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Spotlight on Megan Simpson Photography in Denver, CO

Spotlight on Megan Simpson Photography in Denver, CO

Are you ready to see some beautiful wedding photos? Well, get ready, because today we're super excited to chat with one of our absolute favorite wedding photographers in Colorado, Megan Simpson. Megan has a gift for capturing that perfect golden light at every wedding she shoots, resulting in gorgeously romantic photos that showcase the best of every moment and every couple. While she's based in her hometown of Estes Park, she also photographs weddings in Boulder, Fort Collins, and throughout Denver. We adore her focus on making sure that you get to experience all of your wedding day with the people that matter most: your friends and family. We're so excited to learn more about Megan and her unique approach to wedding photography. Let's get started! 


Joyous Wedding Party at Tapestry House, CO | Photo by Megan Simpson

a joyous wedding party celebrates at the tapestry house in fort collins, co


Hi, Megan! We're so pleased to chat with you today.
Tell us about your photography business. When did you get started?

I started Megan Simpson Photography in 2011. After traveling the world from Las Vegas to New Zealand, I was ready to settle into that tiny town life that I grew up with. I moved back to Colorado with my now-husband, our two little ones, and a dream of starting a wedding photography business. I did just that! 

As a photographer, I am focused on helping you keep your energy dedicated to what matters mostyour wedding and the people who mean everything to you! Beautiful photos, beautiful memories, that's what it's all about. It's really the greatest job in the world.


What is it about weddings that keep you coming back for more?

Elopements are becoming more and more popular in Colorado and although I enjoy photographing them, I love capturing the families and friends that come together at weddings. Big, crazy, wild weddings are my favorite. I love when it feels like a big reunion. These photos will be the ones that carry stories forward to the next generations. Most of us know our grandparents and great-grandparents through their wedding photos and I love the thought of capturing images that will become mementos for generations.


A Romantic Winter Wedding at Tapestry House by Wedgewood Weddings

stunning winter wedding ceremony at tapestry house in fort collins, co


How would you describe your photography style?

I love warm, happy photos. I don't necessarily edit my photos with extra warmth but on the wedding day, I am consistently looking for that golden light!


What's the most important piece that all engaged couples need to hear?

Don't be afraid to hire someone to make decisions for you. Or to find a venue that takes things off your plate! I think couples don't realize the amount of planning and decisions that go into a wedding day. Picking napkins? Not for everyonehaving someone who just does that for you is wonderful.


What's in your camera bag?

I'm a Canon girland as far as lenses my 50mm and 35mm are my go-to!


A Romantic First Dance at Black Forest by Wedgewood Weddings

a romantic first dance under the golden chandelier at black forest


Tell us about your experience working with Wedgewood Weddings. Do you have a favorite venue to photograph?

It's been wonderful! Wedgewood Weddings really simplifies the process for couples and it's something I really appreciate. Everyone seems more at ease in the months leading up to the wedding because they have a great team helping them make those last-minute decisions.

I adore Mountain View Ranch, but the chandeliers in the ballroom at Black Forest also have my heart!


Can you tell us one of your favorite wedding stories?

Oh yes—I was working with a couple who wanted to live stream their wedding ceremony to loved ones who were far away. At the time, the livestream option was only available for outdoor ceremonies, and on this particular day, it was raining cats and dogs. They went back and forth on what to do, but in the end, decided to stick with the plan. We handed everyone an umbrella and had the ceremony right in the middle of a rainstorm. It was STUNNING, and a super exciting live stream, to say the least! Everyone was soaked by the time we got to the reception, but it made for a packed bar and the best cozy and WILD reception! It was so much fun.



beautiful newlyweds with their terrier pup at Mountain view ranch in pine, co


What is the most common wedding photography mistake couples make?

One common mistake my husband and I made was not talking through a strict timeline with our photographer. It resulted in us missing more of our reception than we wanted to. On the bright side, learning that lesson for myself has shown me first-hand how important this conversation is. I make sure to have the timeline discussion with all of my clients. 

I especially love it when I can get my couples to the cocktail hourwhich is virtually unheard of! Photos are super important (of course) but being in the room with all of your favorite humans is equally important in my opinion. Your wedding day literally goes by in the blink of an eye, so find a photographer who can be efficient and get you amazing photos at the same time.


What is your top advice for capturing beautiful, timeless photos?

Your wedding decor should match your personality and interests! Follow these three easy steps to identifying your wedding decor personality:

  1. Find a photographer you feel comfortable with. This sounds cliche but your photos and your comfort in front of the camera are in part due to the relationship you have with your photographer. If you feel awkward or uncomfortable with them there will be a level of awkwardness in your photos.
  2. Prioritize time with people who are important to you. Not necessarily for posed photos but just hang out time. You will get more authentic photos and also get to spend quality time with the people who mean the most.
  3. Splurge for an engagement shoot! It will make you and your partner more comfortable on the wedding day.



stunning snowy wedding paradise at black forest


Wonderful! Thank you so much for joining us today, Megan. We look forward to working more beautiful weddings together!


Megan Simpson Photography captures stunning, romantic, timeless wedding photos in the beautiful state of Colorado from Fort Collins down to Colorado Springs. She's a true champion for couples wanting to spend their wedding day focused on their marriage and the friends and family who have joined in the celebration. After all: how often do you gather all of your friends and family in one place? You want to soak up every second of the experience, and then have breathtaking photos to commemorate the memory.

To learn more about Megan, browse her portfolio and see her wedding packages, visit her website. Her Instagram account is an excellent source of inspiration as well! 


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