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20 Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtag

20 Ways to Display Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding hashtags are one of the biggest wedding trends to emerge over the past few years. It's such a fun & creative way to involve your wedding guests in celebrating your special day. From cute puns to a romantic play on words, wedding hashtags are a great way to build hype for your wedding!

How to Come Up with a Wedding Hashtag 

Coming up with the perfect wedding hashtag sign idea is no small feat, especially if you’re taking a long last name or one without any obvious rhymes. Some great examples of wedding hashtags are: #AllenPartyof2, #HappierEverAllen, and #AllenSaysIDo. There are some great options for creating a catchy and memorable wedding hashtag, including creating your own, and hiring a professional.

Create Your Own Hashtag 

The key to a great hashtag is making it easy to remember! If you’re creating your own hashtag, start by looking up popular hashtags to get the creative juices flowing. Most couples use puns or rhymes for their hashtag or plug their name(s) into a common wedding phrase. Adding a dash of alliteration to your hashtag will make it extra snappy.

If your hashtag ideas aren’t clicking, you can always enlist help. There are tons of online wedding hashtag generators that you can check out. While most of those will give you generic ideas, they can still be a great place to look for inspiration. Friends and family can be a great source of inspiration as well!



If the DIY method isn't your style, you can hire a professional wedding hashtag writer. That’s right; some writers dedicate their time to coming up with the punniest, cutest, most romantic hashtags. Check out Wedding Hashers, the world’s most prominent professional wedding hashtag writers’ team. They’ll help you get the right wedding hashtag for your big day.


Wedding Hashtag Generator from Shutterfly


Wedding Hashtag Sign Display Ideas

Think of your new wedding hashtag as the catchphrase for your wedding—a slogan to represent your big day. To get the most out of your hashtag, you must display and promote your hashtag throughout your event. Let's walk through the best wedding hashtag sign displays to showcase your hard work!

Photo Booth 

Photo booths are popular for weddings because they give your guests a fun way to capture memories, interact with other guests and show off their fancy attire. The beauty of a photo booth is that it prints out pictures right then and there, giving your guests a bespoke souvenir to remember the special night.

Additionally, you’ll have the option to add some text to the print-out photographs, which means it’s a perfect place to showcase your wedding hashtag. We recommend adding your hashtag on a sign next to your photo booth, encouraging your guests to share their photos on social media—some photo booths even give you the option to post directly from the booth.

Photo Booth Props 

If you have a photo booth, you absolutely need props too! From wigs and masks to cute little signs and frames, props are a great way to add extra fun and flavor to your photos. Don’t forget to throw your hashtag onto some of the props. That way, when people share the pictures they take with their friends, they’ll also be sharing your cute couple catchphrase.

Welcome Sign 

Welcome signs are a nice touch to add near the entrance of your venue or wherever guests will first walk in. As one of the first decorations your guests will see, welcome signs set the tone for your wedding and are an excellent way to tie a bow on top of all your other decorations. It’s also a great place to showcase that awesome wedding hashtag you came up with.

Whether you put together a chalkboard sign with fancy cursive or paint text on a piece of driftwood, make sure you throw your hashtag on there, so your guests know how to tag all the photos they’re about to take.

Wedding Hashtag Sign


At the Bar

A well-placed bar sign with your wedding hashtag will get tons of exposure. Throw it up behind the bar, maybe even on the bottom of the drink menu, and people will be reading it all night and tagging your hashtag in every wedding selfie!

Directional Signs

Directional signs are must-haves for larger venues where guests may be inclined to wander, and they offer a charming décor opportunity. In addition to using signs to point your guests towards the bar, the bathroom, and the photo booth, you can also throw up a whimsical directional sign with your hashtag.

Directional Wedding Hashtag Sign


Party Favors

An excellent wedding hashtag sign is more than just a display. A hashtag is a tool for collecting your photos on social media—it’s a slogan that signifies your marriage, a catchphrase for your love. That means your wedding hashtag stays relevant even after your wedding day. Displaying the wedding hashtag is an important job to help keep the memory of your big day alive. So, as your guests are going home with their party favors, give them something extra to remember the night by putting your hashtag on one of the party favors. You can inscribe your tag on a box of matches, write it on a mug, or even have it printed on a koozie. Your friends and family can then remember your fun night every time they use the item.


Neon Signs

Who doesn't love a neon sign? As the sun sets and your celebration carries on into the night, a neon sign is a perfect way to catch your guests' attention. A dazzling neon sign makes any venue look that much cooler. We love the idea of having a custom sign made featuring your adorable wedding hashtag. Many businesses can do custom neon signs in glamorous or simple fonts.



Ceremony Program

Your program will be chock full of all the information your guests need for your wedding, and every guest will get one of these when they arrive. So, if you are looking to maximize hashtag exposure, include it in the program. It’ll serve as a great reminder on how your guests should tag their photos. To make a custom ceremony program, check out this site.

Centerpieces & Decor Vignettes

Adding your wedding hashtag sign to the centerpieces on the tables is a simple way to ensure guests see the hashtag. It’s in an easy location for them while taking photos of the beautiful décor. You could also add it to the gift table, and any other decorative pieces added to your wedding. That way, no matter where your guests are capturing memories, the hashtag can easily be seen and used.

On the Vendor List

Planning weddings can be stressful, especially when you are deep into details. So why not brighten your vendor list with your wedding hashtag? It could be a little reminder of what all your planning is for. Plus, if anyone wants any vender details after the event, they will be reminded of your perfect day and the grand wedding they went to.

Behind the DJ Booth

Having your hashtag behind the wedding DJ booth adds a touch of party style that is perfect for any wedding. You can use a neon sign, a painted sign, or even craft a sign out of fake flowers and lights. It tells the world that this is you and your partner’s party, and nothing stops the fun!

On Custom Cocktail Napkins

Some say it is the small things that set events off. Custom wedding napkins with your wedding hashtag displayed under your names is a perfect reminder to your guests to tag pictures from your special day.

Near the Guestbook

Guest books are a fantastic way to capture memories from your wedding day. They offer your guests a chance to write words of advice and encouragement that you can read for the years to come. We love that they can be neatly displayed on a shelf in your home to reference whenever you want a reminder of that particular day. Add your hashtag to the guestbook. 

On a Chalkboard A-Frame

A chalkboard A-frame at the entrance to the reception is a fun way to display your hashtag. You can get creative with chalk colors and fonts or add tiny images around them, like flowers. With it on display at the entrance, guests can start tagging and uploading when they sit down.

On the Transportation/Party Bus 

Image people seeing your hashtag as your party bus drives by! They will be able to yell out their congratulations if they are close enough. Another perk to having your hashtag on the bus is being able to take pictures in front of it! Guests can take snapshots of themselves as they enter and exit the bus or pose in front for an impromptu photoshoot.

On the Glasses for Toasts

Are you having a special drink for toasts? Then why not have your wedding hashtag on the toasting glasses! Just think of all pictures people can post with the toasting glasses and wedding hashtag front and center.

Wedding Treats

Are you having a special wedding cookie made? What about custom chocolates? Having your wedding hashtag on the treat wrappers or iced onto the cookies themselves could make them extra sweet. Plus, who can resist snapping a picture of decorative wedding cookies?

Wedding Website

We all know a wedding website is a perfect spot to put up wedding information. So why not put up the wedding hashtag too? You can even have a whole section with all the hashtag details, like how to use it, and which socials you will be checking.

Engagement Photos

If you have not taken your engagement photos yet, consider holding up a sign with your hashtag! It’s a fun way to introduce the tag and give your guests a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Behind the Altar

If your wedding is a little more casual, why not place the wedding hashtag sign behind the altar? Another option is placing it just above the alter for a cute way to frame photos guests and the photographer may take.


Deciding on Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas is Easier than You Think


At the end of the day, there’s no right or wrong way to showcase your hashtag. In any place where you would typically put your names, consider putting your hashtag instead. It's both a functional tool to aggregate your guests' wedding photos, but also a creative part of your wedding decor. You worked hard to come up with the perfect phrase, so now it’s time to show it off and have fun with it!



Wedding Sign FAQs 


Below are some frequently asked questions people have about wedding hashtags sign ideas.

Can Wedding Hashtags Have Symbols? 

Sadly, you can’t have symbols other than the pound (#) sign in your wedding hashtag. But that doesn’t mean your hashtag is limited to boring options. You can add numbers, like the date of your wedding, the year, or the date you first met your future spouse. For example, #MeettheSmiths2024 to symbolize your new last time and the year.

What should my wedding sign say? 

Excluding symbols outside the pound sign, your wedding hashtag sign can say whatever you want. It can be a combo of your names and the date of your wedding, the date you first met, or maybe some pet names you have. If you have a standard joke or phrase, you’ve often said to each other, you can include that.

Are you and your partner big movie fans? You can include a catchphrase or tagline in your hashtag from your favorite romcom or even the first movie you watched together.

Do you need a wedding hashtag?

No. If you have read everything and realized it is not for you, that is okay. However, there is one benefit to having one. When people post pictures of your wedding on social media, you will be able to find them faster than endlessly scrolling.

But if a wedding hashtag and corresponding sign is not your style, you can ask people to tag you in social posts or even send you, their pictures.

Can a wedding hashtag be too long?

The character limit for hashtags is 280 characters. So, you could use all 280 if you felt your wedding needed it. However, going that long will make it hard to type out, and some guests might forgo using it.

When creating a wedding hashtag, the critical thing to remember is how memorable it is. Even if it’s long, will your guests be able to remember it clearly so they can use it for posting pictures?

Try going short if you’re still figuring out your hashtag. Short hashtags are easy to remember and type, making them easy to use. Plus, short ones tend to be catchier too!

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