Spring 2020 Wedding Date? What Covid-19 Means For You

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The pandemic has hit America hard, but we're all working together to prioritize health. Due to the social gathering restrictions, this means anyone who planned for their wedding to take place this spring needs to reschedule their wedding date. Postponing public gatherings like weddings is an industry-wide phenomenon and completely unprecedented. 

As of April 3, 2020 the following is the best recommendation for any one with a spring 2020 wedding date:

  • Couples with April events are postponed based on local ordinances and CDC guidance.
  • Couples with an event planned in May can postpone their event if they wish.
  • All events scheduled in June and beyond might be able to go ahead as planned - there is no need to postpone.


Are You a Wedgewood Weddings' Couple? 

We'll do everything we can to support you! You have your pick of any date at any of our venues, with no restrictions. You can book this year, next year, or any year you choose. 

Not sure which date to pick? That's understandable. You're welcome to wait. There is no pressure to choose your replacement date until you feel ready. That means that you can sit back, focus on keeping your loved ones close, and press pause on all your wedding activities for now. We'll even help you contact your vendors if they're part of our preferred partner network.


How to Contact Wedgewood Weddings

Due to the urgency of the situation, the best way to contact your venue team is by email. Send a note detailing your inquiry. Sharing more information now means we can help you faster. Although we have closed our on-site offices, all our teams can arrange a video call via Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype, so you can still talk face to face if you wish.


Not a Wedgewood Weddings' Couple? 

We've been keeping an eye on the industry: all venues have either closed short-term or are recommending rescheduling. Like us, they want to help keep you and your guests safe. 

If your event date is soon, reach out to your venue, vendors, and any suppliers involved with your wedding to ask what they recommend. Your wedding team can decide how best to postpone by working together.

One extra thing to bear in mind: since this is industry-wide, there are thousands of people across the USA in the same predicament as you. While everyone you speak with is sure to be incredibly understanding, we're all trying to help people with original event dates in the next two weeks first. 

If your event date is later in the year (summer, fall, or winter), please consider waiting before you reach out. The good news is that as your event date draws closer, we should all have a better understanding of how long the crisis will last. 


Your Wedding Will Still be Glorious

Although changing your wedding date is hard, likely your wedding will be just as beautiful as you originally planned. 

Remember that whenever or wherever your wedding ultimately takes place, your loved ones will support you. Until then, relish being engaged to your best friend for a little longer.


Make Time Now for Self-Care, As a Couple

As your original wedding date came closer, we're sure your emotional investment multiplied each day. The coronavirus crisis is a catastrophe, and we all need to protect each other, but it's okay to grieve for your original wedding plans. This is a terrible situation, and the upheaval understandably creates an emotional rollercoaster. 

Give yourself time to embrace all your feelings before you reach acceptance. Now is the time to focus on each other, support your emotional needs, and escape into your relationship. 






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