provided as dessert or late night snack. but nowadays a round cake with two or three tiers is standard wedding fare. 

Square, petal and hexagonal cakes make an appearance now and then. We also see sculpted wedding cakes which create a huge wow-factor.  A newer look is a staircase tier which, rather than centering tiers, aligns them to one side. This can be simple and dramatic or allow more space for décor. 

                            Whatever cake style and flavor you choose, we're sure you'll enjoy every bite!


red roses romantic wedding cake


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