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7 Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Hashtag

7 Tips For Creating The Best Wedding Hashtag

Having your very own wedding hashtag is a fun and creative way to celebrate your upcoming union. Not only does your clever hashtag look great when displayed throughout your venue, but these wedding hashtags also have various practical uses in the digital space. Getting your guests to use your wedding hashtag when they post their favorite memories from the evening will, in turn, keep all these fun photos and videos organized on social media for you to look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Think of your wedding hashtag as the perfect way to create a digitized wedding photo album with all the best memories organized under one convenient tag.

Curious about how you and your partner can create the perfect wedding hashtag? Fear no more, as we have all the top tips for crafting a one-of-a-kind wedding hashtag personalized to your unique relationship!


1. Create Your Own

Your first option for obtaining the best wedding hashtags would be to use your own resources and create one yourselves. Start with a brainstorming session with your significant other, writing down basic facts about each other, including your names, hobbies, favorite things to do, how you met, and what your wedding details might be.

From this initial list, let your creative juices start flowing, and think of short and sweet phrases that relate to, rhyme with, or are puns about your names and interests. The more specific and personalized you get with your ideas, the more unique and meaningful your tagline will be.

As you begin this process, don't be discouraged if you haven't fallen in love with the perfect slogan right away. Creativity can take time, and you never know when inspiration might strike. Write down all of your ideas, even the bad ones, as these initial thoughts can transform into the exact inspiration you need later down the road.


2. Turn To Professionals

If you're struggling to develop your ideal slogan, or you'd rather leave it up to creative individuals with a bit more experience, then turning to a professional hashtag writing service is an excellent option. 

Professional wedding hashtag services like Wedding Hashers can take any two names and transform them into clever wedding hashtags. All you and your partner need to do is fill out a brief questionnaire about your names, relationship facts, and wedding details. While the additional questions about your hobbies, favorite date together, where the proposal was, what your wedding theme is, and other fun facts are completely optional, the more details you include, the more personalized the pro writer can get when crafting your hashtag.


After submitting your inquiry and describing the type of hashtag you'd like to receive, the team of experienced hashtag writers will immediately get to work. Within one business day, you'll receive a list of personalized hashtag ideas directly to your inbox based on your questionnaire answers. 

The last step is selecting the best one!


3. Use Rhymes

As wedding hashtags have the practical use of keeping your wedding day memories organized online, the catchier your hashtag is, the better. Above all else, you want your guests to remember your hashtag so they can use it themselves.  A catchy, rhyming hashtag will make it fun to say and easy to remember.

Consult a rhyming dictionary and try to rhyme your names or last name with other words or sound-alike words to create a fun phrase that's fitting for your relationship.


4. Use A Free Wedding Hashtag Generator

If you're looking for more inspiration, then consulting a free wedding hashtag generator might be the resource you need. With these generators, you can input your and your partner's names, nicknames, and wedding date, then, within seconds, you'll receive an automated list of wedding hashtag options.


The results from a generator may produce rather basic ideas as they're not quite a substitute for human creativity; however, they may offer a decent starting point for you to expand upon for the truly unique slogan you've been searching for.


5. Try Being Punny

Everyone loves a good pun. Puns are the foundation for the perfect wedding hashtag. To create your very own pun using your last name, first, try writing down all the words your name rhymes with or sounds similar to. Next, try thinking of common phrases, quotes, or song lyrics that use the words you have written down. Lastly, take that phrase and replace that given word with your own last name for an epic hashtag pun. For example, the last name Kent rhymes with "meant," making the phrase #KentToBe a lovely pun to use.


6. Crowdsourcing

There's power in numbers, and the more brainpower working on the ideation process, the better! Get everyone in on the fun with a hashtag brainstorming session with your significant other and your closest friends and family members. This group should know your relationship well in order to help customize your hashtag to be meaningful to both of your personalities and love story. 

Plus, if people are reacting positively to a clever hashtag idea, it's a good sign that you've found your perfect slogan!


7. Keep It Short & Sweet

Your wedding hashtag doesn't have to be crazy. In fact, the less complex it is, the more effective it will be. You want a short and simple hashtag that rolls off the tongue and is easy to spell and remember. Think of your wedding hashtag as being similar to a Wi-Fi password. You don't want it to be wildly complicated so your guests struggle to type it out. For an ideal hashtag, make sure any puns are to the point, and the phrase is simple to understand.



5 Ideas To Display Your Wedding Hashtag


1. Engagement Photos

When it comes to ways to display your wedding hashtag, a good place to start would be with your engagement photos.  What better way to break the exciting news than with a clever slogan that represents your love story and relationship?

Whether you're mailing out your engagement photos as early save-the-date cards or are posting your pictures on social media to spread the news, announce your wedding hashtag along with it by displaying it on your photos or within the Instagram caption. And if we are talking about social media, you can also use the hashtags after the wedding, when you celebrate your honeymoon sunbathing on the Indonesian beaches or wandering around Dublin's main attractions with your loved one.


2. Wedding Welcome Sign

On your wedding day, you'll want your hashtag displayed prominently throughout your venue as a fun way to brand your big day while also reminding your guests to use the tag. Putting your unique wedding hashtag on the wedding welcome sign is a great place to start. This will be the first piece of wedding décor everyone sees as they enter your ceremony site. It'll also likely be a sign many will take pictures of or with to commemorate the big celebration, so you might as well display your slogan proudly upon it.


3. Directional Signs

Help your guests find their way with directional signs and arrows pointing to various focal points of the venue, whether that be the location of the altar, reception area, bar, beach, restrooms, or other designated areas. On this helpful sign, make your wedding hashtag known once again.

As your guests stop to read the sign and find their way around the venue, they'll be subtly reminded of your hashtag again. With these gentle reminders displayed, they'll remember to use it once they post their favorite memories from the evening.


4. Photo Booth Background

Another popular and pivotal location for your wedding hashtag would be in the background of your photo booth or designated photo area. This could include your hashtag spelled out in dried flowers on the wall, engraved on a hanging sign, or lit up in neon lights for you and your guests to pose in front of. If you're renting an actual photo booth, you could even put your hashtag on silly props for your guests to wear or hold, such as on hats, glasses, necklaces, or mini signs. Another idea is to have your wedding hashtag show up along the border of the photo booth photos that get instantly printed.

Have some fun with it!


5. Behind The DJ Booth

Visibility is the key when thinking about where to display your wedding hashtag. The DJ booth is another prime location that many people will conjugate near and take photos of as they celebrate your big day on the dance floor.

Having your wedding hashtag displayed via a neon sign behind the DJ booth will help your guests remember what it is while also personalizing your venue with one-of-a-kind décor that is sure to stand out.


Customize Your Perfect Hashtag!

With these tips, we hope you and your significant other will craft an excellent hashtag that perfectly represents your relationship and style. A wedding hashtag is a reflection of your unique love story, as it can be your lifelong slogan for years beyond your wedding date. Let rhymes be your best friend, get punny with it, and brainstorm all the different ways to include tidbits about your names, nicknames, interests, or personality to truly make this hashtag your own. 

Once you both have settled on the perfect tag, don't forget to spread the word to your wedding guests and display your wedding hashtag proudly throughout your wedding venue. The more guests that use your hashtag, the more digital wedding memories you'll have stored on social media to look back at and enjoy for milestones and anniversaries to come. 

Happy hashtagging!




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