How to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

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Creating a registry for your wedding is often the most fun item on the to-do list! But, while shopping is exciting (especially shopping with other people's money), the abundant options and variety of household items can get overwhelming. We've put together all the steps you need to conquer your wedding registry like a pro.

Where to Start 

Let’s first address when to start: early! You can never begin your registry too soon. Start by choosing the store(s) that you want to include in your register. The easiest stores to pick are the ones where you already shop! That sounds obvious, but a lot of couples overlook or forget about these stores that sell items they already know and love.

What do we really need? 

It’s incredibly easy to go scan-gun crazy and scan every item in the store, but triple check your list to make sure you have only registered for items you really need and are actually going to use. Between you and your fiancé, you have probably accumulated numerous items, so be sure to register for practical items that aren’t duplicates of what you already have.

How much should we expect our guests to spend? 

The answer to this question varies, but one thing is for sure: register for items at various price points. Give your guests the option of how much they want/are able to spend. This helps them feel comfortable while shopping for your gift and assures that your gift won’t break the bank for those who are on a tight budget!


The wedding registry is typically the first step you take towards your first home together as a married couple - it's exciting! Stay organized and you'll experience only positive things when arranging your registry. Looking for other tips and popular registry items? Check out Zola's most popular registry gifts in each state!



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