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32 Amazing First Dance Song Ideas

32 Amazing First Dance Song Ideas

Get ready to twirl, dip, and sway into married life with this incredible collection of 32 unique and fun songs for your first dance! We've curated a diverse playlist that spans multiple genres, ensuring there's a tune that wholeheartedly captures your love story and style as a couple.

From classic ballads to contemporary hits, this list has it all. Imagine gliding across the dance floor to a timeless love song or surprising your guests with an upbeat, choreographed number that showcases your playful side. Whether you prefer the infectious rhythms of pop and R&B, the nostalgic vibe of an old classic, or the heartfelt lyrics of a country ballad, you'll find a song that will set the stage for a memorable moment.

Take a spin through this carefully crafted selection of songs, and discover the right song to mark the beginning of your happily ever after!


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Top First Dance Songs for Every Couple
  1. "Love on Top" by Beyoncé: With its upbeat tempo and joyful lyrics, this song is a great choice for couples who want a lively first dance.
  2. "Coming Home" by Leon Bridges: An inspired choice that merges soulful rhythm and blues with a nostalgic touch of vintage pop for a memorable first dance.
  3. "Stay With You" by John Legend: This track stands out due to its heartfelt lyrics about being together for the long haul. 
  4. "Better Together" by Jack Johnson: Its laid-back acoustic guitar, soothing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics beautifully encapsulate the essence of love and partnership
  5. "This Is It" by Scotty McCreery: A gorgeous song inspired by the artist's own proposal! This hits on that amazing feeling that you've found your person forever. 
  6. "Butterflies" by Kacey Musgraves: This track seamlessly blends country and pop and captivates listeners with its soothing energy.
  7. "Dancin' In The Moonlight" by Toploader: This rendition of the classic immerses listeners in its infectious rhythm and uplifting melody - a great choice for a faster, more upbeat song. 
  8. "Best Part" by Daniel Caesar feat. H.E.R.: This soulful duet captures the essence of finding the best in one another, making it a beautiful and modern choice for a first dance.
  9. "If I Ain't Got You" by Alicia Keys: A classic for a reason, this song flawlessly intertwines soulful R&B with heartfelt pop, exuding an undeniable depth of emotion and resonance.
  10. "At Last" by Etta James: The quintessential classic, perfect for a moment of pure romance and deep connection.
  11. "By Your Side," by Sade: With its soothing melody and reassuring lyrics, this song is for couples who find strength and peace in each other's love.
  12. "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran: The heartfelt lyrics and enchanting melody celebrate the love and unity between two souls.
  13. "The Bones" by Maren Morris: A masterful blend of country and pop, this song carries a message about the strength and resilience of a devoted partnership.
  14. "Can't Help Falling in Love" by Elvis Presley: A timeless declaration of love, offering a smooth and classic rhythm for your first dance.
  15. "Conversations In The Dark" by John Legend: This beautiful song expresses comfort, tenderness, and recognition of a partner who feels like home.
  16. "Speechless" by Dan & Shay: With promises of unwavering devotion and affection enduring through all circumstances, this song resonates for couples during their first dance. 
  17. "All of Me" by John Legend: A modern ballad of deep affection and vulnerability, perfect for couples seeking an intimate first dance.
  18. "Baby I'm Yours" by The Arctic Monkeys: A remake of the classic, this is an excellent choice for couples hoping for a charming and nostalgic first dance song. 
  19. "You and Me" by Dave Matthews Band: A fantastic option for rock fans, this blend of rock and acoustic folk reflects the profound connection between two people deeply in love.
  20. "Joy Of My Life" by Chris Stapleton: A country and blues track known for its husky, soulful vocals and stripped-down style.
  21. "Make You Feel My Love" by Adele: A powerful ballad of devotion and support, ideal for a deeply emotional first dance.
  22. "Lover" by Taylor Swift: A whimsical and romantic song, embodying the sweetness of love in its purest form.
  23. "Sweetest Devotion" by Adele: A powerful ballad that envelopes listeners in its emotive lyrics and captivating melody.
  24. "You Send Me" by Aretha Franklin: A timeless and soulful R&B classic. You can't go wrong with Aretha's iconic vocal prowess.
  25. "Thinking Bout You" by Ariana Grande: This track offers a smooth and soulful option, with its intimate lyrics and gentle melody setting a romantic tone for a modern first dance.
  26. "Die A Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett: A country song with a modern twist, its sincere lyrics about lifelong love make it an excellent choice for a first dance, reflecting the joy and depth of finding 'the one.'
  27. "Crazy Love" by Van Morrison: A soulful and eclectic blend of R&B, blues, and rock, this acoustic melody channels a pure reverence for crazy, all-consuming love.
  28. "Dream A Little Dream of Me" by The Mamas and The Papas: This 60's soft-rock uses the group's signature lush harmonies to transport you to a world of romance and longing.
  29. "Our Love Is Here to Stay" by Billie Holiday: This song’s lyrical promise of enduring love offers a smooth, soulful backdrop for a moment of deep connection.
  30. "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton: A soft rock ballad that celebrates the beauty and grace of your partner, making for an intimate first dance.
  31. "My Best Friend" by Tim McGraw: This country song reflects the deep friendship and enduring love that forms the foundation of your relationship.
  32. "Forever and Ever, Amen" by Randy Travis: A country love ballad with gentle acoustic guitar, the title itself summarizes the essence - promising faithful, lifelong love 

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Personalizing Your First Dance: Tips and Ideas
  • Unique Song Arrangements: Explore custom edits or acoustic versions of your chosen song to match the ambiance of your wedding.

  • Incorporate Live Music: A live performance of your song adds a personal touch and can boost the emotional impact of your dance.

  • Choreographed Moves: Consider adding choreographed elements to your dance to surprise and delight your guests, reflecting your personalities.

First Dance Song Insights from Wedding Music Professionals

Choosing a song that mirrors your relationship while ensuring it's danceable is key. Experts advise focusing on the lyrics, tempo, and length of the song. A personal favorite might need adjustments to fit the dance floor, so collaboration with your DJ or band is essential for a smooth and memorable performance.

Common First Dance Song Questions

Bride and Groom First Dance -  Boulder Creek by Wedgewood Weddings-1Q: How do we pick a song that feels unique to us?

A: Reflect on moments, memories, or lyrics that hold special meaning to your relationship. A unique first dance song is one that tells your story and resonates with your emotions.

Q: Should we choose a popular song or something more obscure?

A: The choice between a well-known song and a lesser-known track depends on your personal connection to the music and its ability to convey your feelings. Both can make for a memorable first dance.

Q: Can we mix genres for our first dance song?

A: Absolutely! Mixing genres can add a dynamic and personal touch to your first dance, showcasing the diversity of your musical tastes and personalities.


Making Your First Dance Uniquely Yours

Your first dance is an intimate expression of your love and commitment. This guide aims to provide you with a rich selection of songs and valuable advice to help you choose a track that not only sets the tone for your celebration but also holds a special place in your hearts. Remember, the most important aspect of your first dance is the connection between you and your partner. Let your chosen song reflect the depth of your bond and the joy of your wedding day, creating a moment that you and your guests will cherish forever.


Looking for a song that's a little rarer and more unique? Check out our guide to not-cliche songs for your first dance.

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