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Become A Property

Make your property a Wedgewood property.

Why Wedgewood Events?

Wedgewood Events and our parent company, Z-Golf Food & Beverage, work with all kinds of partners. Whether you’re a wedding venue owner, private golf club manager, hotel manager, or a municipality official, we’d love to collaborate with you!

Become a Wedgewood Property
Why Wedgewood Weddings is the perfect fit for your venue.

The Perfect Fit

Just like our trademark wedding packages, each of our contractual agreements is unique and tailored to the individual needs of the property and the stakeholders involved. That makes our partnership a win-win opportunity!

Invite Z-Golf to assess your operation so we can demonstrate you how you’d benefit from working with us. Agreement options include outright purchase and lease of the premises, partial lease, joint venture, or management contract—choose your perfect fit!

Advantages of Working with Wedgewood Weddings

Just a few reasons why becoming a Wedgewood Events property is a smart business move.


You may have heard of us

With over 30 years of wedding-specific experience, ongoing expertise, and strong market exposure, Wedgewood Weddings has an established reputation that couples trust.


We know what we're doing

We put on a lot of events. Currently, we host 5,000+ weddings a year - each one of them a success for our couples - and for us.


We're seen everywhere

Wedgewood Weddings is represented in national and some regional wedding publications in both print and digital forms.


We’re here for you

Our team of customer service representatives is available seven days a week to ensure each of our potential couples gets the help they need. If you need us, we’re always available for you too.


We prime our people

We continually recruit top-level sales talent and develop them into premier catering sales directors and general managers.


We provide peace-of-mind

Rest easy knowing that your food and beverage operation is in the qualified hands of by a financially sound company with decades of experience.

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Become a Wedgewood Weddings Property!

Let us show you how we can improve your bottom line and your sanity. We guarantee great results!